Should Parents Be Punished For Their Children Misbehavior

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Should Individuals Who Failed At Parenting Be Punished?

Last year I had a very sad experience. So, I went to a supermarket to pick some items. It was on a weekend so families were all over shopping. But one family made this a day not to forget. This family, a mom, a dad, and two kids were shopping just like us. However, they seemed to have a problem. The kids were fighting and screaming all over. Then they kept on running from one corner to the other. Ideally, it was so frustrating. Customers had to keep getting out of the way. I mean no one wanted any accidents.

One shopper decided to stop them from causing chaos. Bad move! This is because the kids talked back to the old man. ‘Who do you think you are!’ they shouted at the poor old man. I was so shocked. Remember, we are talking about kids below ten years. Yes, below ten years! All along the parents continued shopping. They however completely ignored the kids. It is until shoppers asked them to do something that the father said ‘’It’s time to go home’’. This was even more shocking. I mean I expected more than that. At least an apology for the old man.

What would you do to such parents? Logically, some people think such parents should be punished. This would not be such a bad idea. Let us first look at the negative effects of bad parenting.

Should individuals who failed at parenting be punished

Effects of Bad Parenting

  1. Antisocial behaviors

Poor parenting can mostly lead to antisocial behaviors. also, excessively harsh parents can lead to antisocial behaviors among their kids. Their kids will not think about the well-being of other people. In addition, they may not consider how their actions may be harmful to other people. Parents who abuse drugs and engage in domestic violence are ideally more likely to have kids with antisocial behaviors. Experts warn that kids with antisocial tendencies are more likely to abuse drugs.

  1. Aggression

Poor parenting also contributes largely to kid’s aggression. Explosive kids are more likely to have poor relationships with their parents or caregivers. Parents who handle their kids ‘roughly’ increase negative feelings in their kids. This thus increases levels of anger which leads to aggression.

  1. Emotional Problems

Experts warn that poor parenting causes emotional problems. Behaviors such as frequent yelling and other verbal threats are more damaging. Kids start developing negative self-perceptions. They start believing they are bad. Hence, they believe they can achieve anything good in life. These negative self-perceptions can be a great barrier to a quality life.

  1. Poor Resilience

Kids who experience poor parenting may lack the ability to cope with challenges. Coping skills are necessary for survival in life. Kids who lack these skills can result in risky behaviors.

  1. Depression

Poor parenting is linked to kid depression. Harsh parental behaviors contribute to children’s depression. Excessive physical punishment and lack of parental support can also cause depression.

Signs of Bad Parenting

We tend to underestimate the effect of bad parenting on kids. The truth is that bad parenting destroys the lives of our kids. The following signs show that you may be a poor parent.

  • Excessive or no discipline

Kids don’t know what is right or wrong. We guide them through this. If they do something wrong, we correct it. For example, if a kid talks back, we tell them that it is bad. If they do it again, we tell them why talking back is bad. If they do it the third time, we instill some discipline through appropriate punishments. Such punishment may include withdrawing a gift. Some parents go overboard instilling discipline. Some ignore the ill behavior. Others use harsh punishments such as physical abuse.

  • Being overly strict

Poor parenting involves being overly strict. This denies kids the opportunity to explore. Give your child the freedom to explore. This is one of the ways through which kids learn.

  • Ignoring kids

If you deny your kid attention and affection, you are a bad parent. It tells your kid that you love them conditionally. A parent’s love should be unconditional. Such behavior can lower the self-esteem of your kid. It is harmful

Other signs include

  • Shaming your kid

Shaming your kid at home or in public is bad. It can lead to child anxiety or depression. How would you feel if someone was shaming you? Shaming a kid may include revealing their secret to their friends. This technique only works for a short while. But it quickly backfires. Shame comes with a feeling that lasts longer. It affects their self-esteem in the long run.

  1. Not supporting your kid

If you don’t support your kid, you are poor in parenting. Kids go through stressful times. This is because they go through many changes. During stressful moments, they need parental support.

  1. Comparing kids

Another sign of poor parenting is comparing kids. This may involve comparing a kid with their siblings. It may also involve comparing your kid with others.

The Solution To Poor Parenting

Poor parenting is so harmful to kids, families, and society. It destroys the lives of our kids. When kids have a bad life, families, and society will also be affected. In as much as we may not punish parents for their poor parenting. But something must be done. Parents should start by accepting their poor parenting skills. This would be the first step towards good parenting. For parents who don’t know what to do, they can enroll in parenting programs. There are many programs meant for equipping parents with good parenting skills.

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