What You Need to Know about the Updated TAE Course

Did you know that TAE Course has been updated? Well, these are not rumors. And, that is true. The old version, TAE40110, has been updated to TAE40116. Having many questions about this new course? Well, today is your lucky day! This article provides information on what you should know about the updated course. Read on to stay updated.


  • Introduction to the New TAE Course TAE40116
  • Reasons for updating the course
  • The main changes in the new TAE Course
  • Two new units
  • Also, two existing units were upgraded
  • The updated course has a new structure
  • TAE40116 comes with more requirements
  • New entry requirements
  • TAE40110 to TAE40116 Upgrade
  • Importance of the updated TAE Course
  • Concluding remarks

About The New TAE Course TAE40116

Previously, TAE40110 was the national accredited qualification for trainers or assessors. After several changes, it changed to the 2016 Cert IV TAE course (TAE40116). TAE Course has seen several revisions over the years. For example the course was termed as the TAA40104 in 2004. Then in 2010, it changed to TAE40110 then later to TAE40116.

Why update the course?

You may be wondering, but why do they have to keep revising it? Well, there is a major reason for the that. Basically, all courses are updated regularly. This is to make sure that they meet the current industry needs. The TAE course had not been revised for 6 years. So, updates would make the course meet the current needs of the sector. Thus, this means that graduates have the needed knowledge and skills for the current audience.

The revised one was used in April 2016 officially. The  changes proposed were to be effected in 2015. However, the discussion to make the changes delayed for another year leading to the 2016 release.

The certificate serves as the national qualification for individuals working in the vocational education and training (VET) sector. Again, taking the it gives the trainees skills for designing and delivering training as needed. Also, it makes it able for the trainers to use competency based assessment methods.

Changes in the new TAE Course

The new one came with several changes.

  1. Two new units

It added two new units. The first unit is ‘Addressing Adult Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Skills (TAELLN411)’. The second unit is ‘Design and Develop Assessment Tools (TAEASS502)’.

  1. Two existing units were upgraded

The new versions are not equal to the old versions. The first unit is ‘Participate in Assessment Validation’. Furthermore, the second updated unit is ‘Plan Assessment Activities and Processes’.

  1. The updated course has a new structure

In the old version, it included 7 core units. The new course offers 9 core units. Also, previously, there were 3 elective units. But, the updated one offers 1 elective unit.

  1. TAE40116 comes with more requirements

The new course introduced more requirements. They include;

  • Firstly, students have to develop three assessment tools.
  • Secondly, students have to make learning resources and use them.
  • Thirdly, for group based learning, the group must be made of 8 participants. Previously, four were enough.
  • Fourthly, the students must assess participants in a real training environment.
  • Also, to finish the new TAE course, you will have to complete 3 validation sessions. Before students had to complete only 2.
  1. New entry requirements

The new TAE Course has new entry requirements. Individuals wishing to enroll need to;

  • Firstly, show vocational competency in the area they want to deliver training.
  • Secondly, have training experience.

TAE40110 to TAE40116 Upgrade

For individuals with TAE40110 qualification, they can go next to the new course. There are many reasons why you should upgrade if you are in such a situation.

Firstly, the law requires training and assessment carried out by holders of the new certificate or with the upgraded Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Indeed, since July 2019, it is a must to have the new qualifications to offer training or assessment in the VET sector.

Secondly, by having the current qualification, you will be in a better position to compete. Generally, this is because you will become a fully qualified trainer and assessor.

To upgrade, you will need;

  • The superseded TAE40110 Certificate
  • To complete the two new units.
  • To complete gap training for the updated course units.
  • New vocational experience.

Importance of the updated TAE Course

The new course makes trainers and assessors able to;

  • Make learning programs more effectively.
  • Give training for individuals or groups.
  • Assess learners properly.
  • Support students’ language, literacy, and numeracy needs.
  • Determine the competency of the students.


The new TAE Course effected in 2016. It has two new upgraded course units. Vocational competency became a new qualification. For those with a TAE40110 certificate, they can upgrade to the new qualification. Remember, the new course, TAE40116 is mandatory to train and assess in the VET sector.

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