How To Write A Research Paper Introduction

 Research Paper Introduction Definition

A research paper introduction is the first part of a research paper that gives the purpose and structure of the paper. It is the next thing that a reader will encounter after the title and abstract.

So, what you should do start strong?

A strong introduction informs your readers about what you will prove in the research. Also, the introduction is your chance to show readers why your research is worth reading. It is the first impression readers have about your research paper. Besides, it makes them want to read your research more and more.

The Purpose Of a Research Paper Introduction?

The introduction serves various roles in a research paper. The following are the purpose of the introduction that you should know;

  • Research papers require a context to enable readers to understand its role. This is what you need to do in the introduction of the research paper. It means that the introduction is the challenging part of research to write. Therefore, take ample time and ensure that you make it clear and to the point.
  • It is crucial to make the opening of your research paper fascinating to engage your readers from the initial sentence. The strategy will ensure that readers are motivated to read the research and get to know the findings. In this case, you are required to use a hooker or other concepts that can help engage the readers.
  • The introduction part should state the aim of the research paper. The readers should tell right from the start what they are going to read about. It provides a solid foundation and inspires the readers to check other crucial parts like the methods, findings, and discussion.

A good one should consist of the following:

  • Announce the topic: the topic is important to any writing. The topic will have different meaning when you consider different angles. It is integral to start by outlining the topic and adding some aspects linked to the topic. Based on this, it is advised that you begin with general information and then narrow it down to key factors of the research paper. You are supposed to make sure that the sentences used are clear and connected to the topic of the research paper.
  • Review the literature: to develop a statement in the body of the research paper, you will need some literature to refer to. For this reason, a good introduction should have information about literature. Although your idea can sound well, if you add some citations obtained from reliable sources, famous scientists, and authors, you make the point valid. Don’t ignore current scholars who are deeply concerned about the issues you have stated regarding the research paper.
  • Stress the rationale of the research paper: rationale is the central element of your starting. After stating the topic, it’s time to show its relevance. The reason serves as a sign of the importance of the essay and attitude to the issue. The purpose should be clear to show the reader the purpose of your research.
  • State the thesis statement: a good introduction should have a thesis statement. This statement is the conclusive part of the introduction of the research. The sentence summarizes all the things written in the introduction. Besides, it supports all the things written and gathers all the ideas in a logical and concise manner. It is what runs and sets the tone for the whole research.

Sample of Research Paper Introduction Paragraph

Topic: the effect of violent video games on children

Nowadays, children spend most of their time consuming media than studying. Averagely, children spend approximately 40 hours every week watching TV and films, listening to music, playing video games, and spending time on social media sites like Facebook. In the US, 99% and 94% of boys and girls respectively play video-games. Also, about 70% of these children play violent games. It is very hard to find a video game that is free from violence since 89% of these games have some violent content. For instance, more than half of e-rated “for everyone” has violence. As a result of the high exposure to violent games, it is important to understand the influence of such content on children. Therefore, this paper seeks to determine the effects of violent video games on children in the society.

Tips For Writing a Research Paper Introduction

  • Describe and explain the concepts: if there are concepts that might be complicated to the reader, explain them effectively in the introduction. It includes jargon that the reader needs to know prior to reading the findings and analysis. Always make sure that the language used is simple and break down complex terms.
  • Use a hooker: You need to grab the attention of the readers from the start. If you don’t know how to do this, you can use a statistic hook, as shown in the example above. This strategy is important in research papers where your readers expect you to prove some points. The hook will help create an image in the mind of the reader, and they will remember it when reading the entire work.
  • Communicate the model: it is important to inform the readers how you intend to conduct the research. It means that the introduction can talk about the model that will be followed in the article. Moreover, it will enable the reader to easily go through different parts and ensure that it makes sense. The research should be modeled right from the introduction to make sure that readers understand the process.
  • Cite effectively: when you have narrowed down a given topic, you are supposed to effectively cover the most recent and reliable literature about the study. After using this literature, make sure to cite effectively and not excessively.
  • Avoid giving a lot of citations for a single point: You should avoid collective phrases like “many studies have found.” The phrase does not offer adequate context or explanation for previous studies. You should consider specifying the literature for clarity.

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