Tips: How To Write A Comparison Essay

Is it easy to write a comparison essay? Well, for some students writing a comparison essay is simple. But for many students, it is quite a task.

There are two common problems.

  • Firstly, structuring a comparison essay is a problem. This is because comparison or compare and contrast essays are different from other essays. You need a proper structure to write a good comparative essay.
  • Secondly, the problem is drafting a comparison essay. With a little help, students can learn to overcome these problems. Our online essay writers can help you understand how to write a comparison essay.

In this article, we provide tips on how to write a comparison essay step by step. Keep on reading to become a good essay writer.

How To Write a Comparison Essay Step By Step

Step 1: Understand Your Assignment

To write a good comparison essay, start by understanding the question. then read through essay instructions. Understand what your instructor wants you to do. Also note down all the things you need to address.

Every time you want to write a comparison essay, you need two subjects. Your essay will focus on comparing and contrasting these two subjects. Some instructors will provide the subjects. Others will need you to select the subjects. In that case, choose comparable subjects. Our online writers can help you identify two comparable subjects. They help students to write custom comparative essays.

Then, decide on your topic. Research the two subjects. then get to know more about them. Here, you will identify the main points to guide your topic. For a list of possible topics, seek cheap essay writing help online.

Step 2: Develop a Strong Thesis Statement.

There are two types of thesis statements in a comparative essay. Firstly, an explanatory thesis. If you choose an explanatory thesis, you will not take a position. What does this mean? You will compare two things without giving judgment. Your focus will be on differences or similarities between two things without bias.

Secondly, the evaluative thesis. With this type of thesis statement, you will take a position. In short, you will declare one thing to be better than the other. Your subjects will not be equal.

Understand your essay to decide which type of thesis you need. Let us look at two examples.

  • Question 1: Compare and contrast a career in traditional and transcultural nursing.
  • Question 2: Compare and contrast a career in traditional and transcultural nursing and determine which one is better.

For questions 1 and 2, which type of thesis should you develop? For question 1, an explanatory thesis is okay. This is because you are not required to take a position.

For question 2, you need an evaluative thesis. The two subjects are not equal. You need to take a position.

So, it is important to determine the type of thesis you need. If you are not sure what to do, consult experts online. Our professional writers will help you determine the thesis you need. They can also help you develop a custom thesis statement.

After identifying the type of thesis, you need, write your thesis. It should be clear and simple. Your thesis may show how two subjects are different but similar. Alternatively, it may show how one subject is better. Follow this guide to write a comparative essay thesis.

Step 3: Determine Your Essay Format

Compare and contrast essay format

When you want to write a comparison essay, you need a good structure. You can choose an alternating approach or a block method.

  1. Alternating approach

In this method, you alternate points for both subjects. For example, let’s say you are comparing World I and World War II. Maybe you are comparing the use of slaves, the administrative system, and military strategy. How can you alternate the points?

The first paragraph will be the introduction paragraph. This is where you put your thesis statement.

The next part will be the main body. How will you structure the body paragraphs?

Paragraph 1: Use of slaves in World War 1.

Then Paragraph 2: Use of slaves in World War 2.

Paragraph 3: Administrative system in World War 1.

Finally Paragraph 4: Administrative system in World War 2.

You will address point by points. If it sounds complicated, you don’t have to worry. Comparison essay writers online can help you work it out.

  1. Block method

When you want to write a comparison essay, you can choose a block method. In the alternating method, you focus on point by point. In the block method, you focus on the subject by subject. So, you will start with the first subject. Then, you will focus on the second subject.

For example, look at our example question above. Now, if that is our question, your structure will look like this;

  • Paragraph 1: Use of slaves in World War 1.
  • Then Paragraph 2: Administrative system in World War 1.
  • Paragraph 3: Use of slaves in World War 2.
  • Finally Paragraph 4: Administrative system in World War 2.

Lastly, you will write a concluding paragraph. For compare and contrast essay format help, contact essay writing service online. Don’t worry about the price. The service is cheap and affordable for all.

Step 4: Create an Outline

Based on your chosen structure, create an essay outline. This will make it easier to write a comparison essay. Include important points in the outline. Outline every section.

Step 5: Draft Your Essay

Compare and contrast essay introduction

  • To write a comparison essay, start with the introduction paragraph. Start with a general sentence about your subjects. Then move to the background of their similarities and differences. The last sentence should be your thesis statement. Your thesis should also explain the aspects you will compare and your conclusion.
  • Then move to body paragraphs. Start with a topic sentence in each body paragraph. This tells your reader what that paragraph discusses. After this sentence, explain your argument. Then, you write a concluding sentence. Use your chosen comparative essay format to organize your paragraphs.
  • Finally, write the conclusion paragraph. Start by restating your thesis. Follow this with a summary of your main points. Then, write a general conclusion about the two subjects. For a custom comparison essay, contact online essay writers. You will learn how to write a comparison essay from experts.

Step 6: Revise your comparison essay

If you have enough time, work on polishing your essay. You can start by taking a break. Then, come back and revise it. Find any problems and fix them. It is also smarter to find problems first and then fix them. Highlight any identified problem. After you are done highlighting, then start fixing the problems. Even the best writers take the time to edit their work. So, never assume this step. It ensures that you produce a good essay.

If you don’t have time, find a reliable friend. Let them help edit your paper. Alternatively, you can contact experts online. They will edit your paper at a cheap price. Online comparison essay writers are competent in editing work. They will also ensure that you deliver an error-free essay.

In conclusion, writing a comparison essay may not be easy. But with these tips, you can write a good comparison paper. For further help on how to write a comparison essay, get our expert help now.

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