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Doing research for a Psychology paper

Writing is a psychology paper can be difficult. This is the reason most people seek help on how to write a psychology paper. But what is more difficult is doing research for a psychology paper. We understand how difficult it can get when you just can’t start writing your paper. This is why we will provide some tips on doing research for a psychology paper. We will also give a 5-step guide on how to write a psychology paper.

A guide on doing research for a psychology paper

  1. Find a topic

The first step in the research is selecting a topic. If you start researching with no topic, you will waste a lot of time. Consider the following when selecting your topic.

  • A topic within the limits of your assignments. Read assignment guidelines. Mostly, instructors will give guidelines on what you can write about. Follow these guidelines to have your research accepted.
  • Personal interest. Find something interesting to enjoy writing your paper.
  • Available information. Select a topic with enough available information. A preliminary search will help here.

If you still can’t select a topic, talk to your instructor. You can also get professional help from the best essay writers online. Once you have a topic, change it into a question. This will help find keywords for your research. For example, your topic may be the epidemic of coronary heart disease in the US. Pose it as ‘What are the causes of coronary heart disease in the US?’

  1. Find important sources

When selecting a topic, you do preliminary research. The purpose of this search is to determine if your topic has enough information. Wikipedia can be a good place to start. Focus on the sources they recommend. You can use these sources to get credible sources from the bibliography page.

The next step is finding important sources. Choose 5-7 sources. Focus on them. If you start reading all the sources, you will end up frustrated. Make sure that these sources are credible.

Consider the following factors when checking source credibility;

  • Firstly, scientific research. Credible sources cite some scientific research to support their arguments.
  • Secondly, a credible source will report some facts.
  • Thirdly, credible sources cite other credible sources. They also provide additional sources to back their claim.
  • Fourthly, credible sources are up-to-date.
  • Lastly, credible source should have an author or authors. It is even better when the credentials of the authors are given.

Take time to evaluate each source. Your instructor needs reliable and truthful information. This is especially important when relying on internet sources. Most of these sources are considered less reliable. So, be careful when evaluating them. Make sure that you select credible sources only.

  1. Make notes

Now you have a good topic. You also have good sources. What is the next step in doing research for a psychology paper?

The next step is reading these sources and making notes. Note any useful information for your psychology paper. You don’t have to read a whole book or journal article. A table of contents can direct you to relevant information.

At this point, you are ready to write your psychology paper.

How to write a psychology paper

After you’re done doing research for a psychology paper, write your paper.

Start with a psychology research paper outline. An outline will save you from frustration and wasting time. It will also give your paper a logical flow. Write important points in all the main sections of your paper. That is, have points for the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Include more details in your outline. This will make it easier to write your psychology paper.

Next, draft your paper. Fill in your outline to come up with the first draft. Include all citations for materials from other authors. Use the required formatting style.

Then, edit and proofread your paper. You should take a break after writing your draft. Then, come back and edit your paper. Make sure that your claims are convincing. Also, ensure that your sentences, formatting, and structure are correct.

Lastly, proofread your paper. Correct all grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. To ensure that your paper is perfect, ask a friend to help. Let them read your work and give comments. If they find any mistakes, correct them. Read your work one more time. Ensure you have produced what your teacher expects. Remember to give this step ample time. This way, you will submit a perfect paper.


You wanted to know more about doing research for a psychology paper. We hope our guide was helpful. If you follow the steps provided in this article, doing research for a psychology paper will be a lot easier. You will also spend less time researching. Your research will therefore be more efficient. You will also find relevant material for a great paper.

We have also provided a guide on how to write a psychology paper. From creating an outline, drafting, and polishing your paper. Again, if you follow our guide, you will produce a great psychology paper.

Writing a psychology paper should no longer be intimidating. But don’t wait until the last minute to start working on your paper. Start working on it earlier. Sometimes, doing research for a psychology paper will be more complex. In such a case, get help from professional essay writers. Experts will guide you in doing research for a psychology paper. Remember you need a great psychology paper to achieve better grades.

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