Education Essay: Role Of Physical Education In The School System

The Role of Physical Education In The School System

Physical education classes give students opportunities to be active in physical activities. The activities have many benefits. They improve the general health of students, focus, concentration and help reduce stress. These benefits lead to improved academic performance. So it is very important for students. Schools have challenges creating time for it. Nevertheless, it should not be ignored. Schools should allocate enough time for this education. Also, during the the classes, teachers should allocate more time to these activities. This will help achieve two goals.

  • Firstly, it will improve students’ performance.
  • Secondly, schools will improve the health of the students.

What is The Impact of Physical Education On Students

1. Reduces stress

There are however, many stressors in school.  Firstly, many students have to deal with a strict schedule. They have to learn some difficult concepts. Secondly, they have to complete class assignments. Thirdly, they have to prepare for final exams. They have to deal with annoying students. In this regard, this stress must be managed to improve students’ well being. The classes greatly play an important role in ending this stress.

2. It boosts the immune system

When a student participates in a this class, their health is improved. This therefore, indirectly improves their immune system. This means that the body can effectively fight illnesses. To clarify, when a student is healthier, they will be less stressed. This is because they can complete all their assignments. Also, they do not get to miss classes.

3. In boosts physical fitness

This improves the ability to cope with stress. This is more beneficial when a long term fitness plan is established. Also, being fit, makes one feel healthy. This reduces the perception of stress.

4. More social opportunities

Other effects include

The classes give students opportunities to have time with other students. This is known to reduce stress levels. Consequently, it also triggers the release of feel good hormones. This also reduces students’ stress levels. Studies show that physical activities help students in dealing with stress.

5. It improves mood

These exercises are known to improve mood. Indeed, having good moods helps in relaxing and reducing stress.

6. Meditation effect

The classes give a meditation feel that helps reduce stress. hence, they help forget irritations and focus on body movements.

7. Improved concentrations

Mainly, studies show a link between improved concentration and physical education. Additionally, they activate brain activity. This therefore, gives students the ability to concentrate and focus in class. Today, students have a lot of distractions. Practices such as the use of gadgets distract them from focusing.

In addition

8. Improves growth and development

Today, children are exposed to risky behaviors. For example, they are eating unhealthy foods. They are spending the most time on gadgets. These behaviors can lead to obesity. Exercise helps to prevent obesity. They promote good growth and development. They help children burn extra calories. Extra calories are stored as fat in the body. The fats can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes. During these activities, fat is used to gain energy.

The exercises also keep students alert. Students therefore, become interested in school activities. They also improve heart health. Moreover, aerobic exercises that help provide oxygen to the body are good for a healthy heart. Notably, students who engage in these activities tend to have a healthier heart. Therefore, such activities include rope jumping, and playing soccer or basketball. A healthy student is more likely to focus on studies.

9. Improves sleep quality

Quality sleep is important for concentration in school. Students who have enough sleep have an easy day in school. They can focus and concentrate better. But those who lack enough sleep have a difficult day. One way to improve sleep is through exercising. Students who engage in this classes tend to have a tired body at night. This is leads to good sleep. When they wake up, they are more alert. They also more energized. This makes sure that they are always active in the class.

Role of Educators in physical education in the school system

To help students benefit, teachers should;

Increase time for physical activities

Teachers have different lesson plans for these classes. Limit talk and encourage these activities.

Encourage kids to be active

Encourage students to be active. Teachers can use several ways to do this.

  • Firstly, teachers should encourage students to do simple activities at home. Activity calendar can go a long way.
  • Secondly, teachers should give presents students for participating in these activities. A simple one such as praise can greatly motivate active lifestyles. This sounds strange. You may ask, how does a teacher benefit from encouraging students to be active? Well, we are in a generation where kids are less active. If teachers do not help them to be active, who will? Again, teachers have a responsibility to improve the general well being of students.
  • Thirdly, leading by example would motivate students to be active. Teachers should be physically active. This will influence students to participate in the classes. Having healthy students will make easier to teach in class.

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