4 Main Effects Of Alcohol Use On Campus

Consequences Of Having Alcoholic Drinks Within a School Campus

What happens when we have alcoholic drinks within a school campus? It will increase alcohol consumption in schools. One strategy that schools use to moderate drinking is reducing alcohol availability. If we increase alcohol accessibility within campuses, then we increase alcohol consumption. Then what happens?

Drinking in school comes with many consequences. Also, you do not have to be a heavy drinker to experience the effects of alcohol consumption.

Consequences Of Drinking Alcohol

  •  Increased risk of assault

When you take alcohol, you become vulnerable to assault. Many students have been sexually assaulted after drinking. Sexual assault has lasting effects such as STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and also psychological problems. Alcohol abuse is also linked to physical assault. E

Remember, even small arguments between drunk students can lead to a fight.

  • Engaging in criminal activities

Notably, drunk people are more likely to engage in criminal activities. For example, drunk students tend to engage in vandalism, and driving under influence. Consequently, such crimes attract legal punishments such as probation, heavy fines, and jailing among others.

  • Health problems

Drinking increases the risk of injuries. This ranges from minor injury from a fall to broken bones. Thousands of students injure themselves when drunk every year.

Also, other students develop mental health problems because of drinking. Some students start struggling with anxiety and stress. Others also develop depression and other mental health problems.

There are other long-term effects of alcohol consumption. These include high blood pressure, pancreas and liver damage, and heart problems among others.

  • Poor performance in school

For some students, drinking becomes a priority. Then, they forget to attend classes, assignments and preparing for exams. Additionally, some students even miss an exam because they were drunk. The result is poor grades. They therefore, end up spending more time and money to retake a course. At first, you may not feel the effect of alcohol use. But when you start drinking heavily, problems begin to arise.

How To Avoid Drinking Alcohol In School

 Alcohol is available within the campus and your friends want to have a good time. What can you do to avoid taking alcohol?

  1. Don’t give in to peer pressure

College students tend to drink excessively. Other students may think that excessive drinking is the only way to fit in. When you know that peer pressure influences others to drink, you will be safe. You will realize that drinking should be a personal choice. Other students should not be in charge of your life. They should not dictate your lifestyle. Peer pressure may have a direct or indirect effect. If a friend offers you a drink, that is direct pressure. When you decide to take alcohol because friends are taking, that is an indirect effect of peer pressure. Identify these forms of pressure and learn how to deal with them.

  1. Let your friends know your decision not to drink

One reason why you may take alcohol is that you don’t want to disappoint friends. To avoid this awkward situation, tell them about the decision not to drink. Do this every time people are drinking around you. What if they offer you a drink? Some people will be stubborn and try to offer a drink. Do not be rude. Turn down the offer politely. If they insist that you should drink, explain why you have decided not to drink. For example, tell them you have a digestion problem and would better stick to warm water.


Turning down a drink may come with negative criticism. Still, do not give in. Avoid taking the negative attitudes personally. Don’t confront someone who is drinking. Assume they are having a negative attitude because they are jealous that you have self-control.

Most importantly, stay firm. Stick with your decision not to take alcohol.

  1. Look for alternative activities

Partying is good for everyone. But you can party in different ways. Alcohol drinking is not the only activity. Did you know you can dance all night long without alcohol? All you need is to take enough water. So, enjoy the dance.

Alternatively, talk with friends. Pay good attention. Make a good conversation. You will see how fun this can be.

  1. Choose friendly environments

You don’t have to accompany your friends when they are drinking. You can avoid them. Cook delicious food. Go watch a movie. Play a game. Find a fun activity to keep you busy. Visit a coffee shop. Here, you can socialize and meet new friends.


Some schools allow the selling of alcoholic drinks on and within the campus. Such schools argue that banning the selling of alcohol creates financial problems in the entertainment department. This is because;

  • Firstly, it is impossible to contract popular artists. Popular music groups’ tours are sponsored by beer companies. The companies do not agree to sponsor tours in venues where alcohol is banned.
  • Secondly, alcohol sales bring added revenues. Schools that prohibit alcohol sales miss these revenues. So, they decide to allow alcohol sales to generate revenues that can run the school more effectively. But, at what expense?

When we allow alcoholic drinks within a school campus, who suffers the most? Students will suffer the most from addiction, health problems, assault, and poor performance. Policymakers should prohibit alcoholic drinks within a school campus.

Meanwhile, students should take individual responsibility to avoid alcohol. If you are currently having a drinking problem, seek help. Rehab facilities have treatment programs for alcohol addiction.

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