Art Essay: Forms Of Visual Arts

We can express ourselves in many ways. One great way is through visual arts. Luckily, visual art come in different forms. So, you don’t have any reasons not to enjoy this big and wonderful world of art. For instance, if you ask people to tell you about visual art, you will hear of the same answer. They will talk about paintings, sculptures, and drawings. But, there is more to this. Either, just because you cannot paint does not mean you can’t enjoy visual arts. On the contrary, there is a lot you can do.

Various Forms Of Visual Arts That Are Available For You.

  • Drawings

Firstly, drawing is one of the many forms of visual arts. It is also one of the simplest forms of expression. You will need several tools to draw a picture. Such tools include markers, pencils, and crayons. Secondly, you can draw on different surfaces such as canvas or paper. But, if you don’t have a pencil or crayons, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy visual arts. Other options are available to you.

  • Painting

Painting involves expressing ideas through a mix of colors. It involves putting different colors on a paper or wall and using different brush strokes. This is among the oldest forms of visual arts. If you are interested in painting, you can learn different techniques. All you need is to enroll in a good class. Fortunately, there is no one correct way of doing a painting. You only paint what you think will express your vision.


  • Sculpture

A sculpture is a piece of art created by the shaping of a certain material. Such materials include stones, plastics, wood, and ceramics among others.

You can also use old things to make great sculptures. You can use outdated gadgets or old computer parts. There are some companies dedicated to these kinds of arts. They recycle old things to create inspiring art.

  • Tape art

Tape art involves putting and arranging different tapes on a surface. Mostly, these tapes have different colors. This gives you many possibilities for using your creativity. Although this form of art is temporary, it can also express your message.

  • Needlework

Needlework is also another form of visual arts. It can either be embroidery, crocheting, knitting, or sewing. Apart from expressing your ideas through this form of art, there are other benefits. Needlework can help you relax. It is meditative and relaxing. It also helps in widening your social circle. In addition, you will meet other people engaged in these creative endeavors.

  • Floral arrangements

Do you love design and color but painting is not your thing? Notably, the world of visual arts caters to your needs. Get into floral arrangements. Firstly, you will have an opportunity to show off your artistic skills. Secondly, you can use artificial or real flowers. Either, you can then create pieces for different occasions. You can also combine flowers with other items such as ribbons, and stones for creative decorations.

Other Forms of Visual Art

  • Pottery

Another form of visual art is pottery. It involves modeling clay into an art piece. Remember, you can use it to express your vision with minimal equipment and time. It is also considered a good way of relaxing. It also helps in treating bipolar disorder and depression.

  • Printing

Printing is a popular form of visual art with traces to ancient Mesopotamia. It therefore, involves getting a plate and covering it with ink. The plate can be made out of metal or wood. Then, it is pressed on the surface of a selected object. Before, prints were made on cloths. Today, they are produced on paper.

  • Computer art

People are using computers to show off their artistic skills. For example, you can capture images and change them into attractive pieces. You can also create video games.

  • Photography

You can use your camera to capture images and print them on a special paper. Moreover, artists are using this form of visual arts to express their artistic vision.

  • Filmmaking

You can also consider getting into filmmaking. Although it is a bit complicated, it is a good form of visual art.


Visual arts is a big and wonderful world. Most people think it is a world of experts in painting or drawing. This is however wrong. There is more to this world. This is because there is something for everyone. As already stated, there are different forms of visual arts. If you don’t like painting, you can also draw. If you don’t like drawing, you can knit. Again, if you don’t like knitting, you can print. There is a lot to choose from. Remember you don’t have to be an expert. You create your art in a way that you think will express your vision.

One more thing. Developing an affinity for visual arts will have positive impacts on your life. It will help you live a more relaxed life. This means that visual art is a good way of managing stress. If you want to try any of the forms of visual arts, try it. You may consider art classes for a start.

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