Nafis Cartonplast is a joint stock company established in the year 2002 in Iran. The company has since gained reputable remarks in manufacturing and producing PP hollow sheets which they export top various countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Dubai, Iraq and Armenia as well, which has gained it a competitive advantage amongst its competitors (“NAFIS CARTONPLAST INDUSTRY JOINT STOCK COMPANY, 2016).  The thickness of their sheets to be precise ranges from 2 to 14 mm and in various colors. The products produced by the company includes pp corrugated sheet, pp sheet, pp carton plast and the known pp HOLLOW SHEET amongst other products. The essay is therefore purposed to give a SWOT analysis on the company.
A SWOT analysis, in this case, refers to the process undertaken by an organization to determine its internal weaknesses and strengths and external threats and opportunities that are associated with the respective company or organization. In this case by narrowing down into the SWOT analysis of Nafis Cartonplast company starting with the strength, then weakness, opportunities as well as the threats.
Under the strength element, we go straight and dig deep into the internal factors that might be of significant in the operation of the company. For instance, factors such as financial resources, such as funding, income sources and investment opportunities.  Under the financial resources, we get that Nafis Cartonplast gets income from the sales of their products in different states such as Turkey, Dubai, Iraq and Armenia amongst other countries that they are in trading terms. The annual sales volume of Nafis Cartonplast ranges from US$ 10- US$ 50 million (“NAFIS CARTONPLAST INDUSTRY JOINT STOCK COMPANY, 2016). The other aspect of strength is the human resources such as employees, volunteers as well as the targeted audiences. Nafis Cartonplast company in India is alleged to have a total of 101 to 200 employees who are delegated their respective duties to ensure that the goals and the objectives of the company are achieved (“About Nafis Cartonplast,” 2016).
The target market as it had been stated above varies from Turkey, Dubai, Pakistan, and Iraq amongst other countries, we find that the company’s products have got higher demand in these areas due to quality and other production factors that result in the taste and preferences of the customers. The company relying on their motto which is “No forest devastation and Yes to forest restoration” they have achieved much regarding production increase whereby in the year 2014 they had increased their production capacity to 15,000 tons annually. The company has since dominated the market by being the largest Cartonplast manufacturer and producer in middle east and Iran (“NAFIS CARTONPLAST INDUSTRY JOINT STOCK COMPANY, 2016).
One of the weaknesses that are associated with the Nafis Cartonplast Company in Iran is the aspect of online presence. The company as much as the aspect of online marketing is on the top line in matters to do with gaining competitive advantage in the competitive market, we find that Nafis Cartonplast is not well presented on the internet even though they have tried to some extent. The other weakness that is noted with the company is communication (“Nafis Cartonplast Ind,” 2016).
The Nafis Company as you go deep into their portfolio some statements are not well articulated for the audience like me to understand making it a confusion for their targeted customers. The other aspect that came to light as a weakness is the point of human resources in that the company has a limited human resources in that they have small staff members, which results to scenarios whereby the team members become unable to tackle every single item on the to-do list of the company. The total population of employees which ranges from 101 to 200 with Nafis Cartonplast company which is growing anonymously we find it insufficient and unsatisfactory (“Nafis Cartonplast Ind,” 2016).
Additionally, it is clear that Nafis Cartonplast company are on the level best trying to use the modern technology but still they need to make more efforts since their motto is forcing them to be innovative to solve the environmental; issues that are befalling the globe today. Therefore, they need to be on the watch every hour they are in an attempt of producing their products by venturing into new and modern technologies that would enhance quality in the long-term period of operation (“About Nafis Cartonplast”, 2016).
Under the opportunities, we get that even though the stiff competition the company is in the position of taking advantage of the changes in the market and technology. This has the meaning that the corporation can use the internet as their resource to implement and adapt to the new technological advancement in the global market (“About Nafis Cartonplast”, 2016). Also, we find that it is an opportunity for the company is that the high import tariffs on imported products resulting to opportunity for the locally produced products such as the pp hollow sheets. In addition to this, we get that the company is at that position of advancing through the Internet to reach a broad range of customers but if they come precise and to the point as stated above (“Nafis Cartonplast Ind,” 2016).
The other opportunity is the indirect and direct support for the company as well as the industry such as cash injections due to their motto and the mission of the company that “No forest devastation and Yes to forest restoration”. As noted from the products they produce we find that they can find new potential uses that may be of great importance to the consumer since he or she can choose from a variety (“About Nafis Cartonplast,” 2016). Lastly, is that the company is in its best state to use the promotional and marketing techniques as well as concepts to boost their products. And this could be mostly through the internet, which incorporates social media amongst other available sources to reach their respective customers since world’s largest population is tied to the internet (“Nafis Cartonplast Ind”, 2016).
Under the threats, we find that there is no clear and precise agreement on the future of the industry, and this makes it at risk. The other aspect of threat that comes up is the issue of high-interest rates that limits most of the company’s access to capital especially the Nafis Cartonplast. The other threat is the growing competitors within the industry posing a threat to Nafis Cartonplast Company by their new products that they are trying to produce with a lot of modification to outdo Nafis Cartonplast company’s products such as the PP corrugated sheets amongst others (“Nafis Cartonplast Ind”, 2016).
From the SWOT analysis, we already come to note both the internal and external factors that affect the company. Under the internal we have the strengths and the weaknesses factors that company needs to take into account and these are such as physical resources, human as well as financial resources. By getting to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, it is now the bottom line for the company to know what to do and what should be improved for them to achieve their goals, mission, and objectives