Why ELearning The Most Preferred Form of Learning For K-12 Students

Why ELearning Is The Most Preferred Form of Learning For K-12 Students

Technology is changing how things are done. Almost every sector in our lives has been impacted. Look at communication. We are no longer relying on landlines. When you want to share some information, you conveniently use a mobile phone. Moreover, if you want to learn about a new device, you don’t need a friend to explain. You can also get that information in real-time with an internet connection.

Likewise, in the business world, things are the same. You don’t need a physical shop to sell your products. You can also succeed in an online store. The education sector is no different. Technology has introduced e-learning.

Traditional classes are no longer the only option. This is not only good for instructors but children as well. Research shows that e-learning is the most preferred form of learning for K-12 students.

But, why do students love e-learning?

  1. It allows them to play

K12 students love games. Then, elearning has various playing opportunities. The digital games make learning easier. They also make it easy to understand difficult concepts. For example, there is the prodigy game. Certainly, the math platform allows K12 kids to enjoy playing and at the same time learn. The game has content for grades 1 to 8. Firstly, you start by creating a personal math wizard. Secondly, the child starts playing against in-game characters. Thirdly the child competes against these characters. Finally, to win the game, one must answer several questions. The game changes as the level of difficulty changes. This ensures that it is suitable for the learning style of an individual child.

Then, there is colorfy. This is another example of online games that makes learning easier. It serves as a digital book for all kids. It has more than 1000 pictures for the kids to paint. Kids can also choose from animals, gardens, to patterns. The game also allows kids to see their work after painting.

Homer teaches students to read. The game offers personalized learning products for all kids. This is to say there are various stories on contemporary and classic issues.

These are just some of the thousands of games available for e-learning. They make children love this trendy form of learning.


  1. It supports videos

K12 students love videos. Traditional classroom fails them on this. E-learning on the other hand, supports videos. Educational content is shared through videos. For example, there are videos on how to do something and tutorials. These videos keep kids attentive. Text-loaded books tend to be a bit boring. This is associated with brain functioning. Reading a traditional book doesn’t require higher brain activities. Videos do. Videos involve a combination of more senses making the brain more active. This helps students to remember and retain information. This explains why millions of students prefer videos in learning. They learn easily. Online videos stimulate learning by providing a real-world context.

  1. It is digital

K12 students love e-learning because it is digital. For these students, life is digital. They socialize through digital platforms. They spend hours on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Tumblr among others. So, any move that facilitates the use of these platforms is loved. eLearning provides social medial-like features. It also integrates with social sites. This keeps k12 students glued to the digital form of learning. They are always logged in and active.

Also, e-learning requires having a mobile device such as a tablet. This is more exciting for kids. Having access to mobile devices is fulfilling and cool. Through these devices, they can access learning apps. This means that they can access learning materials anytime they want. This supports their curiosity. They can get the answer they need in real-time.

Why Should We Embrace E-learning?

e-learning is beneficial to students. It improves learning. So, it is a major way of preparing students for success. This is why it should be the norm. Here are five reasons why we should embrace e-learning

  • It is self-paced

Students have different learning paces. Some are fast-learners others can be a bit slow. With e-learning, this should not be an issue. Students can learn at their own pace. When some concepts are difficult, the learning pace is slowed. Extra practice time is available.

  • Improves engagement

e-learning stimulates learning through different tools. This encourages children to be more active and engaged in learning.

  • It supports different learning styles

Different learning styles impact students differently. Some students will prefer one learning style over the other. For example, some students prefer learning by doing. Others prefer verbal learning. e-learning supports all these styles. So, an instructor can choose the best style for individual students to improve learning.

  • No geographical barriers

E-learning eliminates geographical barriers.  Students can learn at home or away.

  • It supports real-time assessment

e-learning provides instructors with real-time assessment tools. This makes it easy to monitor students’ progress. With this information, instructors can tailor learning for individual students. This includes changing learning styles and learning tools. It also involves ensuring that students are not overwhelmed by the content.

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