17 Unconventional Ways Of Relieving Stress

What Are Some Unconventional Ways of Relieving Stress?

There are many common ways of relieving stress. Sometimes, these strategies can be ineffective. But did you know there are also many unconventional ways of relieving stress? Here, we discuss 17 unconventional ways that can help relieve stress.

  1. Chew gum

Have you ever tried chewing gum when stressed? Chewing gum helps in relieving stress. Research shows that chewing gum reduces stress hormone. Some people also report feeling less stressed when chewing. Listen to muscle movement as you chew. This will distract you from your stressors. The rhythmic chewing soothes the nerves relieving tension. There is also the involuntary focus on the smell, and taste of the gum. This may help you to calm down.

  1. Rub your pet

Pets increase our levels of happiness. Most people find more support from pets than humans. This may be because pets give us unconditional love. So, they make us more relaxed and happier. If you are stressed, hug your per and give them a rub.

  1. Eat healthy crunchy foods

Try healthy crunchy snacks such as nuts and carrots. This will distract you from stress. It will also help relieve physical tension. You will feel more relaxed.

  1. Dance

Put on your favorite music. Then start dancing. You don’t have to go to the club. Do it in your room. Dance to your favorite songs. This will refresh your mind. It will uplift your mood instantly. After some minutes you will feel less stressed. You can even dance before the mirror. See yourself dancing. You will discover how good you are.

  1. Sing aloud

Singing lowers stress hormone. At the same time, it increases the feel-good chemicals. You don’t need the talent to benefit from singing. Just sing it out. Do it in your house, in the shower, or with friends. By the time you are done singing, you will have relieved stress.

  1. Focus on the gains

When you are stressed out, think about the gains. For example, what are the gains of an overwhelming project at work? First, you will get an income. Second, your employer is trusting your abilities. When you think about these gains, you will feel more relaxed. By focusing on the gain of your stressor, you will be less stressed.  You will feel calm and have a sense of well-being.

  1. Use specific scents

Research shows that some scents reduce stress. For example, peel an orange. The scent is known to reduce anxiety and lower stress. You can also benefit from the smell of coffee. You don’t have to drink coffee to relieve stress. Just smell it. This will stimulate proteins in the brain. These proteins protect the brain from stress damage.

  1. Wash the dishes

When washing the dishes, focus on the temperature of the water and the smell of the soap. This is known to reduce nervousness ad increase inspiration. You can also benefit from other cleaning activities. Just chose a physically demanding job. You can clean the windows and arrange the cupboard. You can clean the carpet. Such activities will help release tension.

  1. Hug your loved one

Various studies have found that hugging our loved ones reduces stress. This is because hugging increases feel-good chemicals. This counters stress and anxiety.

  1. Knit

Knitting or stitching reduces stress and anxiety. It induces a pleasant trance state. It also has soothing power. You may consider knitting a gift for a friend. This comes with another boost for relieving stress. When you help other people, you increase the feel-good chemicals. This helps in relieving stress.

  1. Take a nature walk

Spending more time in natural environments has many psychological benefits. It reduces anxiety, lower stress hormones, and regulates blood pressure. You may consider walking in green spaces. Also, looking at trees through the window can be relaxing.

  1. Play with kids

Playing with kids is an unconventional way of relieving stress. Kids make it easy to have fun. Spending some fun and quality time with them will ease your worries. You will feel more relaxed.

  1. Sit straight

Sitting up straight builds confidence and resilience to stress. It also improves mood. So, it can be an effective way of relieving stress.

  1. Take black tea

A cup of black tea can be the solution in a stressful situation. Studies show that black tea helps the body to deal with stress. The components of black tea reduce stress hormones. With just a single cup, you can already feel the effect.

  1. Gardening

Gardening has a relaxing effect. When gardening in a fresh environment you are bound to feel at ease. Some sunshine will also brighten your moods. By the time you are done gardening, you will be more relaxed and at peace.

  1. Use calming colors

Colors are useful when it comes to soothing nerves. Soft colors such as green and blue have a great soothing effect. Bright colors such as yellow and orange have a stimulating and energizing effect. If you surround yourself with colors, you will have an easy time relieving stress.

  1. Eat slower

Eating slowly encourages mindfulness which relieves stress. This can be challenging when you have a lot to accomplish. But eating slower has several additional benefits such as improving digestion.

Either way, you will experience stress from time to time. So, it is important to learn various ways of relieving stress for a healthy life.

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