Our Guarantees

Why you should trust us with your academic work.

Dependable students welcoming guarantees. Period
Having a dependable writing partner can cause stress. Unlike other writing companies, quality is our priority. When you reach out to us, we take pride in paying attention to finest details of your needs and deliver great work.
Our skilled team of writers are here to listen to you and provide an extensive work depending on your needs.
Our charges are reasonably affordable for we understand that we are dealing with students, most of whom are on a tight budget. And this depends on the type of work ordered.
In addition to this, we make sure that our services meet the following standards:

Zero tolerance to plagiarism

We have experienced writers, we also understand the dangers of plagiarism. That is why we treat every work in a unique way and independently. We check every work to make sure that there is no plagiarism at all. Also, we run the work on our plagiarism software to be completely sure of it. But should you find something that does not meet your expectations, you can always contact us for revisions. We are that reliable!

Discretion on privacy
We are thoughtful on matters discretion. therefore, we strive to secure your details and maintain high level of confidentiality. In fact, even our writers only get “order code” with project details, they do not have access to your personal details.

Qualified writers
Because quality is our number one priority, we therefore employ the best of the best. Our team of professional writers undergo through thorough and rigorous recruitment process to select the best of the best. And on this, we have no compromise.

Timely delivery
Our aim is to deliver your work ahead of the time. We set our own deadline which is earlier than yours, meet it and still maintain quality. We give you our word on timeliness and we going to keep it.

No work is privately published or resoled

In line with our terms of privacy and confidentiality, we do not publish or distribute your work anywhere. Not for financial gain or for any other reason. Whether in print, audio or even in audiovisual contents, we do not do that at all.

Plagiarism and quality report
As a token of appreciation for choosing and trusting us, we provide authentication report on quality and plagiarism. This report helps you understand that your work is of top quality and is free from any form of plagiarism. Again, we have invested on modern software that makes this possible. This is done at the completion of your work shortly before submission. This report is given free of charge.

Referencing and citations
As you may require, we shall be responsible for all the references and citations. This will make you understand the origin of your work and the sources of its contents. We do this in your desired format and style.

Free samples for any work exceeding 30 pages
We grant you the privilege to choose a writer when your work is 30 pages and above. We shall avail the samples of work done by various writers for your assessment. This will help you choose whom you would wish to work your assignment and also for you to ascertain the quality of our services. At this point, we also allow you to make recommendations and re-considerations should there be any. NOTE: the sample we provide here shall be an extract of your work!
These and many more, we guarantee quality, confidentiality, timeliness and experience. Our competitors out there are not able to exclusively provide all these, which is the reason why you need to try our services today.