College Application Essay Format That Guarantees Admission

What Is College Application Essay?

College application essays are personal statements written by a prospective student applying for admission.  This essay should be around 500 words in total, meaning that it should be bold and precise, and should follow a unique college application essay format. 500 words are the recommended word count for this essay because admission officers usually have many application essays to read. Therefore, reading long letters would be a daunting task. Application essays usually answer a prompt asked in the instructions.

For instance, the prompt may be: You are requested to submit a two-page double spaced essay that details your preference of Royal university and your particulars in terms, of course, department, or program. Before writing this essay;

  1. Explore the prompt intensively and select a topic
  2. Write an outline before the essay.
  3. Generate ideas for a compelling introduction.
  4. Consider giving intriguing examples to support your rationale.
  5. Avoid Cliches

What Does A College Application Essay Test?

  1. Your proficiency in basic writing.
  2. Ability to make convincing arguments.
  3. Skills in direct answering of essay questions.
  4. The basic knowledge in academic writing styles.
  5. Correct grammatical punctuations and editing.
  6. Ability to follow strict writing rules.

The Format of Writing This Essay

This essay follows the normal essay format that includes; an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


This section should serve as a hook for the admissions officer. The introduction must describe your traits and show the reader why you deserve a chance in that school. Here, students are encouraged to reveal unique traits that distinguish them from every other applicant. These traits must be resourceful to the university as an institution to assure them that your presence will impact the school at large. Your introduction might include an interesting quote, recent discovery, or a question that challenges the reader to know more about this essay. Also, it can explain how your passion for the course developed.

Body paragraphs.

For a 500 words essay, the maximum paragraphs you can write is two. This is to avoid exceeding the word limit that may work against your essay. The body paragraphs must address why you are a suitable candidate to get an admission. This may include explaining to the officer some activities you engaged in outside school sought by the university. Or, you can decide to explain the path you want to take after gaining the skills.

This may be a revolutionary path that may bring change to the country in general. Additionally, this segment gives you the freedom to narrate a short and interesting story about yourself and how it impacted you in making this decision.


The concluding paragraph is your last chance to express why you deserve a chance. This paragraph should be candid, captivating, and convincing. It should leave a positive impression on the reader to accept your application. Like the introduction, the conclusion should have expressions of some personal qualities you exhibit to make it memorable. Echo some explanations in the body paragraph to make your conclusion memorable.


Royal university’s mission to impact intertwines with mine. To begin with, I choose Royal university because the institution is research-oriented and open to inventions and development. My goal in life is to impact and change. Born and raised in a humble background, I witnessed countless times when people succumbed to treatable and mild diseases because of the lack of proper health care service. After I graduated from high school, I was determined to be the changemaker in my community. For this reason, I decided that studying medicine would be my career focus. I believe that Royal university will nurture me into a professional doctor because of its mission to impact.

One of my worst experiences was the death of my cousin Phil. After suffering from malaria for two weeks, he succumbed. It was poverty that killed him because he could not access healthcare services. By then, not a single person in my family was aware that malaria could actually progress to a killer venom. What upset me is that we were limited by our academics, skills, and competency in medicine. Thus, we acted as non-medics. As a young man growing, I decided that I would be the change. For this reason, I decided that Royal university is the best place to learn this expertise.

Read on!

The death of my cousin honestly triggered my interest in medicine. However, science, as a subject, made me more interested in studying medicine. From the simple scientific explorations such as the digestive system to the neurological responses of the human body, I found satisfaction. I keep watch of the malaria mortality statistics each year, and the worst is that the numbers keep surging. Anytime I read this, my heart sinks in memory of my late cousin. The government initiatives are striving to control this disease. However, I believe that it is a collective responsibility to ensure civil education travels even in the urban areas where appointments with a physician is considered a luxury.

At the department of medicine at Royal university, I see my dream come true. What fascinates me is the focus on scientific excellence and research in the institution. With my basic knowledge, I believe that the university will create consistent operativeness in me because the university is known to cultivate a climate for intellectual curiosity. Additionally, your provision for technologized research centers makes this institution a unique facility to study medicine.

With the school’s quiet serenity, I believe that learning will be easier, and research projects will be more exciting. As a physician, I will be better positioned to help people from remote areas access healthcare services. Also working alongside researchers is my goal since it will help determine the best way to offer public education concerning many other diseases. I believe that a healthy country is an achievable government agenda. As I write this, I know that I have only touched the tip of the iceberg because medicine is evolving, and technological enhancements are inevitable.  Similarly, the institution is also limitlessly prepared to advance with the change.

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Why Is a College Application Essay Important?

Did you know that hundreds or even thousands of students apply for college admission at the same time? To avoid crowding, students are tested to write this essay to reveal their writing skills and general ability to follow instructions.

This assessment is meant to convince the committee of the student’s outstanding qualities and why they best deserve to be admitted. Therefore, your application essay must be flawless, memorable, and intriguing enough to make the committee want to have you as one of their students in the institution.

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