How To Write A Critical Essay: Complete Guide (2021)

Knowing how to write a critical essay is important. It will give you an advantage in your studies. Instructors assign students critical essays in all subjects. So, it is a common assignment. Knowing how to write them will put you in a better position.

How To Write a Critical Essay Step By Step

In this article, we will give you a guide on how to write a critical essay. However, this may not be easy. Writing a critical essay is a process. There are several things that you must know. Firstly, you must know the meaning of critical essays. Secondly, you need to know how to structure the essay. Thirdly, you must know how to write a critical essay introduction. In short, there is a lot you need to know. One thing is for sure, after reading this article, you will be a better writer.

What is a Critical Essay?

To write a critical essay, you should first understand what it is. A critical essay is an assignment that involves analyzing a piece of work. So you may have to analyze a book or an article. You may also be required to analyze a film, event, or piece of art. It requires two things.

  • Firstly, you provide your interpretation of the text.
  • Secondly, you use evidence from the work to support your interpretation. You need careful planning to write a critical essay. Remember our critical essay help is available at an affordable price.

How To write a Critical Essay

Start by understanding your piece of work

What are you analyzing? Is it a book, a book chapter, an article, or a film? If it’s a book, then read it critically. Also, take note of important points. Reading your source once is not enough. You may have to read it at least thrice. This will help you identify important and relevant information. While reading, identify the author’s main argument. Also, identify arguments that support the thesis statement. Also, identify the evidence used in the source. If it’s a piece of art such as a painting, view the work critically. This will help you understand its message.


Some critical essays need secondary research. Look for reliable sources for your research. Such sources may include scholarly journals and books. Your library database will be more useful. A general internet search may use a lot of time. Alternatively, our essay writers online can help you out.

How To Identify a Credible Source?

  • Firstly, look at the credentials of the author. If no credentials are provided, the source may be unreliable.
  • Secondly, look at the list of references. If only a few citations are provided, that source may be untrustworthy.
  • Thirdly, publication data. You need recent information. For example, if your topic is on recent technologies, use recent sources.

Now, read your research. Then identify any significant information. You will need this to write a critical essay. Then, develop your thesis statement. Don’t say ‘This book is good’ or ‘This film is good’. Your thesis statement needs to be detailed enough. A cheap essay writing service can help develop a custom thesis. After developing your thesis, now outline your essay. This will help write an organized essay. In addition, include more details in your outline. This will give you more material for your essay. You can also consult us on how to write a critical essay outline.

  • Write Your Essay

Now you can start writing your essay. Start with the introduction.

  • Critical Essay Introduction

The introduction paragraph is very important in academic essays. It introduces your reader to your essay. So, it must be interesting. It should act as a preview for the essay. Start with a general explanation of your topic. You can decide to start with a question. Two, you can use statistics. Either, you can use a quote. You can also start with a short story. All these are great ways of starting an introduction paragraph.

Then, provide background information. This is the information that your readers need to know. Without background information, the reader may not understand your essay. Let us look at several examples.

  • If your critical essay is about a painting, what will be the background information? It is a brief description of the painting.
  • What if it’s a film critical essay? Provide a brief film synopsis.
  • What if it’s a book critical essay? Talk about the author, name of the book, and plot summary.
After The Background Information, Write Your Main Argument.

Writing a critical essay introduction is a process. You follow certain steps. We have provided a guide on how to do it. Our essay writing services online can help you understand how to write a critical essay introduction.

After the introduction, write your main body. Don’t discuss every aspect in one paragraph. Instead, have a paragraph address one aspect. Each of these paragraphs should support your thesis statement.

Then, write the concluding paragraph. Emphasize what you have addressed in your essay. Here is a guide on how to format your conclusion. Start by providing your thesis statement. Summarize your supporting arguments. Provide recommendations where necessary.  For a custom critical essay draft, consult our experts online.

  • Revise Your Critical Essay

At this point, you have learned a lot about how to write a critical essay. But we are not yet done. For a quality paper, you must polish your draft. When revising ensure that;

  • Firstly, your main argument is clear
  • Secondly, you have fulfilled the purpose of your essay
  • Thirdly, you have used enough evidence to support your interpretation
  • Fourthly, your paragraphs support your thesis statement
  • lastly, your essay is error-free

It is important to consider a second opinion on your paper. Talk to a friend to help you out. Just to make sure your essay is good, use the critical essay writing service online. The service is cheap. Let professionals use their expertise to help you out. A good essay will give you good grades. This will help you complete your course successfully. Why is this important? Because it will prepare you for a successful career in the future.

  • Plan Your Time

When you want to write a critical essay, plan your time. Most students start writing essays too soon. They read the question and start to write the essay. This is wrong. Plan your time for the writing process. We have provided a guide on how to write a critical essay step by step. Follow this guide to plan your time well. Have sufficient time for every step. This is a must-do to write a critical essay. It will help you write an essay with a logical flow.

Do’s When Writing a Critical Essay

  • Start working on your critical essay as soon as possible. If you wait for the last minute, you will write a poor-quality essay.
  • Start writing your draft after in-depth research.
  • Use words that you understand. Don’t use big words that make no sense.
  • Use quotes when necessary. Don’t forget to always provide citations.
  • Seek comments on your final essay.


Maybe you are still lost on how to write a critical essay. Don’t feel bad. Experts can help you out at an affordable price. Our essay writers online aim at helping students write better essays.

This is it on how to write a critical essay. All the best.

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