How to ever stay efficient when you study remotely

A chance to study remotely feels like an opportunity to have more free time. However, it can be tricky. Without proper planning, studying remotely can be unproductive. You may end up spending your time on less important things. Today, we give you great tips on how to ever stay efficient when you study remotely. Studying remotely shouldn’t have to be complicated or boring. Keep reading to learn tips that will make it more efficient. By implementing these tips, you will complete all tasks and enjoy your studies.

Tips on how to ever stay efficient when you study remotely

  • Get organized

Most students are used to the traditional classroom environment. Without this structure, learning feels very difficult. This is the reason you need to get organized. This is the first tip on how to ever stay efficient when you study remotely. Being organized will make remote learning less difficult. To be organized, we recommend two things;

  1. Find your space

Remote learning makes it appear as you can study from anywhere. This is wrong. For remote learning to be productive, you need your space. You need a space with minimal distractions. Identify a comfortable learning room. Where possible, try to avoid your bedroom.

  1. Find necessary tools

After finding a place you will associate with studying, equip it with necessary tools. Start by putting a comfortable chair and table in this space. Why a comfortable chair? Because sitting position determines if you will ever stay efficient when you study remotely. Studying from your bed is very tempting but very unproductive. A comfortable chair will ensure that you sit upright. This helps the mind to understand that it is time to study. Then, put other necessary materials in your space. Such materials may include writing materials and digital tools. Finding these tools will help improve remote learning.

  • Plan ahead

The second step on how to ever stay efficient when you study remotely is to plan. Studying remotely comes with lots of responsibilities. You have plans with loved ones, have to study, and hang out with friends, etc. All this can bring a lot of confusion. This is the reason students ask about how to improve remote learning. The solution is planning. Planning involves three things;

  1. Identify all tasks

Note down all your tasks. Start by tracking changes related to the classes. Secondly, check the assignments and their due dates. Thirdly, check when your teacher needs you to attend online classes. Lstly, check for any class meetings or group discussions. We recommend creating a table that collects this information. Below is an example of a table you can create to collect all information related to remote learning.

  Assignments/ Due date Online classes Meetings Important date
Course 1 Assignment 1- Due date Online class 1- Date/Time Class meeting -Date/Time Group discussion- Date/Time
  Assignment 2- Due date Online class 2- Date/Time    
Course 2        
Course 3        


  1. Make a schedule

Now that you know what remote learning expects from you, make a schedule. Remember you have other tasks to complete. So, you need to use the available time to complete all your tasks. Determine the amount of time you need to spend studying. Have a daily to-do-list. A to-do list should have all tasks you must complete every day. Tick off tasks after completing. This will help you know which tasks you have completed and those you need to complete. Below, we have provided an example of a to-do list. Allocate enough time to this important step on how to ever stay efficient when you study remotely.

Task Time Mark (Completed/not completed)
Brushing teeth 6.00 ü
Taking breakfast 6.30 ü
Attending online class 7.30 ü
House chores 2.00 ü
Personal care 4.00 ü
Complete assignment 1 7.00       X


  • Don’t multitask

One solution on how to ever stay efficient when you study remotely is to avoid multitasking. We often find ourselves multitasking. For example, we can be preparing dinner when talking with loved ones. This can help save some time. But don’t try this with remote learning. You should never multitask when studying. Learning will not be effective. Avoid all distractions for effective learning.  To avoid multitasking, do the following.

  1. Include all tasks in your schedule

Remote learning can tempt you to keep checking social media updates. If you are studying from home, you may be tempted to watch TV, or stream movies. There is nothing wrong with these activities. The only problem is that they may distract you from studying. Include these activities in your schedule. Strictly follow this schedule. This way, you will avoid all distractions while studying.

  1. Communicate

Let those around know your schedule. For example, let your family members know about your schedule. This will minimize interruptions when studying. A key factor on how to ever stay efficient when you study remotely is concentration. If you want to excel in remote learning, avoid interruptions.

  1. Be accountable

Are you figuring out how to make online learning effective? Well, think about staying accountable. Being accountable means strictly following your plans and schedule. It will help you maintain habits that will make remote learning effective. Consider asking someone to help you stay accountable. For example, a family member can help ensure that you are spending enough time in your studies.

  1. Reward your work

To stay motivated in remote studying, reward your work. This is among the great tips for remote learning for students. We recommend the following rewards;

  1. Take breaks

To ever stay efficient when you study remotely, feel free to take breaks. This will keep you motivated to continue studying. During the break, you can;

  • Walk around the house.
  • Lie on your sofa.
  • Take a coffee or any healthy drink.
  • Play with a pet.
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Watch a funny clip.
  • Chat with a friend.

These activities will help improve remote learning. They will also promote self-care.

  1. Set goals

Another strategy to reward your work is to set goals. Set small and large goals. Congratulate yourself for achieving each goal.

  1. Stay connected

The next tip on how to ever stay efficient when you study remotely is staying connected. Have socializing time. Get in touch with loved ones, and friends. You don’t want to feel isolated or lonely. This isn’t good for your health. Brighten your day with a short chat with important people.

Other tips for remote learning for students

  • Get enough sleep. Remote learning comes with the challenge of maintaining a sleep schedule. However, you need quality sleep to succeed in your academics. We recommend, including sleeping time in your schedule.
  • Dress comfortably. Avoid staying in your pajamas when studying. Change to something comfortable. This will help make online learning effective.
  • Enjoy remote studying. Remote studying allows you to take control of your education and leisure time. Take this opportunity to enjoy learning.

In this article, we have provided tips on how to ever stay efficient when you study remotely. We recommend, 1) getting organized. 2) Planning. 3) Communicating. 4) Being accountable. 5) Rewarding your work. 6) Staying connected. We hope that these tips will you improve remote learning. If you ever feel lonely, remember it is only temporary.

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