70 Psychology Research Topics (2021 List Updated)

Psychology research topics revolve around the human mind, its functions, and how the brain intertwines with behavior (neuroscience). Choosing the best topic to explore in this field may be difficult but also an interesting journey to discovering the art of science. Research topics in psychology intensify with levels, and therefore, it is important to be updated on every development at your level. For instance, during your undergraduate level, some of the research topics you may explore includes;

  • Eating disorders.
  • Social cognition.
  • Sexuality etc.

For the postgraduate level, learning might get intense, and now you may be required to investigate or assess specific occurrences related to this science. For instance;

  1. Explain how bullying affects cognitive development.
  2. The role of parenting in child behavior.
  3. Effects of drug abuse on cognitive functionality.
  4. Post-traumatic-disorder spectrum.
  5. Impact of the subconscious on mind functions.
  6. How exposure to electronic gadgets affects speech. Etc.

How To Choose a Psychology Research Topic.

Your choice for a particular subject of study may be determined by the instructions stipulated in the prompts. For instance, if you are required to write a 1500-word essay, then you have to choose a broad topic that allows you to conduct various searches. For short research papers, it is advisable to choose precise topics that major on a specific rationale to avoid over-explanation. Choosing research topics are part of some inevitable tasks in college. This is a skill on its own because it tells the instructor of your preparedness to address or advance in the analytical assessment of topics.

Research topics automatically determine what you are going to write. For most students, deciding on one particular topic may be difficult because some seem interesting than others. While this may sound confusing, students must decide on a topic to proceed. There are many factors to consider before settling on a research topic;

  • Your understanding of the topic- It is advisable to choose a topic that you love and understand better to make solid arguments. Sometimes, this freedom is short-lived when the instructor decides on the topic, he/she wants the students to explore.
  • Ensure the topic has supporting materials – a research paper is usually based on factual or theoretical explanations. To achieve this, students must ensure that evidential data from different angles can support all their claims on a topic. Next time, your topic must be research-worthy to help you extend your search and write a convincing research.
Other important things to consider are such as:
  • Consider feasible topics as your priority- some research topics have scanty information on the internet or even in books. Such topics include cliché’s that have been over-exploited over time. With this topic, you are only left with less authentic ideas to write because almost every aspect of the topic has been explored.
  • Fit your topic to a specific research methodology – Research projects such as dissertations require the student to write the applied research methodology. Therefore, giving a detailed research methodology showcases your understanding of the topic, increasing your chances of getting an excellent score.
  • Avoid topics that need further research – working with fully determined topics gives you an excellent flow because the reader gets to determine how all the facts are narrowed down to a specific claim. Topics that need further research leaves your argument hanging and without a clear directive, which may affect your grade.

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Types of Psychology Research Topics.

  1. Social psychology.
  2. Cognitive psychology.
  3. Sports psychology
  4. Child psychology.
  5. Forensic psychology.
  6. Clinical psychology.
  7. Developmental psychology.
  8. Abnormal psychology
  9. Experimental psychology.

There are various topics on psychology to research.  Your choice will be entirely dependent on your major. It is unwise to explore forensic topics in psychology while your major is on developmental psychology. The reason is that this will be a topic outside your area of study, which you may not have covered in your study.

Examples of Psychology Research Topics.

Social psychology topics
  1. What is social psychology?
  2. Impact of gender disparity on psychological development.
  3. How peer pressure conditions behaviors.
  4. What conditions bullying?
  5. Effects of negative reinforcement on behavior
  6. How to handle grief.
  7. Should therapists engage in romantic relations with their clients?
  8. Reconciliation after betrayal.
  9. How culture cushions behavior.
  10. The psychological impact of dealing with a terminal illness.
Cognitive psychology topics
  1. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) influences mental stability.
  2. How do we measure intelligence quotient (IQ)?
  3. What causes attention deficit disorder?
  4. What is Amnesia?
  5. Impact of autism on child development.
  6. Critical thinking skills and how it develops.
Sports psychology topics
  1. Explain the trends in sports psychology.
  2. How does income relate to mental health?
  3. Do psychological tests reveal the probability of steroid use in sports?
  4. Do head injuries trigger mental disorders?
  5. How has sport psychology evolved in the 21st century?
  6. Does physical fitness reduce mental illnesses?
  7. Tactics of anger management in sports.
Child psychology topics
  1. Impact of domestic violence on children.
  2. Does mental health influence eating disorders?
  3. Does hyperactivity depict an extrovert personality?
  4. Explain the phrases of psychological development in children.
  5. Does the media influence child behavior?
  6. How does parenting style affect behavior?
  7. Does child abuse impact mental health?
Forensic psychology topics
  1. How effective is rehabilitation in prison?
  2. What is mass killing and their impact on conformity?
  3. Is domestic violence gender-oriented?
  4. How does internet police work?
  5. Is violence against men underrated?
  6. Role of the internet in supporting crime.
Clinical psychology topic
  1. Does body pain generate from the mind?
  2. Effects of drug abuse on mental health.
  3. Clinical treatment of addictions.
  4. What is behavioral therapy?
  5. Can living standards contribute to depression?
  6. The latest development in the field of clinical psychology.
Development psychology
  1. The role of watching video games on influencing aggressive behaviors.
  2. Does domestic violence contribute to mental illness among victims?
  3. Does stress contribute to fast aging?
  4. Triggers of psychopathic conducts among adolescents.
  5. Underlying issues that cultures serial killers.
  6. Factors that increase the likelihood of child abuse.
Abnormal psychology.
  1. The causes of a surge in suicide rates.
  2. Anorexia in children.
  3. How to control anxiety and depression.
  4. Multiple personality disorder.
Experimental psychology
  1. Does money increase mental stability?
  2. Do women suffer less in terms of mental illness?
  3. Can mental illness contribute to pseudocyesis?

Final recommendations.

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