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5 Ways on How Technology Is Improving Tutoring

For different reasons, parents hire tutors for their children. The most common reason is poor grades. Grades are important as they have an impact on a student’s life. For example, good grades are needed to get a position in a dream college. Also, good grades are needed to get a high paying job. There are several ways on how technology is improving tutoring. This explains why these services are always in demand.


  • Introduction in tutoring technology
  • How technology is improving tutoring
  • Video conferencing
  • Tutoring software
  • Educational games and simulations
  • Social media
  • Digital assessments
  • Final remarks

There are many reasons why tutoring help students improve their performance. Firstly, it is used at a personal level. It meets the needs of individual students. This includes making learning fun leading to increased motivation.

Secondly, a tutor gives a child full attention decreasing any lags. Learning often takes place in a peaceful and quiet environment. This makes sure that students focus fully on learning.

Thirdly, one on one increases students’ confidence. When this increases, a student becomes more active in school. Finally, a student is more likely to perform better.

Thanks to technology, tutoring is now even better. Almost every industry has been affected by it. The industry is no different. Although it has taken long to change with its growth, it has finally been affected. It has made it a better experience. Although the one on one method has many advantages, technology has brought better ways of doing it. Below, we discuss five ways in which it is improving tutoring.

How technology is improving tutoring

  • Video conferencing

Traditionally, tutors depended on one on one meetings. This has changed. Through video conferencing, tutors offer their services online. This means one does not have to travel to offer the service. Also, they can offer their service to students across the country. This means that it is helping them to expand their client base. Distance is no longer an issue. Today, online tutoring is very popular. Online sessions are now better. Parents are also interested in it for many reasons. For example, they do not have to worry about the safety of their children.

  • Tutoring software

With this, learning is now way better. Tutors are allowed to streamline all lessons. For example, it offers student tutor matching capabilities. This also leads to better learning. The software offers the scheduling of classes. This helps in reducing errors that can make it less effective. Also, it makes it able for tutors to manage their students.

  • Educational games and simulations

Tutors can now make learning more fun. There are good games available online for teaching all subjects. The use of these games makes the sessions fun and less boring. It helps students to get more information. Technological simulations also help students learn through hands on experience. Verbal discussions are sometimes good in understanding some issues. In such a case, tutors can use such to make learning easier.

  • Social media

Tutors are using these platforms for stronger relationships with the students. A tutor connects with a student at a personal level. This builds trust needed for great learning. They can also use the platforms for instant online discussions. You can do any form of communication in an easier, faster, and better way through these platforms.

  • Digital assessments

Through these, tutors can use to check the progress of their students. They can use in giving out assessments and receiving them. Also, they keep records updated. Through these, tutors get a clear picture of the performance of a student. With this information, they can intervene in a timely and effective manner. Face to face method can be time limiting. This can be a barrier to giving many assessments. Also, the manual recording of students’ performance can provide less data on students’ progress. This means that a tutor may not intervene when necessary on time.

Final Thought

The tutoring industry has taken time in using technology. This therefore leads to the great advantages of face to face method. Well, it is understandable to hold on to the traditional approach. But, tutoring is even better with technology.

Firstly, it makes the services available to many students. Students no longer need tutors within their area. You can get an online one and enjoy the service.

Secondly, it makes it easier to understand difficult concepts. Learning through interactive games gives learners with hands on experience. This leads to a better understanding of concepts.

Just like any other sector, technology is changing this industry. Tutors should take advantage of it to reach more students. They should also take advantage to improve learning. Similarly, students should take advantage of the improved tutoring sessions to improve their learning. This way, everyone can benefit from technology. After all, the purpose of it is to make human lives better. The world should also expect more changes from technology that will make tutoring services even better.

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