Reasons Why Teachers Should Wear Uniforms or NOT!

Should Teachers Have To Wear Uniforms or Have A Dress Code?

School uniforms play various important roles to students which include;

  • First, school uniforms make all students look equal. They make it hard to spot a rich or less privileged student. The uniforms break the barriers between the haves and the haves not. This promotes socialization.
  • Second, school uniforms help students to focus on learning. Think of a situation where students choose what to wear to school. Some students will come in short dresses, slippers, fancy shoes, and jewelry among others. In such a situation, students will have a lot to notice. They will want to comment on different dressing styles. But, with school uniforms, there is nothing to notice or comment about. This means directing most energy into learning.
  • Third, uniforms give students a sense of belonging. They let students know that they belong to a certain school community.

However, school uniforms are good for students. But, should teachers wear them?

We know that school uniforms are good. But, should we have teachers wearing them too? People have different answers to this question. Some people will argue that teachers should wear uniforms. Other people will oppose the idea. What is your opinion regarding this question?

Why Teachers Should Not Wear Uniforms

In this article, we give three reasons why teachers should not wear school uniforms.

  • First, if teachers wear a uniform, they will look like students. In this case, teachers may be disrespected by students. There is a need for some boundaries between teachers and students. This gives teachers some authority over students. Without this authority, it may be hard to control some students.
  • Second, if teachers wear a uniform, there would be confusion in school. For example, how would parents differentiate teachers from students? What about the community? Teachers would often be mistaken for high school kids. Mayumi is a high school teacher. One day, she wore clothes that looked like school uniforms. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail. In short, you could easily mistake her for a student. After leaving the school compound, she was intimidated and reprimanded by a state trooper. The trooper only apologized later after realizing, Mayumi was a teacher, not a student.
  • Third, most teachers wore uniforms when they were students. It would be unfair to have them wear uniforms as professionals.


We have provided three reasons why teachers should not wear uniforms. Is your opinion the same on the issue? Or have you changed your view? Hold your thoughts first.

We argue that teachers should not wear uniforms. But, does it mean that teachers should wear what they want? Of course not. Teachers are professionals. So, they should wear professionally. Again, the way teachers dress will affect learning. Teachers’ dressing can create a positive or negative learning atmosphere.

If students believe a teacher is properly dressed, there will be a proper relationship. Such a teacher will also serve as a role model. This is because the ability to serve as a role model is determined by outlooks. It is for this reason that teachers should have a dress code.

Importance of Teachers’ Dress Code

Here, we provide four reasons why teachers should have a dress code.

  • Firstly, a dress code will make teachers look respectable. Teachers are professionals and deserve respect. But they must look respectable to be respected. Teachers cannot dress how they want and expect to be respected. They must dress appropriately. Imagine a teacher coming to class in club attire! Would students respect the teacher or even the teaching profession? Most probably, the students will lose respect for the profession. Schools need to have teachers’ dress code for a professional look.
  • Also, a dress code will help teachers to gain respect from parents and the community. There is this time a teacher invited a parent to address some issues with the son. After meeting the teacher, the parent asked to talk to the principal. He could not stand the dressing code of that teacher. The teacher was dressed in a very short lacy dress. The parent wondered how the teacher could freely interact with kids in such a dress. How could such a parent respect the teacher? Eventually, the school came up with a dress code for the teachers.
  • Moreover;

  • Secondly, a dress code will have a positive impact on students’ behavior. Various studies have found that teachers’ dressing affects students’ behaviors. According to these studies, professional dressing among teachers leads to positive behavior. This means that teachers should dress professionally.
  • Thirdly, a dress code will make teachers look like school representatives. Teachers are representatives of their schools. This means that they must dress as professionals. People should easily spot teachers amongst other adults within schools. This will give the teaching professional a good reputation. Properly dressed teachers will also give their schools a good reputation.
  • Fourthly, a dressing code will improve standards within the profession. We can also have many students aspiring to be teachers in the future.


School uniforms are good for students. They create uniformity that promotes learning. But teachers should not have to wear uniforms. Instead, teachers should have a dress code. The dress code should ensure that teachers dress professionally. This will help improve the standards of the teaching profession. It will also ensure that students, parents, and society respect teachers.

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