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How Long Should An Essay Be ? Different Levels

Essays can range from a few paragraphs to book length projects. Surprised? Well, the predeterminants of the length of an essay depend on your course requirements, departmental rules, and the professor issuing the assignment.

How Long Should A Good Essay Be?

Averagely, essays have 250 – 3000-word counts. Depending on the variables mentioned above, the essay can be as short or as lengthy as possible.  A quick fact to note is that essays are shorter in terms of word count than research papers, thesis, or project. While this may prove hectic to handle, we offer custom essays in this online platform to save you from the stress of crafting a short or lengthy essay.

Back to the point, the table below discusses some general essay length rules for different types of essays . However, the paramount thing to keep in mind is that quality must be maintained no matter how long the essay is.

Essay Length Rules

High School essays At this stage in education, students are usually tasked to write essays in a simple format of Introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.  Typically, students are only assigned essays that range from 250 – 1000 words. The reason is that students are introduced into the dynamics of essay writing, and this is to gauge their critical thinking capacity, creativity, how students support their rationale, and most importantly, write up to the instructed word count.
Undergraduate Essays In college, professors understand that all students know how essay writing works. The reason is that High school essays expose the students to different types of writing, including expository, comparison, among others. Thus, essays in this category may be lengthy because they range between 1500- 3000 words. The number of words in an essay at this stage still varies depending on your course, department rules, and the professor’s preference.
Post graduate Essays For Masters and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) students, their essays are determined by specific instructions listed. For instance, an essay for a Ph.D. student must operate within slim academic conventions but still produce independent thoughts. These types of essays may be over 3000 words depending on the topic being addressed.

How Long Are Sections Of An Essay?

All academic essays must follow a specific format. This includes;

  • Introduction – An essay must have an introduction part. This is where a writer develops ideas and make arguments, which will be discussed in the body paragraphs. The introduction must also have a thesis since it reflects on the idea to be discussed in the body. The introduction must also be one paragraph.
  • Body Paragraphs – The body of an essay can have 2 to 10 paragraphs depending on the length of the essay. This is where the writer supports their thesis by using relevant sources and ideas that support their claim. It is important to consider consistently addressing your ideas to avoid incorporating ideas that may deprive you of a better grade.
  • Conclusion– The conclusion carries the summary notes of the essay. This is where the writer explains precisely the ideas in the body paragraphs. The conclusion part of an essay should also be one paragraph.

How Can I Find Custom Essays?

Good question. This platform offers a variety of essays at cheap prices that meet all your descriptions. We custom essays such as;

  • Narrative essays.
  • Descriptive essays.
  • Expository essays.
  • Argumentative essays.
  • Persuasive essays.

To get any of the mentioned essays, feel free to contact us on this online platform. You can also click on the external links above that will enable you to place an order for any type of essay. The length of your essay should not worry you since we custom essays from as few as 250 words to 10,000 words if need be. The prices of each essay vary depending on the length of the essay, but they are subsidized to be more affordable to help sort your need.

Can Length Act As A Guide In Writing?

The word count stipulated in your essay’s instructions should depict the intensiveness or generalization to fit in your essay. A lengthy essay might require you to develop a broad approach to the topic. The broad approach results from the thesis statement.

If the thesis is detailed, it might need extra pieces of evidence to support the claim, which increases the word count. For short essays, the thesis is precisive and short and basically strikes the point head-on to avoid unnecessary descriptions.

Is It Advisable To Write Less OR More In Essays?

The most important thing to note is that it is important to meet the stipulated word count in your essay.  You lose marks for writing less than the required word count. You can be pardoned for “underwriting in rare cases,” but it is not advisable to try this.  Depending on the institutional regulations, some institutions allow students to exceed the word limit by 10%. You can write up to a maximum of 1100 words if you writing an essay of 1000 words

It is only necessary to exceed the word count to complete your argument. Let say that the Introduction and the body paragraph is approximately 1000 words. The conclusion should thereby not exceed 100 words.  If you exceed your word count by 10%, you can either;

  • Firstly, shorten some words, for instance, by using question tags.
  • Secondly, do not cut off the Introduction and conclusion. They are the basis of your essay.
  • Thirdly, proofread to remove unnecessary explanations.
  • Fourthly, make sure your arguments are consistent and only address the topic.
  • Finally, consider shortening the direct quotes and phrases quoted in the paper from other authors.

Myths About Lengthy Essays

  • They are expensive – while the price increases depending on the number of pages an essay has; and are cheaper compared to other articles such as projects or research articles.
  • Two, they contain unnecessary information – Actually, essays are informative and precise because they tend to justify a particular statement (thesis). They also do not allow anything outside the thesis.
  • Online custom essays are not original – Globally, online custom essays have a consumer rate of 4.5 stars. This means that 90% of online custom essays are legit. Our essays are freshly crafted to accommodate the latest writing techniques, including citations to maintain the excellence we preach. I bet our rating tells it all.
  • You cannot buy essays online – things have evolved, and only people resistant to change believe that online is scam. You can buy essays any time at a cheap price with all your specifications addressed in this platform. We offer nothing but the best.

How long is an essay? If you get this question, answer it well. One tip from our expert is that when you decide to write your essay, do not think about the word count. Lengthy essays can be tiring and may give you a panic attack, limiting you from expressing your ideas.

However, if it’s unbearable, we are here to help. We have experienced professionals custom essay writers ready to give you a solution.  Anyway, the length of an essay varies depending on the course, institutional regulation, and the professor’s preference.  While others are long, some essays are very short. All these you can find online uniquely customized selling at cheap prices and lucrative enough for you to buy.

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