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Working Tactics On How To Extend Your Internship Offer

Tips For Delaying The Deadline For An Internship Offer

Internships are good opportunities for you. They will help gain experience and learn more about your career field. But, organizations are also using these opportunities to recruit talents. So, getting an internship opportunity in a dream organization is good. There are several tips for delaying the deadline for an internship offer. You will have to be pickier when deciding which opportunity to go with.

So, you applied for internship positions and you have received a good offer. But, what if you are still expecting a better offer? Maybe an offer from your dream organization? Should you just give up and accept the offer at hand?

Don’t give up yet. There is a way you can delay the internship offer deadline. During this delay, the offer you are waiting for may pop in. But, just in case it doesn’t, your first offer will still be standing. So, you won’t lose everything.

So, how can you delay the offer deadline? It is a three-step process.

  1. Know employer policies established by your institution

Most learning institutions have employer policies. These policies are meant to protect you from employers giving unreasonable offers. They also protect students from an employer’s bad behaviors. Every learning institution has its policies. On offer deadlines, some will recommend a deadline of one week. Others will recommend offer deadlines for up to several months. Visit the career services website to know the recommendations from your school.

Employers strive to follow these policies to maintain recruitment relationships with learning institutions. After identifying these policies, inform the organization. Let them know what your university recommends concerning offer deadlines.

  1. Provide reasons for your request

Have valid reasons for requesting an offer extension. Yes, you have goals to accomplish. But, the organization has goals to accomplish too. The extension may delay some processes. So, don’t ask for it for the sake of it. Think about the possible reasons you need the extension.

  • Firstly, do you need more time to complete your exams?
  • Secondly, are you considering other internship offers?
  • Thirdly, do you want to work in a particular department?

Take your time to identify the reasons you need an extension. With this information, you will be able to craft communication with your recruiter.

  1. Talk with the recruiter.

Now, you know the policy of offer deadlines recommended by your school. You also know why you need an offer deadline.  What next? Simple, talk with the recruiter. This should be a negotiation. If possible, go for a face-to-face conversation. If this is impossible, schedule for a phone call. You may also consider an email if it proves hard to get in touch with the recruiter.

But, you have to be tactical with emails. Start by expressing gratitude for receiving the offer. Express your excitement. Explain why you need an offer extension. Here, you may refer to your school’s policy on offer deadlines. Remember to end the email politely.

Don’t delay this conversation. Some students request an extension on the deadline day. This is wrong and inconsiderate. You should do it as early as you can. Remember your request may pose some challenges to the recruiter. You should be conscious of them. You want to have an easier time making your decision. So, be ready to do the same for your recruiter. Make it easy for the recruiter to extend the offer deadline. You would want to be treated with courtesy, right? Treat them the same too.

Tips for a Successful Interview for interns

A time will come when you will have to attend an internship interview. What can you do to succeed?

  • Be prepared

Preparation involves several things.

Start by choosing the right outfit. Think of a business casual outfit.

  • The first impression matters.
  • Secondly, research the company. This will show your interest in the company. You will show that you are making an informed decision.
  • Thirdly, gather the works that you will share with your employer.
  • Fourthly, prepare frequently asked questions and practice answering them. This will build your confidence before the interview. Take time before answering the questions

Make sure you understand every question before answering it. Ask for clarification where necessary. You must know what the interviewer is asking for before answering. You may even ask the interviewer if the answer is satisfactory or they need more information. If you are asked about your weaknesses and strengths, focus on the strengths. When sharing your weaknesses, refer to strategies you have taken to improve these weaknesses.

  • Remember to sell yourself

Make sure before you attend the interview you are convinced that you are fit for the job. This will help you convince your interviewer that you are fit for the job. Self-confidence plays a major role in impressing your interviewer. But, don’t exaggerate.  Always be sincere. Remember to end the interview with a thank-you note. Thank your interviewer for their time and consideration. This is a good strategy to stand out among competitors.

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