5 Tips On How to Teach Student’s Writing Essays Easier

How To Make Your Students Essays Easier

Most students find it difficult to write their essays. This is understandable. Writing a good essay requires good writing skills. But, there is a way you can make life better for your student. Therefore, teach them how to handle essays. Start by sharing examples. This will help your student have a clue about how a good essay looks like. Use these samples to teach your student elements of an essay.

After showing them these samples, guide them through writing a good essay. Below, we have provided several steps through which you can make your student’s essays easier. Follow the step-by-step process will make writing a student essay easier. Eventually, your student will have an easier time writing quality essays. They will develop their preferences for writing essays.

  1. Choose topic

If the topic is provided, guide your student to understand it. However, if the topic is not provided, guide the student in choosing one. Tell your student about the importance of choosing an easy topic. It is quite difficult to define an easy topic. But, it should be a topic that your student understands. Then guide the student in researching the topic. Next, share different strategies for finding quality information. When a student understands a topic, they will have the motivation to write the essay. A difficult topic kills morale. Also, if a student doesn’t know how to do research, they will not be motivated to write the essay. So, teach them about different research methods.

  1. Identify the purpose of the essay

If your student doesn’t know the purpose of the essay, they will not know where to start. When your student knows the purpose of an essay, they will certainly know what to write the essay for. For example, is the purpose of the essay to inform? To persuade? Or to entertain? Therefore, guide your student in identifying the purpose of an essay. This will make it easier to think about the content of the essay.

  1. Help the student make an outline

Teach your student the importance of an essay outline. Then, show them how to make it. The outline should have a basic structure. It should have an introduction section. This contains the main argument of the essay. The second section should be body paragraphs. In this section, the outline should contain topic sentences. These are arguments supporting the main argument. These arguments should have supporting evidence and examples. The last section is the conclusion. Here, restate the main argument. Also, include supporting arguments. With this outline, your student will have an easier time writing the essay. You can do this with a different topic. Eventually, your student will make an essay outline on their own.

  1. Let the student start writing a draft.

Your student will start writing the introduction section. Show them the importance of writing an interesting introduction. This is the only way to get the attention of the reader. Provide several options for starting an essay. Discuss these options with the students. Let them share their suggestions. This will help them learn more writing skills.

Then, move to the body section. Teach the student the importance of topic sentences. This will give the essay a logical flow. Remember to emphasize the importance of supporting evidence and examples. This will be easy now that they have been highlighted in the essay outline.

Lastly, help your student write the conclusion. Teach them the importance of this section. Every good essay will have a conclusion. Teach your student to summarize essay arguments in this section. Don’t forget to warn them not to include new points in the concluding paragraph. With such an explanation, your student will have an easier time writing the essay.

  1. Let the student write the essay

After writing the draft, your student will have the skills to write the final essay. Advise them to take a break before they start writing. They may also consider writing in the morning. During this time, the mind is usually fresh and ideas tend to flow. After they complete writing, let them read out the essay aloud. This will help in editing the paper. This is also a good chance to proofread the essay. Then, let the student read the essay to you to make sure they have expressed themselves properly. Help them correct any mistakes.


One of the reasons why students find essays hard is waiting until the last minute. Starting work ahead of time means having enough time to handle the work. They will have enough time to understand the topic, do research, make an outline, write the essay, and edit it. The experience is different when they start working at the last time. Anxiety will already have developed. This makes it hard to understand any topic or know where to start. This combined with the suggested strategies will make your student’s essays easier. Remember to encourage them to practice more for perfection.

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