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How to write an academic composition

Need help on how to write an academic composition? Well, today is your lucky day. In this article, you will learn how to write a great academic composition. This is an important skill if you want to succeed in your education. Continue reading the article for a complete guide on how to write an academic composition.

What is an academic writing

Academic writing involves writing structured writing at all educational levels. It is part of curricula aimed at improving learning. Teachers use different names for academic writing. Such names include essays, position papers, term papers, and research papers among others. Through these assignments, students demonstrate their knowledge.

Factors to consider when writing an academic composition

  1. Purpose

When figuring out how to write an academic composition, think of your purpose. A good academic paper should have a clear purpose. Your purpose will depend on your topic or question. In academic writing, you will find three main purposes.

First, your purpose may be to inform. In such an assignment, you give your reader new information. Your focus is to improve your reader’s understanding.

Second, your purpose may be to persuade. This involves getting your reader to adopt your point of view. A position paper or an argumentative essay, are some of the persuasive essays.

Third, your purpose may be to analyze. Such writing involves explaining and evaluating answers to a question.

If your teacher gives you a topic, then, the purpose will be pre-determined. You just need to read the topic and identify the purpose. If a topic is not provided, start by selecting one. You can only identify the purpose if you have a topic.

  1. A clear viewpoint

When planning how to write an academic composition, think of your point of view. What is your argument? Think about the point you want to put across. This is your thesis statement. It is also the answer to your question. A good academic composition will have a clear thesis statement.

  1. Proper organization

A good academic paper is not just a group of facts and summaries. It should be properly organized. The standard format is an introduction, main body, and conclusion. You must think of the organization before you start working on your paper.

  1. Support

An explanation is not enough in academic papers. You need support. Think about expert opinions, facts, and examples.

  1. Formatting style

We have different formatting styles from APA to Chicago. You cannot mix these styles in one paper. Choose the required format.

  1. Assignment instructions

When planning how to write an academic composition, always consider assignment instructions. This is an important step before you start writing your paper.

Now you know what to consider when writing an academic composition. Next, let’s learn how to how to write an academic composition step-by-step.

How to write an academic composition

  • Read instructions

The first step on how to write an academic composition is reading instructions. This is also the first step on how to write a good essay. Ask yourself the following questions;

  • What question do you need to answer?
  • Did your teacher provide a topic or do you need to select one?
  • Which is the required length or number of words?
  • Which is the required formatting style?


  • Select a topic

The second step is selecting a good topic. This step is necessary if your teacher did not give you a topic. Choose a topic that is related to your course. To write a good academic paper, you need to narrow your topic. For example, abortion may be a wide topic. It may be impossible to write everything about abortion in one paper. You may narrow it to the psychological effects of abortion on women in developing countries. It is easier to exhaust a narrow topic. Also, choose a topic you have an interest in. This will avoid boredom as you handle the paper.

  • Research

The next step on how to write an academic composition is doing research. This helps in finding possible answers to your question. Remember to rely on academic sources only. While researching, write down all the important information. Also, write relevant sources. Looking for sources after you are done writing takes a lot of time.

  • Thesis statement

After research, write a good thesis statement. This is the one idea that you will support in your paper. It is the view of your topic. Ask yourself, what do I want to say about the topic? Your thesis should be short ad clear. This is an important step when planning how to write a good essay.

  • Outline

Writing an outline makes it easier to write an academic paper. It is an important step when planning how to write an academic composition. It also helps to plan your academic paper format. Divide your outline into three sections.

The first section should be the introduction. Write your thesis statement.

The second section is the body. This section will have several sub-sections. For example, if you have three body paragraphs, this section will have three sub-sections. Each sub-section should carry one idea. For each body paragraph, write down this information in bullet points.

  • A supporting idea (should be one in each paragraph)
  • Explanation of that idea
  • Evidence and examples
  • A link to the thesis statement

The last section is the conclusion. Restate your main idea. Then, summarize the supporting points.

  • Draft your paper

The next step on how to write an academic composition is drafting your paper. You should use your outline to draft the paper. With a detailed outline, drafting becomes easier. Your academic paper format will follow your outline. Start by writing the introduction. Then, draft the main body. Remember to use transitions from one paragraph to the next. This shows the relationship among paragraphs. Lastly, draft the conclusion.

  • Polish your academic composition

The last step on how to write an academic composition is polishing it. Start by reading through your paper. Ensure that you have provided the correct content. Content is very important in academic papers. Always ensure it is correct. Ensure that the body paragraphs support your thesis statement. Eliminate unnecessary words or sentences.

Then, proofread your paper. Read through your paper again. Highlight any mistakes. You can use spellchecks. They will help identify some mistakes. Still, you need to read through the paper. This will help most eliminate errors if not all.

You may seek feedback from a friend. Let them read your paper and give feedback. You may also seek help from professional essay writers. They will help edit your paper. After perfecting the paper, you can submit it as instructed.


You wanted to know how to write an academic composition. In this article, we have provided a complete guide. Following this guide will enable you to write a winning academic paper. However, before, you follow our guide read your teacher’s instructions. If these instructions differ from our guide, we recommend that you follow the instructions. If you get confused, consult your teacher for clarification. You may also contact our support team for any help. We hope this article was helpful. We wish you all the best as you work towards becoming a successful student.

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