4 Negative Effects Of Violent Cartoons To children

Negative Effects Of Violent Cartoons To children

Cartoons started entertaining children decades ago. Today, cartoons are still a great source of entertainment for kids. In the past, they had great content for kids. Content that could only influence kids positively. Today, things are different. Many cartoons have some elements of violence. Such elements may involve minor acts but have a great impact on children’s behaviors. Violence encourages violent behaviors, unsocial behaviors, and vulgar language. It also makes children develop fear. Parents have a great role to play to prevent children from watching violent cartoons. Before we learn about these roles, let us look at the positive effects of watching cartoons.

Positive Effects Of Watching Cartoons On Children

Watching cartoons is good for children, but how?

  • First, they introduce children to learning. Cartoons introduce children to basic things such as numbers and shapes. This is done in a fun and interesting way.
  • Second, cartoons help children in language development. For example, if you want your child to learn a native language, use cartoons. They will learn about vocabulary and better pronunciation.
  • Third, cartoons are amusing. They often promote laughter. This relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Fourth, cartoons improve creativity. Some children come up with artwork based on the cartoon they have watched.

So, cartoons are good for children. The question is, are all cartoons good for your child?

Cartoons have different storylines. These storylines have the power to affect your child. This is because the child is just growing. So, whatever they see or hear influences them in some way. This means that if your child watches a positive storyline, they will be positively influenced. If they watch negative content, they will be influenced negatively. So, what is the effect of the violent cartoon on your child?

Effects Of Violent Cartoons On Children

  1. They encourage violent behavior

You must have watched Tom and Jerry. How many times did they fight and chase one another? Almost every time. They also kept on seeking revenge. In Leonardo, characters beat and destroy others. They ruin buildings, break people’s arms, and smack faces. So, most cartons show some form of violence. When your child watches them, violence starts flowing into their mind. They start seeing violence as a normal thing. Eventually, they start imitating the violence. Then your child starts becoming disobedient and aggressive. Violent behavior becomes part of their life. They don’t care about the feelings of other people.

  1. They encourage unsocial behavior

Your child draws anti-social behaviors from violent cartoons. Cartoons influence the formation of personality among children. When a child watches a cartoon, they identify a favorite character. Then, they will start mimicking and copying that character. If that character is anti-social, then your child will develop such behaviors. Your child grows up thinking that unsocial behaviors are okay.

  1. Teaches vulgar language

Some cartoons use language that is not fit for children. Since children can’t filter content, they will start using vulgar language.

  1. Children develop fear

Studies show that children who watch violent cartoons develop fear. This is worse when children are watching alone. This fear prevents children from exploring the world. So, it interferes with the development. What children need is proper guidance. Parents should guide the children on what content to consume and what to avoid.

How To Save Our Children From The Effects of Violent Cartoons

  • Watch cartoons with your child

Make efforts to watch cartoons with your child. This way, you get to monitor the content of that cartoon. If you see violent content, then you can change to a better storyline. You should also observe how the child reacts to the activities in the movie. Investigate their favorite character. This will help you understand their thinking.

Watching cartoons with your child will also improve your bond. Some of us may be too busy to spend time watching a cartoon. In this case, find other activities for your child. Either way, don’t let your child watch cartoons alone. You can only do so if you have watched that cartoon before. You must know the storyline and cartoon characters.

  • Select educational cartoons

Some cartoons are made for educational purposes only. Let your child watch these cartoons. Just to be sure, watch cartoons together. This way, your child is not exposed to negative behaviors.

In addition;

  • Reduce the amount of time spent watching cartoons

Don’t allow your child to spend all day watching cartoons. This will help reduce exposure to violent behaviors. Let them engage in other different games such as building blocks.

  • Utilize informative channels

There are many informative channels for kids. For example, there is Animal Planet. These channels help in overall child development.

  • Explore parental control apps

There are monitoring apps that help control what children can watch. Lock any content you don’t want your child to watch. Also, keep on monitoring what your child is watching on TV or laptop. We cannot afford to expose our children to negative content.


We love it when our kids are busy watching cartoons. At least we know where they are and what they are doing. But do we always know what content they are exposed to? Parents should always ensure their kids are exposed to positive content. Content that will aid their development. If we allow kids to watch violent cartoons, we will destroy their lives. This is because they will grow up thinking violence is normal.

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