Steps to writing a magnetic college student resume

You need a good resume to help you get the job you want. A resume refers to a summary of academic qualifications and skills. As a college student, you may not have enough experience for your resume. Luckily, there is a way you can write a good student resume. Today, we give you 3 steps to writing a magnetic college student resume. Don’t worry if you have no work experience at all. You will learn how to write a resume with no work experience college student.

3 Steps to writing a magnetic college student resume

  1. Choose your format

Your student resume needs a good format. This is one of the steps to writing a magnetic college student resume. We have three main resume formats.

  1. Functional resume format

This format focuses more on job skills. It gives less emphasis on when and where you acquired the skills. It doesn’t focus on work history. Instead, it focuses on your skillset. Your skills must be relevant to the position you are looking for. Below is a functional resume format.

  1. Provide your contact information
  2. State your resume objective
  3. Provide your professional title
  4. Present a summary of your skillset
  5. Write any additional skills
  6. Present any relevant work experience
  7. Include your education


  1. Chronological resume format

This is the standard resume format. It is also the most common format. It focuses more on work experience. A chronological resume format includes;

  1. Your contact information
  2. The resume objective
  3. Your professional title
  4. Education
  5. The work experience
  6. Relevant skills
  7. Additional information


  1. Combination resume format

A combination resume uses both functional and chronological formats. The format allows one to emphasize both skills and work experience.

Among the three resume formats, you need to select one. You may choose a chronological format because it is the most common. It is also easy to read. But you can choose your preferred format.

  1. Draft your resume.

After choosing a format, draft your resume. This is the second step in our steps to writing a magnetic college student resume. For this article, we will follow a chronological resume format.

  1. Fill in your contact information

Start by writing your contact information. You don’t have to write contact information as a heading. Just go straight to that info.

First, write your name at the top of your page. Your name will serve as the header of that page. The name should be in a larger font than other texts.

Below your full name, include;

  • Your address
  • The phone number
  • The email address

Ensure that you have a professional email. Avoid an email that uses your nickname. Instead, you can use your full name.

Example of contact information

Alicia James (Full name)

1020 Main Street (Home address)

(111) 234-4354 (Phone number) (Email Address)


  1. Write resume objective

The objective includes short-term professional goals. Also, explain the reason for your application.  This should be two to three sentences.

Your objective should provide only important details. You should be very specific. Avoid statements like “I have the necessary skills for this position.” Be specific. What are your specific skills? What do you hope to achieve in this position?

Tip: Read the required qualifications. Identify the specific skills that your potential employer needs. Then, mention these skills in your objective. This will help write a good resume objective for college students.

  1. Fill in the education section

This is among the important steps to writing a magnetic college student resume. Include your academic achievement. Start with the most recent achievement going back. List your college and high school education. Include the name of your school, the achievement, and the graduation year. If you had a higher GPA, include it in the education history. You may also include other relevant academic awards.

  1. Present your work experience

As a college student, you may have limited work experience. But you can use several ways to show your experience. Present volunteer work as part of your work experience. This is good when writing a resume with no work experience college student. Include other work experiences you may have had. Think about internships where you learned relevant skills. Present your experiences from the most recent. Include the job title, month, and year of working.

  1. Include relevant skills

Write the skills that make you a valuable employee. Focus on relevant skills. Find out if the job post has some specific skills. Show your expertise in these skills.

  1. Include hobbies and interests

Include your hobbies and interests if they are relevant to the job position. This is very helpful when your resume is short. As a college student, you may have limited experience to show your skills. Hobbies such as sports and community service can show your skills.

  1. Edit and proofread your resume

You must edit and proofread your resume.  These are important steps to writing a magnetic college student resume. Your resume should be about a page long. If it is longer, remove excess words. Then, proofread it. You can use spell checkers. But you still need to read through the resume. Spell checks may not identify all errors. Reading the resume out aloud can help find any error. To submit an error-free resume, read it several times. Then, you can submit it.

Tips to writing a magnetic college student resume

Here are additional tips you should consider when writing your resume.

  • Highlight your work ethic

Use your work ethic to impress your potential employer. Highlight some achievements that show your work ethic. These may include high overall grades, leadership duties, and discipline awards.

  • Include the most relevant skills

Most of the skills you have developed are good. But some skills are more relevant to the job you are applying to. So, include only the most relevant skills in the resume.

  • Be brief

Include necessary information in your resume. But keep it short. This way, your employer will focus on important details.

  • Be direct

Your potential employer has many resumes to go through. If you are not direct, you will end up frustrating them. Most likely, they will throw your resume away. Instead, go straight to the point. Only share details that show you as the most valuable employee.

  • Have a resume for each job

It may be tempting to send one resume to all applications. This is wrong. Write a resume for each job you plan to apply for. This is because every job has some different requirements.

  • Have an editor

To ensure that you submit a perfect resume, have an editor. For example, ask a friend to read through the resume. Use their feedback to revise your resume. You may also use essay writing services. They offer editing services. When you place your order, an expert will perfect your resume.

  • Outsource

If writing a resume is hard, consider outsourcing. Find the best essay writing service. Contact the support team and place your order. A professional essay writer will draft your resume. You just need to provide all the necessary details. Within a short time, they will deliver a great resume.

  • Keep updating your resume

Keep updating your resume as time goes by. This way, you get to apply for any job that comes along. Some jobs will come quickly. If you don’t have a ready draft, these jobs will be gone before you know it. With an updated draft, you just need to tailor it to the specific job.

Final Thoughts

To secure your dream job, you need to submit a good resume. But as a college student, you may not know what to include in the resume. This guide contains 3 steps to writing a magnetic college student resume.  These include choosing a format, drafting it, and editing and proofreading it. The second step, drafting, is where you include necessary information. This includes your contact details, objective, education, working experience, and skills. Remember to include only the relevant skills.

In case you need further help, contact our support team. Expert writers can give you any help with a college student’s resume. Remember you need a great resume to make a good impression. Good luck.

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