Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last updated on 3rdth January 2020

Your privacy is important and will always be to us. We have a Privacy Policy on how we get, gather, use, share, and show your information. Take your time to read our Privacy Policy and contact us for any clarifications.

By visiting, you are agreeing to the practices presented in this Notice. Our terms and conditions in this notice are revised over time. Always make sure you familiarize yourself with the privacy practices when you visit our website. Any time you visit our website or use our services, you give consent to collecting, using, and storing your information following the practices stated in this Privacy Notice.

  1. What personal information does collect?

User data collected includes information in the following categories;

  1. The visits and use of our website
  2. User location
  3. Operating system
  4. Type of Browser
  5. Information source
  6. Number of viewed pages
  7. Number of pages needed from our server
  8. Personal information given to us when registering and using our Website using Facebook

So, we get information about your name, email address, and your message when you communicate with us via the feedback form on our Website. We use this information to respond to your issues only.

We also collect information about your sex, and location when you use your Facebook login details in signing into our Website. When you use these details, you allow Facebook to share your personal information with us when your profile is public.

  1. Use of Cookies

We use cookies to collect information about your general use of the internet. Cookies are files sent and stored in a user’s computer from a website. The files are stored automatically on a computer while the user is browsing.

Why we use them:

  • We use cookies to recognize your device and provide features that make it easy for you to use.
  • We also, use them to personalize your experience. Cookies help identify you as a unique user of our website making it easy for you to use the site.  Cookies cannot pass on a virus to your computer. website only uses them for user convenience when using our site.
  • website uses cookies to collect information that does not identify a user personally. This information includes IP address, internet browser, website domain, and internal session ID. This is statistical data about your visits and use of our website. It does not identify you personally.
  • Also;

  • We use cookies to make it easy for you to use our website. By identifying user internet protocol addresses, we save the user’s time when browsing. For example, when you visit the website, a cookie provides some information about your use of the site. When you visit the site again, the site can retrieve the collected information to customize your experience. This means you will spend less time browsing.
  • We allow uses to accept or decline cookies. Most websites offer this option. But, some browsers accept cookies automatically. In such a case, you have the option of changing settings not to accept cookies. But, if you choose this, your use of the site will be restricted. This means you will not enjoy interactive features offered by the site.
  • Finally, our website provides links to third parties. These links may use cookies to gather information. We do not have control over this. You can download these cookies by clicking on the links or by visiting their sites. But, this can only happen if the third parties use cookies.

3.   User’s Information Processed by Our Server

When you use our website, our server processes certain specialized information. It processes your IP address. This helps in providing a version that matches the language of the country of the IP-address. The IP-address data is processed when you are visiting our site. We do not store, or process this data for any other purpose apart from the stated purpose.

4.   About Payment Data

We protect your personal information. This is why we to secure your information from unauthorized use, disclosure, or access. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt the data you input during payment. When paying for our services, certain personal information such as name and credit card number are required. Apart from securing this information, it is only used for processing purposes. Also, this information is not stored for any other reason.

5.  Transfer and Disclosure of Personal Information

We may transfer some of the information collected to the main server for processing and storing. When you agree to this transfer, you automatically give consent to transferring this data. But, takes precautions to ensure that this data is not lost, or misused as in the agreement with our Privacy Policy. We ensure that we secure your information from any unauthorized use, disclosure, or access. For example, we may require identity verification through user ID and password before we give data access.

When your account is terminated, your information may remain in our archives. However, we do not use, share, or sell for any reason. We take precautions to ensure that your information remains secure.

When you write a testimonial, you give consent to the use of the testimonial. You also allow to place the testimonial on our website. But, if you feel that the testimonial can harm you in any way, it can be removed from the site. You just need to ask the support team to remove it.

However, as much as we would like to guarantee complete security for your personal information, it is impossible. Sharing any information via the internet is not 100% secure. Therefore, you should share the information at your own risk. Also, we can disclose your information when bound by the law. We use the best practice to keep your information protected.

6.  How We Protect Your Information takes all precautions to protect your information. We use our secure servers to ensure that your information is secure. However, you should protect your information from unauthorized access by keeping your password private and signing off after using a shared computer.

7. Third Party Websites

Sometimes, our site has third party links. If you click on these links, you will be visiting third party sites. These sites have privacy policies. does not assume any responsibilities under such policies. Take time to familiarize yourself with these policies before sharing any personal information with these websites.

8. Access to Personal Data cannot access your personal data on your device.

9. Our Relations with Advertisers does not share your personal information with advertisers. But, we are allowed to share a summary of our users’ data to show advertisers the target audience.

10. Privacy Policy Changes

We make changes to our Privacy Policy. This is considering that industry standards change over time. We reserve the right to make these changes with or without notice. However, your personal information remains secure. We publish the revised policy to ensure that our users know of any changes. Read our Policy Notice from time to time to ensure you are always updated. Only use our website if you agree to our terms and conditions.

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