First Aid Kit for College Students

At home, a first aid kit is very important. It helps us to take care of minor injuries. We are also able to take care of minor health issues. In the same case, your college student needs a first aid kit. This tool can be very helpful while in the dormitory. For example, with a first aid kit, a student can take care of a minor sports injury. So, it is a very good idea to send your kid to school with this tool. But what should you pack in this kit? Keep reading and know what to include in a first aid kit for college students.

Items in a first aid kit

  • Over-the-counter Medications

Over-the-counter medications are must-have items in a first aid kit. They will prevent regular trips to the pharmacy. These medications take care of pains and aches. They may include;

  • Pain relievers

Always put pain relievers in a student’s first aid kit. These can be used to relieve dental pain, headache, and muscle pain. Some people use ibuprofen for pain relief. But you may consult your doctor.

  • Fever reducers

Fever is a common health problem. Your child shouldn’t make trips to the pharmacy for fever medications.

  • Upset stomach relief

An upset stomach is more common in college. This is considering that most students love eating out. Some common problems include gas, indigestion, heartburn, and belching among others. Some of these problems are minor. They can be relieved with over-the-counter medications.

  • Insect relief

Always include insect relief medications in the first aid kit for college students. Some places are known for mosquitoes and bug bites among other insects. In this case, your child may benefit from insect relief medications. For example, an oral antihistamine may combat itching. A mosquito repellant may also be useful. Your choice of insect relief medication will depend on where the college is located.

  • Allergy medications

For most students going to college means going to a new environment. This may come with some new allergy triggers. When symptoms are severe, some over-the-counter medications can be helpful.

  • Cold or cough medications

Put some cold and cough medications in the first aid kit for college students. They help reduce common symptoms such as runny nose, cough, and congestion.

  • Eye drops

Also, put eye drops in the student first aid kit. They help relieve eye irritation.

  • Supplements

Apart from over-the-counter medications, put supplements in a first aid kit. Supplements are good for preventive care. The supplements may include;

  • Multivitamins

Vitamins are important for good health. We can get vitamins from different foods. For example, fruits are a good source of vitamins. All we need to do is take a well-balanced diet. But this is a problem for most students. This is the reason they may need multivitamins. However, encourage your child to always have a balanced diet.

  • Fiber supplements

We have many sources of fiber. For example, you can get fiber from whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. They help in preventing constipation. If a student isn’t taking these foods, they may have to take supplements. Just remind them to take a lot of water.

  • Medical equipment and supplies

You also need to put medical equipment and supplies in the first aid kit for college students. These include;

  • Thermometer

This is an important tool to quickly check temperatures. A digital thermometer would be better.

  • Elastic bandages

Students engage in many activities with a high risk of injuries. For example, they participate in sports which can lead to an injury. Having an elastic bandage can help take care of those injuries. Elastic bandages are also helpful in preventing swelling.

  • Adhesive bandages

These bandages can be used to cover wounds.

  • Antiseptic wipes

In case of an injury, a student may have to clean a wound. Antiseptic wipes can be very helpful. They can prevent infections. Therefore, ensure that you put the wipes in a first aid kit.

  • Scissors

Include scissors in a student’s first aid kit. They can be used in cutting clothing during an injury.

  • Tweezers

Put tweezers in the first aid kit for college students. They will help remove stingers and splinters.

  • Hand sanitizer

Before administering first aid, a hand sanitizer should be used. It helps in disinfecting hands. Also, during this Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer is very important.

  • Gloves

Sometimes your child will have to provide first aid to a friend. Gloves can protect both the child and the person receiving first aid. A non-latex pair of gloves is recommended. This is because some people are allergic to latex.

  • Mask

When administering first aid, one may have to use a mask. This can help protect against diseases such as Covid-19.

  • Cotton balls

It is a good idea to have cotton balls in a first aid kit. They are useful when cleaning cuts. They can also be used to apply ointments and creams.

  • Heat treatments

Put heating pads in a first aid kit. Girls can use the pads to relieve period cramps. They are also useful in relieving muscle cramps. We have some disposable heat wraps to wear under clothing. Students can use these to help with shoulder or joint pain without missing a lesson.

  • Medication

In case of any prescriptions, put enough medications in the first aid kit. You may also share the prescriptions with the school pharmacy.

  • Basic health information

It is a great idea to have personal health information in the first aid kit for college students. Have a card with important health information.

  • Include information about chronic health problems such as diabetes.
  • Include any other medical condition.
  • Include information about allergies. Is the student allergic to any food, medicine, or anything else?
  • Talk about the blood type.
  • Provide personal doctor’s contact
  • Provide emergency contact details.

Packing items in the first aid kit for college students

Water can ruin most first aid items. This is the reason you need a good box for your items. A durable plastic box can do. However, it should have a lid. Ensure that your items are well-packed and then lock your box. You may consider looking for camping supply stores. They have waterproof first aid boxes. These are better because they are purposely made for first aid items. We also recommend a clear box. This way, in case of emergency, anyone around can figure out what to do.


Most colleges have healthcare centers. But it is always good to give your child a student’s first aid kit. The first aid box can help avoid unnecessary trips to the health center. A first aid kit can also help save a life. Imagine a situation where a student faints because of not taking a certain medication! Without a clue of what is happening, we may not save this student’s life. But with a first aid kit, anyone can save a life. This is because the first aid kit contains important health information about the student. So, college students need to have a first aid kit in the dorm. In this article, we have provided a list of most items you should put in the first aid box. Also, include anything else you feel is important. You will feel much better that your child is prepared for small emergencies.

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