How to Write a Closing Paragraph of an Essay

Knowing how to write a closing paragraph of an essay is important in delivering high-quality essays. You have developed your thesis statement. Two, you have researched and found supporting arguments. You have written your introduction and main body. Now, it is time to write the concluding paragraph. For most students, this is one of the most terrifying parts of writing an essay. Bringing together all the points you have addressed in an essay in one paragraph sounds difficult. Still, your final impression must be good. This is because a conclusion can have an important influence on your reader. The conclusion provides an opportunity to show why your information matters. It also allows you to end your essay in a positive tone. In general, the conclusion allows you to gather some more points.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to write a closing paragraph of an essay. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide. Keep reading and learn how to write an effective conclusion.

5 steps on how to write a closing paragraph of an essay

  1. Review what you’ve written in your essay

The first step to write an effective conclusion is reviewing what you’ve written in your essay. Start by reviewing your thesis statement. What was your thesis statement? What did you want to communicate to your reader? You can find this information in the introduction paragraph. Then, review the supporting arguments. What information did you provide in the main body to support your thesis statement? Go through each paragraph. Read the topic sentence. This will remind you of your supporting arguments.

  1. Develop a structure for the concluding paragraph

When writing an essay, structure plays an important role. It ensures that your essay is well-organized. It also gives your essay a smooth flow. We also develop a structure for parts of an essay. For example, there is a proper structure for the introductory paragraph. Similarly, the concluding paragraph needs a proper structure. Following is the standard structure of a conclusion paragraph.

  1. Restated thesis statement
  2. Reiterated supporting points
  • Wrapping up point
  1. Write a conclusion paragraph outline

When writing essays, it is recommended to have an outline. This makes it easier to draft a paper. It also ensures that you don’t leave out any important points. To write an effective conclusion, you also need to write a conclusion paragraph outline. This is an important step on how to write a closing paragraph of an essay. Use your structure as a guide.

In your outline;

  1. Start by restating your thesis statement.
  2. Then, list down your supporting arguments.
  • Next, decide how you want to wrap up your essay.

You can use different strategies to wrap up your concluding paragraph.

  • Strategy 1: Ask “so what?”

This strategy involves explaining why anybody should care about your information. Use the question to develop ideas for wrapping up.

  • Strategy 2: Use a quotation

Consider wrapping up with a quotation that strengthens your main argument. You may also use a quotation that gives your main argument a different perspective. For example, if you are writing about a poem, you can get a quotation from that poem. If you are writing about a book, get a relevant quotation from that book. This will help add texture to your essay.

  • Strategy 3: Provide a course of action

You can wrap up the concluding paragraph with a call for action. You can propose a solution, a course of action, or call for further study.

  • Strategy 4: Review the theme in the introductory paragraph

This strategy involves reviewing a theme in the introductory paragraph and concluding with it. This shows how effective the essay is in making a new understanding.

  • Strategy 5: Provide broader implications

This strategy involves providing the broader implications of your essay.

  1. Draft your concluding paragraph

Now, you have a conclusion paragraph outline. You have also decided the strategy you will use to wrap up your paragraph. What is the next step on how to write a closing paragraph of an essay? The next step is getting ready to draft your conclusion paragraph.

Before drafting your concluding paragraph, let’s look at some of the poor conclusions.

  • “And that is my story”

This type of conclusion is ineffective. Such a conclusion only restates the main argument. It lacks the support arguments and the wrapping up. It is also too short.

  • Stating the thesis for the first time

Introducing the thesis statement in the concluding paragraph is ineffective. Your reader doesn’t need the essay to be dramatic. Instead, they need an analytical discussion.

  • An emotional conclusion

Drawing on emotions to make an essay appealing is ineffective. Instead, a sophisticated explanation would be more effective.

  • Including extra information

Including extra information in the concluding paragraph only creates confusion.

Here are some other things to avoid when writing a concluding paragraph

Strategies to avoid when concluding an essay

(i). Use of introductory phrases

When writing the concluding paragraph, it is tempting to use introductory phrases. Such phrases include; ‘to conclude’, ‘in conclusion’, or ‘in summary’. There is no need of using these phrases as the reader already knows you are concluding. So, don’t use these words to start a conclusion. You may ask about how to conclude an essay without saying in conclusion. It is simple, go straight to restating your main argument. Use words in your thesis as the words to start a conclusion.

(ii). Don’t just provide a summary

A conclusion paragraph is more than just a summary. You must restate the main argument. You may be tempted to copy and paste the main argument. Avoid such temptations. Instead, restate your thesis with practical changes. Then, reiterate all the support arguments. If you have five body paragraphs, you probably have five supporting arguments. Just ensure that you include all your supporting arguments in the concluding paragraph. Lastly, wrap up the paragraph. Some people are tempted to copy the introduction and paste it into the concluding paragraph. This is ineffective.

(iii). Avoid new ideas

When concluding your essay, you may come across new ideas. Don’t be tempted to introduce these ideas in the concluding paragraph. You will only confuse your reader.  If you must use these ideas or evidence, include them in the main body. In the concluding paragraph, only emphasize what you have discussed in your essay.

(iv). Avoid including evidence

Evidence such as statistics should be introduced in the main body section. They help in supporting your arguments. But avoid using them in the concluding paragraph.

(v).  Avoid apologies

Resist the temptation to apologize after sharing your ideas or arguments. Believe in your approach. Don’t let your doubts control you.

  1. Proofread and edit the conclusion

The last step on how to write a closing paragraph of an essay is polishing the conclusion. Take a break after you’re done drafting your concluding paragraph. Then come back to revise your paper. Start by reading the conclusion. Ensure that your content makes sense. It should also reflect your essay. It is important to ensure that all your ideas are clear.

Then, reread your conclusion to proofread it. Check for any errors including misspellings, misuse of words, and typos. You can use spellchecks. But they cannot detect all errors. Read your conclusion several times. Ensure that you correct all errors.

It would be helpful if you read the entire paper. Read from the introduction through to the concluding paragraph. This will ensure that your paper presents the intended information. You may consider asking a friend to help you polish your paper. Alternatively, you may seek editing help from professional essay writers.

After revising your conclusion and the entire paper, you can comfortably submit it.


Writing a good concluding paragraph may not be easy. But you shouldn’t give up. You can use our guide on how to write a closing paragraph of an essay. You will feel more confident in writing effective conclusions. For further assistance, you can rely on the best professional essay writers. They will help you write an effective conclusion. This is the best way to achieving better grades. The support team is available 24/7. Good luck.

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