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Criminal justice is one of the courses attractive to many learners worldwide. This is why enrollment in the field has continued to increase. Generally, criminal justice studies focus on having an all around student. A student gets proper practical skills to fight crime in society. Indeed, to achieve this goal, such students are give differed assignments.

Common Writing Assignments In Criminal Justice

One of the common assignments in criminal justice is the incident report. In this, students are needed to write a narrative that describes an incident. This must be clear, simple, and error free. Either, this is important to pass correct information to the reader. The assignment must be good structure. This way, you help the reader to follow your line of thought and reach your conclusion. Again, you need facts to prove your point. Apart from this, other common assignments include; policy papers, homework assignments, in class assignments, and a final project.

Structuring Criminal Justice Papers

For higher grades in your paper, you need a good structure. Your paper should have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


An introduction is the first paragraph in your papers. It introduces your reader to what you are about to write. If you are in an over phone conversation with a stranger, how do you judge them? You listen to their voice, and choice of words to form an opinion.

Similarly, your reader will know how good you are depending on your sentences in the introduction paragraph. So, when writing this paragraph, create the best one. However, avoid the use of jargon, slang, and fancy words. Use formal yet clear language. Also, include your main point in this paragraph. This is popularly known as a thesis statement. Forming a thesis statement is a headache for many students. Fortunately, with our  essay writing service, nothing can ever go wrong. You just need to contact us for help.

Body Paragraphs

If you want a higher grade in your essay, make sure your body paragraphs speak for you. This is where you show your in depth understanding of the subject. However, you should not throw your ideas aimlessly. Instead, put them well. Again, have a single idea put in one paragraph. This means that if your body paragraphs are 3, then, you will have 3 separate ideas.

Every paragraph should have a topic sentence. This is the main idea of the paragraph. A topic sentence functions as a thesis statement. It tells the reader what to expect in that paragraph. It is usually the first sentence in every paragraph.

With our essay writing services, professional writers can help create good topic sentences. A good topic sentence must be simple and clear. It must tell the specific idea to be written on. It must also be related to your thesis statement. After the topic sentence, describe the idea. It is also important to provide evidence and examples.


At the end of your paper is the concluding paragraph. While writing the introduction paragraph, you tell the reader what you want to write about. In the conclusion paragraph, remind your reader what you have written about. In short, remind the reader of your thesis statement. Again, if writing this paragraph is a problem, do not be worried. Allow our writers to help you. Place your order with specifications and let our writers help you out.

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Things To Avoid When Writing Criminal Justice Assignments

  1. Choosing Any Topic

In some criminal justice assignments, you will be needed to choose your topic. You must not choose just any topic. Choose the best topic for your paper. Consider the following tips to choose the best topic.

  • Firstly, focus on an area you are interested in. When you are interested in a topic, you will be highly motivated to complete your assignment.
  • Secondly, choose a relevant topic. Focus on areas that address current problems. Such topics may include cyberbullying, police brutality, and racial profiling among others.
  • Thirdly, search for available information for some guide on such topics.
  • Lastly, you may also ask for assistance. Criminal justice essay writing service can help identify best topics. You can then use this information to choose the topic you like.
  1. Using Plain Language

Criminal justice papers are different from other causes. For example, your choice of words would be different in English subject. Those doing English essays will use more plain language. By plain language, we mean the use of common words in English. However, here, you must use criminal justice terminologies. For example, you will come across terms such as law, criminal intent, crime, and crime scene among others. Include such terms in your paper to show your knowledge in the field.

  1. Errors

Your assignment may have quality content but fail because of errors. Errors may include poor formatting, wrong citations, incomplete sentences, and grammatical errors. When you are done writing your assignment, spare some time for editing and proofreading. Take time to read through your work. With our writing service, we can also help edit and proofread your paper. This is a sure way of submitting error free work.

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Always complete and submit your paper on time. You should not lose any point because of late submissions. If some issues are preventing you from completing the assignment, look for help.

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