How To Write A Process Essay With Recommendations

What is A process Essay?

A process essay is a chronological order of giving directions or guidance. This essay is written to prescribe or describe a process of either in creating or doing something. The most common types of process essays include a recipe, cycles, processes and experimental occurrence. This type of essay uses transition words such as “to begin with”, “next”, “first” “eventually” “meanwhile” “afterwards” among others. This essay serves as an informant to people new or not experienced in a particular task or subject. All types of process essays are available on this website. You can request one that will get you an excellent score on this platform.

Pre-Writing Stage: What To Consider in Writing Process Essays

  • Determine your audience

Before writing a process essay, consider who your target audience is. The reason is that they dictate the topic you address as a writer. For instance, if your audience are chefs, obviously you have to write a recipe. On the other hand, if they are medical practitioners, you have to write a therapeutic process known or unknown to them. Your audience also determines the language you use in this essay.

  • Create a list of the resources required.

This is an integral part because it helps you develop a flow of the essay. If your paper is based on a therapeutic procedure like a complex surgery procedure, equipment such as forceps, heartrate monitor etc.

  • Create an outline.

An outline is a summary of your research. This outline will guide you on what to write in the subsequent paragraphs of this essay.

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Tips For Writing A Process Essay.

Your paper must maintain five features to qualify as a process essay. The first one is that it must be written in chronological order following events systematically as they unfold. Also, descriptions should not be repeated because they create ambiguity. Your statements must be concise and straight-forward. This is to help the reader comprehend and follow the instructions stipulated. Clarify all your narrations to avoid repeating the same things all over again. Lastly, remember to use transitional words to help develop the chronological order of descriptions. In simple terms;

  • Firstly, maintain a precise description.
  • Secondly, apply a chronological narration
  • Thirdly, use some transition words.
  • Lastly, give vivid descriptions of steps.

Guide: How To Write A Process Essay.

Although this essay is a chronological description of an event, procedure or process, it still maintains the structure of an essay. It must have an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion. Your essay can either be directional or informational. A directional essay is that which explains how something is done. An informational essay explains how a procedure works or is applied. Depending on the topic, a writer can decide to use either informational or directional style.


The introduction part of this essay should be captivating and exciting to read. An unforgettable description of something will grace the introduction perfectly.  Let’s say we are writing a directional essay about a spicy chicken drumsticks’ recipe. The topic sentence must be the hook that keeps the reader glued to your essay.  “Spicy Chicken drumsticks are one of the most renowned delicacies in the world”. About 10million people consume this meal every day. This fact can keep the reader eager to find out more about this recipe. It is advisable to state the simple facts about this delicacy such as the time used to cook the meal, nutritional value and the cooking tips.

This will let your audience estimate the time they may take to prepare this meal and the benefits of trying out this recipe. You can also mention how many people it can serve. Additionally, you can state “free-range chicken takes longer to cook than broiler chicken since free-range chicken has tough meat. Finally state the thesis statement. In this case you can write that “This paper explores how to deep fry spicy chicken drumsticks at home”.

Body paragraphs

Composing the body paragraph will depend on the thesis statement. Refer to your outline at this point to determine the resources needed for this recipe. First, mention the kitchen equipment needed to prepare the meal and the foodstuffs to be used.

Kitchen equipment Ingredients required
Deep frying pan 1-pound chicken drumsticks
Large bowl and tongs 1 teaspoon of sea salt
Source of heat 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil
Deep-frying spoons, tray and serving plate ½ tablespoon garlic powder, black pepper and curry powder

Apart from the resources, the main paragraphs should also incorporate the process of making this delicacy. You should include a step-by-step description of how the spicy chicken drumstick is actually prepared. You can name this part “directions of preparation”.

  • Firstly: In the large bowl, soak the chicken drumsticks in salty water for 15 minutes. Afterwards, pat dry the chicken and place aside on the tray.
  • Secondly: Marinate your chicken with a mixture of all the spices, including salt. Let it sit for 15 minutes for the chicken to absorb all the spices. Eventually, it will change its colour because of the deep yellow colour of the curry powder. Preheat the oil to 350 degrees F. Next, use some tongs to lower the pieces of chicken into the oil.
  • Thirdly: Fry the chicken drumsticks on each side until they turn golden brown. Remove from the oil and serve while hot. You can garnish with coriander or accompany it with a hot sauce of your choice.

Reinstate the thesis in a more defined way. This part is like answering the thesis. Therefore, it must include a direct answer to your thesis. You can write “for years people only ate spicy chicken drumsticks at chicken eateries. With available recipe ideas like this, people can now access the direction of how to prepare meals at home. What a simple recipe! A delicious quick fix at home. You can use this to grace an occasion or a family gathering at home, and it will provide the best alternative for the proteins.

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Final take away

  • The best topics for a process essay should be a research topic. This gives you a wider range of views to discuss in the essay.
  • The reader should get a picture of what you are writing to make it a success. Consider a vivid description of your topic. This can be in terms of quantity, type and category.
  • Write an outline before writing the essay to maintain the flow and keep your arguments together.
  • Maintain descriptions in sequence to help the reader understand the flow of the essay.
  • Prioritize information according to relevance. For instance, if the paper was addressing how to cook, the prices should not be majored upon because they are not relevant to this case. Instead, the type of chicken and the quantity are vital details that determine the cooking time.
  • Proofread your paper after editing to pull out all the flaws.

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