Absenteeism At School: Consequences

What Are The Consequences Of Skipping School?

Students in high schools, colleges, and universities skip school for various reasons. While some reasons are genuine others are not. Let us highlight some of these reasons.

  • First, some students skip school because they find classes to be boring. As a result, they decide to stay at home and read on their own.
  • Second, some students skip class if they think the teacher is ineffective. This happens when students find it difficult to understand the content.
  • Third, students skip class if they think what they are learning is no important.
  • Fourth, students skip classes if teachers are giving them less support. Such students get frustrated and prefer to stay out of school.
  • Fifth, some students think it is better to study alone. Other students skip school just to be with friends or for other personal reasons.

Why You Should Not Skip School

  • To participate in in-class activities

Attending school ensures that you participate in all class activities. These activities are part of the final grade. Class activities also help apply learned concepts. This improves understanding. Studying alone is good. But class discussions make learning even better. Fellow students can help you understand difficult concepts.

  • To interact with the teacher

Teachers are experts in their field. Attending class gives you a chance to get any support from your teacher. For example, you may ask questions where you face difficulties. This may not be possible at home.

Your family members may lack the expertise needed to solve your problem. You will also benefit from your teacher’s experience. Teachers share stories and examples that make it easier to understand information. These stories also make it easier to remember content.

In class, teachers emphasize different ideas or concepts. You can use this information to anticipate exam questions. Emphasizing an idea shows that it is very important.

Also, interacting with your teacher will help understand course assignments. Course syllabus outlines course assignments. But these assignments may not be clear. Teachers provide clarification in class. You can also raise a question for further clarification.

Consequences Of Skipping Classes

One major consequence of skipping class is poor performance. Students who attend school perform better than those who skip. This is because of several reasons.

  • First, when you skip school, you may not understand some concepts.
  • Second, you will miss class activities that contribute to the final grade.
  • Third, you may forget some course assignments affecting your final grade.
  • Fourth, test questions may be based on lecture notes. This is because some tutors are not textbook oriented. In such a case, reading the textbook may not prepare you properly for the tests.
  • Fifth, you will not meet mentors who can guide you in your studies.

If you want to achieve top grades, avoid skipping school. Also, consider the following tips for maximum benefit.

  • First, always arrive in class before the required time. This will give you enough time to prepare for the lesson.
  • Second, always take time to review notes before the next class. This helps in making connections between earlier and new concepts. With this approach, learning will be a lot easier.
  • Third, always complete class assignments. If you don’t complete assignments, you will have problems with your teacher. This will create frustration and confusion.
  • Fourth, don’t just be physically present in class. Ensure that you pay full attention. Avoid any distractions. Paying full attention is associated with a better understanding of concepts.
  • Fifth, be active in class. This includes taking notes. Professors simplify concepts. Ensure you take notes after they explain a concept. This is better than making notes from a textbook. Also, ask questions. If you don’t understand what your professor is teaching, ask questions. Teachers want their students to ask questions. This is because answering questions improves learning. It allows teachers to clarify concepts.

How To Encourage School Attendance

Families can help prevent skipping of schools. They can do this by;

  • Firstly, get involved in a student’s education. This involves attending school functions, interacting with teachers, and knowing student’s performance. Being involved helps kids to perceive education as important.
  • Secondly, explain the consequences of skipping school. Explain to the kid how skipping school will affect their future. Keep repeating the importance of school attendance. When the kids hear this from the school principal and parents, the message will be more effective.
  • Thirdly, make it clear that skipping school is unacceptable in your family. You may even decide on the consequences of skipping school.
  • Fourthly, talk to the kid about any challenges they may be facing at school. Let them talk about their teacher and school. This way, if there is a key challenge, you can address it immediately.

Final Thoughts

If a student starts skipping school, it is a sign that they are having problems. They may be saying that they are in trouble. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to identify the underlying problem. If this is not addressed, kids may have problems performing better in class.

It is very important to find out why a kid is skipping school. If there is a key challenge, it should be addressed immediately. There are so many benefits of always attending school. Students get to participate in class activities and interact with teachers.

The ultimate price is improved performance. Research evidence shows that students who attend all classes achieve higher grades. So, students should ensure that they attend all classes. This way, they will avoid bad grades.

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