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A Guide for Choosing the Best Acting Class

Are you interested in acting? Yes? Well, just like in other careers, training is unavoidable. Whether you are new in acting or already into it, you need to sharpen your skills. Joining an acting class is the perfect way to sharpen your skills. But, how do you choose the best acting class? It is not easy to choose an acting class especially now that many classes are being offered. But, this is where we come in. To help you address most of the issues you are facing. In this article, we give you a guide for choosing the best acting class. We have provided three steps to choosing your acting class. These are;

  • Firstly, choosing the type of acting class you need
  • Secondly, choosing the class with the right teacher
  • Thirdly, finding the right class


  • Make a choice on the type of acting class you need

Acting technique class
Auditioning classes
On-camera classes
Cold reading classes
Vocal classes
Improvisation and Commercial classes
Body and movement classes

  • A good class should have a good teacher
  • Always go for the right class
  1. Choose the type of acting class you need

The first step to choosing the Best Acting Class is knowing where you want to do most of your acting. For example, you may want to act on-camera, on stage, for commercials, or in musical theatre. When you know what you want to focus on, you can choose the type of acting class you need. Some of the most common type of classes in acting include;

  • Acting technique class

The class is considered as the foundation of acting. In this class, you get to learn all acting basics through scientific methods. In this class, you learn skills that differentiate you from people who don’t know about acting. You also become better than someone with some acting skills.

  • Auditioning classes

You need auditioning skills to show off your acting skills. Auditioning classes can help you become a good auditioner. In these classes, you get to learn proper auditioning behavior, script analysis, and how to impress the casting panel. With these skills, you are more likely to succeed in auditions.

  • On-camera classes

On-camera classes are for individuals starting their acting career. This class teaches on-camera acting technicalities. You learn techniques to control your vocals on-camera and also how and where to stand.


  • Cold reading classes

Cold reading is among the important skills that actors require. It involves reading a script, memorizing it, and acting it. This skill is important when involved in commercials that give less time for preparation. You learn how to quickly prepare a text.

  • Vocal classes

If you are interested in musical theatre, you need vocal classes. Here, you learn how to use your voice in the best way. You become aware of your vocal abilities. Secondly, you also learn useful techniques to avoid injuring your vocal cords. You also need vocal classes for any other acting purpose apart from music. For example, these classes teach how to handle emotional sounds such as screaming when acting.

  • Improvisation and Commercial classes

If you are pursuing acting in commercials, you need to choose improvisation classes. These classes teach you how to think fast and be funny. Most commercials will require you to improvise. You will learn the basics of improvisation.

You also need commercial classes. From these classes, you will learn everything about commercials. You will learn how to audition, read scripts, and behave while shooting commercials.

  • Body and movement classes

These classes will help you learn how to move your body while acting. You will learn techniques to move your body for a well-rounded actor.

When you decide the type of class you need, you go to the next step in choosing an acting class.

  1. Choose the class with the right teacher

The right teacher will have some of the following features;

First, a good teacher should have experience in acting. The practical knowledge gives invaluable knowledge.

Second, a good teacher will be interested in your learning. Choose a teacher who will invest in your success.

Third, choose a teacher with a good reputation. This will give casting team confidence in your skills and training. Consider asking for recommendations from other actors. If your teacher has many successful actors, then you will be on the right track. You may also search for reviews of your preferred teacher. This can help determine their reputation.

Fourth, choose a teacher with your preferred teaching style. Choose a teacher who facilitates your learning. A teacher who will help you grow.

  1. Find the right class

The best acting class would be the right class for you. The right class should have the following characteristics.

First, it should be small enough to avoid working with a scene partner. This will also give you a chance to act in most if not all classes.

Second, the class setting should be positive. Such an environment will push you to grow as a great actor.

Third, choose a class that is within your budget. But avoid cheap classes that compromise on quality. Remember investing in a good class will make you succeed in your career.

Following our guide will help you choose the best acting class.

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