Descriptive Essay Examples, Format and Ideas That Can Help You

Descriptive essay examples include those that address a specific subject or personal experience in detail. These essays have a unique way of illustrating a subject because of the rigorous concentration on its features. This type of essay tests your creativity and skills to vividly describe something or a subject. Also, it tests your ability to use figurative words that describe an event in a more creative way.

Examples Of Descriptive Essays Include;

  • Personal descriptive essays.
  • Imaginative descriptive essays.
  • Conceptual descriptive essays.

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Firstly, a descriptive essay must draw a realistic image to the reader. If it is an emotion, it must be portrayed in a way that invites the reader into the feeling. For instance, if you are describing an emotional event, it should make the reader feel the same way. Also, if you express sadness your writing should express sadness to the reader. For example “My heart sank when I heard of the sudden death of my best friend. I felt lonely, heartbroken, and hurt. The somber mood kept creeping back when I remembered that he left without me”.

Tips For Writing A Descriptive Essay.

  • Firstly, the integral part of writing a description is to give life to your subject. For instance, if you are describing a teapot you can write, it was an old, pumpkin-shaped, black, Japanese teapot. In this essay, explore and use all the figurative languages you can find. Unlike in the formal essays, descriptive essays give the writer the freedom to be creative and use all the literacy devices available. For this type of an essay, apply all the sensory details, vivid decryptions and figurative languages to give life to your character.
  • Secondly, apply metaphors, similes, personification, symbolism or hyperbole to make your subject mire dramatic. Also, include literal descriptions to paint a picture of a particular place.
  • Thirdly, use senses to describe the sensory details. This includes the smell, sound, taste and touch.
  • Finally, avoid clichés because they deprive your description of its unique features.

Examples Of Descriptive Essay.

A personal descriptive essay -Describe a memorable experience you encountered.

Every Saturdays, I like to spend some quality time in our backyard. It is a flat garden with even trimmed grasses and large hays that gave it a feeling of a small forest. In the middle, a large pool was centered to make the serenity cool. I called this place “my happy place”. It provided me with the quietness and the peace away from the busy life of the city. Therefore, this particular Saturday, I sat quietly by one of the hays as I read my novel, some birds at the fence kept cooing a melodious sound. It was a rejuvenating moment for me because I never really listened to the birds sing before. As my eyes blinked, I saw five white-feathered birds, with a round body, short legs and a small head. My next encounter with these birds made my stay an unforgettable experience.

It was symbolic that they made my stay as peaceful as what they represent. As I kept listening to the tune, one bird flew directly towards me. A closer look at it made me realize how beautiful this bird was. It had a long tail, narrow bills and tender feet’s that explained why they rarely fought. I thought to myself, should I rear these birds? I couldn’t come to a conclusion, and I let it slide for a minute. One dove landed on my shoulder, and I had a magical experience.


For a minute, I felt a chill run down my spine because of the uncertainty of what could transpire. Being a relatively introverted person, I couldn’t scream, my brother would expose my fears to the whole world. I was terrified, but I maintained my cool not to cause any tension. Indeed, I guess the bird sensed that I was sweating profusely since it suddenly flew away alongside the others at the fence. I was left wondering whether it’s a good idea to keep these magical birds. As I write this, I have two types of doves at home as pets. I have the white dove and the ringneck dove. I guess it was a revolutionary experience.

Other Types Of Descriptive Essays

Imaginative descriptive essay- This type of essay tests your ability to create a story out of a fancy. It can be an occurrence that you imagine or just a creation of your own. For instance, describe how it would be to live amongst robots. For this type of essay, you have to come with a narrative and describe it realistically to make it believable. A conceptual description is that which expresses emotions of sadness, joy, envy etc. in this type of an essay, consider an event that provoked emotion and describe how it was to feel that sensation.

The Essay Structure

Any writing that is categorized as an essay must have, an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

  • Introduction

The first paragraph should set the mood and the direction for the essay. A thesis correlates with the addressed topic.

  • Body paragraph

The paragraphs after the introduction are to reinforce the thesis. This part should account for more than half of the paper.

  • Conclusion

A solid conclusion at the end of the essay is mandatory. This showcases the writer’s focus and ability to maintain the flow of the essay.  When concluding a descriptive essay, it is wise to incorporate all the ideas you have written in the body paragraphs. This paragraph should not be lengthy because it should only capture the main points.

What Makes a Descriptive Essay Example Unique?

This type of essay breaks the formal structure used in academic writing. This essay also allows the writer to explore all the literacy devices and speak from their experiences in writing. This is an excellent opportunity to give life a project that has never been explored because the ideas, statistics and conclusion are all determined by the writer. The writer has the freedom to become too personal, dramatic or even serious, depending on the story to keep the reader entertained.

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