Curating The High School Curriculum: Why Students Should Be Allowed

Should Students Be Allowed To Curate The High School Curriculum?

Education is changing. However, there is a change in the way students learn and in the method of teaching. Teachers and students rely on libraries and textbooks for knowledge. Basically, getting new content for learners was initially hard. Things have, however, changed. Now, a lot of information is available for teachers and learners.

There is also information in the textbooks. As such, learners can use it to understand the topic. However, this has a major problem. Ideally, some sources are good while others are not. Students have to check through this content. This calls for content curation.

What is The Importance Of This?

Firstly, it is well understood

The goal of education is not for students to memorize information. A a lot of information is available for students to learn. This helps to learn good information. It also makes sure that students get only great content. Hence, understanding such content is much easier.

Secondly, it promotes learner centered learning

It enables students to play a greater role in education. It also gives them control over their learning. Additionally, it allows students to study a topic in a way that brings a great understanding.

Thirdly, it helps identify current and relevant examples

Students learn best by applying knowledge in real situations. This to say, students identify real world examples. For example, when studying a new topic, the content serves as the base. But this content can be expanded. You can include real-world examples of marketing strategies in leading companies.

Why We Should Allow Students To Curate The High School Curriculum

  1. It increases learner engagement

They interact with different sources of information. They also have to identify the relevant sources. Also, they need to determine the quality of the relevant sources. As a result, it increases their learning engagement.

  1. Allows learners to work at different Bloom’s Taxonomy levels

It makes them to work at different levels of the Bloom Taxonomy. When students curate, they engage in the three levels of learning. To begin with, the first level is analysis. Students choose good sources of information by comparing the sources.

The second level is synthesis. Students put information in a way that makes sense. The third level is the evaluation. Here, students are thus required to determine the quality of information.

  1. It equips learners with essential skills for learning in the 21st century

Firstly, it gives them great skills for learning in the 21st century. One of these skills is critical thinking. For example, when identifying great sources from not so great ones, critical thinking is required. Ideally, when students ask questions, they start knowing this art of a thinking beyond.

Secondly, It encourages students to think outside the box. This is an important skill for learning in the 21st century.

Thirdly, students learn to work together. Therefore, as they work, students understand how to work together to achieve a common purpose. They also learn how to communicate well.

How To Teach Students Content Curation Skills

  1. Create goals
  2. Teachers should start by setting goals for this. Before continuing with the lesson plan, set your goal. They help in getting quality outcomes.
  1. Differentiate good and bad sources

Teachers should show students how to identify good sources. This is because all sources of information do not contain good facts.

  1. Emphasize quality not quantity

Checking on quantity alone may produce bad content. Teachers should help students to always focus on quality.

  1. Creativity

Teachers should show students how to use creativity to organize content. This helps further understand concepts.


Teachers have realized the need for effective learning. It is a challenge when settling with a fixed curriculum. Teachers can no longer rely on a static one that is based on textbooks. There is a need for a more changing approach. Students prove to learn best when challenged, more engaged, and with tools to control their learning.

A static curriculum cannot achieve this. It should be often revised to show better learning styles. One way to do this is through curation. Students are exposed to information from different experts. This comes with many resources and such learning improves understanding.

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