Music Essay: It’s Impact On Youth

What Is The Impact Of Music On Our Youth?

It is impossible to separate youths and music. Youths will listen to music almost everywhere. So, it has an impact on them. Positively, music will help reduce stress, prevent drug abuse, encourage exercise, and improve sleep quality. When used properly, music affects youths positively.

Reasons Why Youths Should Listen To Music

Music helps in reducing stress

Music has a soothing power. This power helps in reducing stress. This is why it is an effective stress management tool for our youths. Listening to music has a relaxing effect on our bodies and minds. It improves emotional wellbeing. Research shows that music stimulates the release of feel-good hormones. This results in improved blood pressure, blood flow, and reduced levels of stress hormones.

When youths are listening to music, their attention is absorbed into that music. This serves as a distraction from stressors. It also helps to explore emotions. This means that music prevents the mind from wandering.

We interviewed several youths on the strategies they use to manage stress. Listening to music, playing musical instruments, and singing came up often. Music was on top of the list for almost every youth. They said that music is an effective temporary diversion from a stressful situation. It is relaxing and makes one feel better. If you are having a stressful time, try the magical effect of music. Play music that is soothing and relaxing for you. Then come back and tell us how it feels. Expect some of the following benefits;

  • It will increase your happiness. Listening to music will only take 15 minutes to increase feelings of joy and happiness.
  • It will positively influence your mood.
  • It will calm you down even in a highly stressful situation.

Music lowers the risk of drug abuse

Music gives youths a way out of stress. This reduces the chance of looking for drugs as a way out. For those fighting addictions, music is beneficial.

  • First, music helps channel energy into a safe activity. This is good as it helps people to feel relaxed and calm as they fight addiction.
  • Second, when fighting addiction, youths may lack the motivation to stay sober. Listening to music boosts feel-good energy. This encourages youths to continue with their journey of sobriety.
  • Third, music creates a sense of positive self-image. For example, playing a musical instrument promotes a sense of accomplishment. This reduces the feeling of self-pity which may encourage drug abuse.

Music helps youths to exercise

Many studies have been done on the relationship between listening to music and exercising. The findings show that music encourages people to exercise. What may prevent youth from working out? Most probably, it is the thoughts of fatigue. How many of us stop working out because we think we are tired? The solution is music. Music distracts us from such thoughts. Instead of focusing on fatigue, we focus on gain. For example, listening to music while running or walking, increases work output. In turn, we benefit from improved general health.

Music improves sleep quality

There are many reasons why youths may have sleeping problems. For example, the use of phones around bedtime reduces sleep time. Leisure activities can keep youths out of bed.  Sleeping disorder can also affect sleep quality.

A lack of quality sleep has several effects on youths.

  • Firstly, it increases tiredness. Second, it reduces the attention span.
  • Thirdly, youths develop concentration difficulties.
  • Fourthly, sleep deprivation causes poor decision making.
  • Fifthly, it leads to a lack of enthusiasm.

One way to prevent sleep deprivation is through music. Relaxing music stimulates body changes that promote sleep quality. For example, relaxing music slows breathing, blood pressure, and breathing. This helps in falling and staying asleep. Several studies show that soothing music improves sleep quality. Also, listening to music before bed tunes the body into the sleeping mode. Next time you have restless sleep, listen to soothing music.

Music May Be Bad For The Youth

Not all music is good for our youth. Some songs will have a negative impact. Some popular songs depict violence. Others include drugs and sex in their videos. What happens when youths listen and watch such songs? They are going to try out what they hear and see. Such songs give youths wrong ideas of engaging in drug abuse and violent activities. Studies show a link between violent behaviors among youths and music videos. For example, heavy metal and gangsta rap music have been shown to encourage violence among youths. This because most of this music is characterized by drug abuse, violence, bad language, and exalting crime.


We cannot ban youths from listening to music. This is because life can be difficult without music. This is so even for adults. We all love and cherish music.

Also, it may not be possible to control what music our youths listen to. So, what can we do to avoid the negative impacts of music?

  • Firstly, we should encourage youths to listen to good music. By good music, we mean music with a positive message.
  • Secondly, we should educate youths about the negative impact of violent music.
  • Thirdly, adults should ensure that they listen and watch good music. This way, they will serve as role models to the youths.
  • Fourthly, our artists should produce good music. Music that discourages drug abuse, sexual violence, and crime. This will ensure that youths enjoy the benefits of music.

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