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How To Write a Rhetorical Analysis : Format and Example

What is a Rhetorical Analysis?

Every Advanced Placement (AP) English exam has an area where you are asked to write a rhetorical analysis. The reason for it is to create a space where you analyze another author’s intent, usage, and the types of devices used to communicate their logic effectively. Afterward, the writer checks the texts and views given in the paper. Before you settle on writing such, Read! Read! Read!

Reading also makes sure that you check every aspect of the paper ranging from the work to a piece of art and sometimes even the ads within the journal. The writer should check the author’s aim and the methods he/she used to pass the message.

The General Format: Write A Rhetorical Analysis

It follows an rhetorical essay outline because it needs an introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The introduction part is where you have to tell your audience of the original text you are going to use. Let’s say you are writing on gender based violence among women. Your introduction must be great to the reader with real data, a quotation, or a fun fact. Your introduction, therefore, must have;

  • A Hook.
  • The context.
  • The author’s claim or goal for writing.
  • Thesis statement.

Example a Rhetorical Analysis Essay;

When a woman is physically assaulted, it is called discipline, and when the vice versa happens, it is called violence. Most of them among women are not reported because of the dominance of patriarchy in our society (this is the hook, a presentation that makes your paper good to the reader). Feminist advocates Muluneh, Stulz, Fransis and Agho, decided to study the topic “Gender based violence (GBV) against women in sub Saharan Africa” to see how it actually looks like (the topic is the context or the subject of study in the paper). They published this article in 2020 on how gender based violence happens under society’s watch.

The authors argue that GBV is a challenge to human health and is a leads to mortality among women. (This part reflects on author’s mission for writing the article or the general purpose of the study. The thesis is the last statement and a guide that will shape your paper. Our thesis, in this case, will be; “The authors begin building the reliability of their research using statistical data and personal review on this topic. By citing and quoting other journals, they very well use emotional appeal and facts that GBV is a killer disease.

Writing A Rhetorical Analysis

Main paragraphs.

In their article, the authors do a check of GBV in the sub Saharan countries with great listings and grey literature conducted. In their definition, GBV is the inhuman actions carried out on an individual because they belong to a gender naturally seen as inferior. This may be in form of physical and verbal aggression, sexual assaults, emotional violence, and intimate partner violence (IPV).

The authors constructed a chart to study the spread of the mentioned abuses among women in countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. The authors gave a policy that must be used in line with the SDG agenda of 2030 to reduce all forms of violence against women in SSA countries. (This paragraph basically contains a summary of what the authors discussed in their journals).

What’s more here?

Throughout the journal, Muluneh et al. did a check on the GBV on women in SSA. They used strong sources to prove their claims and also put their data findings together. An example is the World health organization statistics, USAID GBV statistics, and the United Nations views against GBV. All these fight against GBV.

Their data about this subject are true because they are done without any private forces interfering. (at this point quote a sentence or a paragraph used by the authors from the mentioned sources). In this case, we shall quote Muluneh et al. “According to the WHO, it is estimated that 30% of women have experienced at least one form of GBV in their lifetime since the age of 15″.

Throughout the journal, the authors use strong logos to inform the reader of GBV in SSA. Also, they apply pathos skills to bring to mind emotions that show that this behavior is deadly. A world with no women at all.

The following paragraphs should also address the different dynamics of the journal such as how quotes show the author’s ethos, pathos or logos and they should make all flow with the thesis in a way to maintain the greatness of the essay. The paragraphs should also tell how the quotes show the best use of emotions and the thesis in general.


A rhetorical analysis should have a brief summary of the main body. The conclusion must return to the hook to keep the ideas told in the thesis and further put them into an informative way. In our example, we can say that; Although the authors best persuaded the readers of the dangers of GBV against women, they lost their power by only basing their conclusions more on a study of a outdated database of 2008. For this reason, their discussion in a way lost value.

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Write this on a different page from the conclusion. Also include intext citation to make each point strong and justify the author’s points.

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