Compare And Contrast Essay Outline: For Fact Finder

Are you looking for the best outline for you compare and contrast essay? read this article step by step, it gives the fact finder outline for your comparison essay.

Fact Finder: Compare And Contrast Essay Outline

School life usually has projects, research, and essays that rely on an outline. This was put to make essays readable, presentable, and logical. These assignments are unavoidable because they help test your performance.

Essays are the most common amongst all school writings because they test your skills to study a particular subject. Now that you know this, your best essay structure is the essay outline. It’s never easy to compare and contrast essay outline. These guide you as a writer on the way your essay should be. There are two types of essay outline, they include;

  • Point by point pattern
  • Block pattern

A fun fact to note is that; An essay outline is like the human skeleton. It gives your essay an admirable structure that is good and shows quality in its organization.

Common Types Of Essays And The Nature Of Their Outlines

There are many types of essays, and each serves a specific purpose. In a compare and contrast essay, the professor needs the student to identify and explore two variables. For instance, an essay comparing a point by point essay outline and a block pattern must demonstrate;

Notable indicators
  • The common thing between the two structures. In this case, you can say that both are the building blocks of an essay. The reason is that they both determine the design and the outlook of an essay.
  • A common misunderstanding between the two variables. In this step, you are expected to give your way on a common belief about the subject. For instance, people think that an essay is all about an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

While this may be true, it is only the basic to what differentiation is about. Point by point pattern is used to compare closely related subjects and may only be differentiated by a few characteristics. It is used when comparing subjects that are completely different from each other and with many characteristics to consider. A better structure to use is the block pattern.

  • Provide a unique characteristic to differentiate the two. Point by point pattern is used when a writer wants to put ideas within a little space. Block pattern is used when a writer wants to explore in depth different and similar characteristics of a variable and is not limited by space.
  • Support each argument with a peer-reviewed journal. This allows the reader of clarity of each claim made in the paper. It is good for every point to be built with a good source. This part also adds your grade to the paper. Next time, do not forget to include this part in your essay.

Do You Want To Create a Point-To-Point Outline For Your Essay? Consider This Structure

Let’s say you are comparing two types of business organization; sole proprietorship and partnership. In a point to point outline, you have to put them in a specific way. The thesis must address the main similarity and differences between the two. The structure will appear as illustrated below.

Part 1: Introduction (Introduce the topic, various characteristics of both business types, and the thesis).

Part 2:(Body Paragraphs)

  • Write about sole proprietorship (introducing details 1,2,3)
  • Write about partnership corporation (introducing important characteristics of this type of business organization (you can highlight points 1,2,3 as well.

Part 3

Emphasize the topic sentence through the same way used in part 1. Introduce new characteristics. Build on the characteristics that makes a difference of the two different business firms.

Part 4: (Conclusion and summary)

This part should include a summary of your claims in the essay or a personal opinion base on the information given.

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The Block Essay Outline

This pattern puts your essay in a dense structure that gets all the comparative descriptions of each claim. The advantage of using this is that it makes your texts readable and neater because of its block structure. The structure is as follows;

Part 1: (sentence outline addressing the different dynamics of business types and the thesis).

Part 2: (support for the thesis on the subject)

  • Firstly, description 1 (introduce a distinctive characteristic)
  • Secondly, description 2 (introduce a comparative feature)
  • Thirdly, description 3 (analyze the comparison and the contrasts).

Part 3: introduces another similarity and a difference between the two business types (do not forget to do the subject’s different areas). With this, part 3 should have;

  • One, description 1
  • Two, description 2
  • Three, description 3

Part 4: Go in detail some of the characteristics you may have missed using supportive journals that show your descriptions.

Part 5: Conclusion. Give all the solutions, recommendations, and descriptions that need further working. Based on the body paragraphs’ information, give an informative summary of what your essay did all the way.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Outline

  • The critical sections of an essay
  • The template
  • Type of essay
  • Length of an essay

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Advantages Of Applying The Best Essay Outline

  • It helps organize your thoughts.
  • Either, it creates a flow in your essay.
  • It helps you not miss out on the good details of the topic.

Connector words to use when comparing variables

  • Similarly
  • Also
  • Compared to
  • Like
  • Similar to
  • Moreover
  • Likewise

Words to use to distinguish variables

  • In contrast
  • Although
  • On the other hand
  • Nevertheless
  • On the contrary
  • Despite
  • Yet, etc.

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The basis of a great essay outline is the structure, persuasion and substantial evidence. If you consider the three, your essay will be organized, stating facts and easy to convince the reader. This makes the essay difficult to challenge because of the many scholarly journals used to support the claims.

Final Recommendations

  • Firstly, consulting is a strategy that builds your capacity. If you have problems doing your essay outline, talk to us to help you decide on the best design for your essay.
  • Make sure that your essay has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Remember an essay must have the three sections.
  • Compare and contrast essay requires the writer to evaluate the main similarities and distinctions between two variables or subject of interest. This essay must mention some of the similarities and the differences in depth without forgetting to include supported sources to back all the areas stated.