Sports Essay: 5 Reasons Why Girls Should Participate In Sports?

Girls Should Be Motivated To Take Part In Sports

Most boys love sports. This is true because boys would rather spend their free time playing sports. Similarly, studies show that boys enjoy various benefits of playing sports. They enjoy improved health, better academic performance and improved social life. Our focus today is on our girls and why Girls Should Be Motivated To Take Part In Sports. Unlike boys, majority of girls are not into sports. In contrast, while we have many successful women in sports, we still lack many girls playing sports. In this, what many people don not know is that sports are more beneficial for girls. This is because they improve their physical and mental health, school performance, social life, and career opportunities. In short, playing sports improves the quality of life for our girls.

Why girls should be motivated to take part in sports?

1.0 Health Benefits

Firstly, being physically active is good for our health. However, girls benefit even more from playing sports.

i. Good general healthy

Secondly, most women who play sports have better general health. Notably, most studies show that girls who play sports can be three times healthier than those who do not.

ii. Higher esteem

Thirdly, girls are likely to be affected by their body weight. This is indeed bad for overweight girls. Overweight girls tend to be personally dissatisfied with their body images. When girls play sports, they are more likely to be physically fit. Therefore, this improves their body esteem. To cement this, studies have found that sportswomen have higher body esteem.

iii. Reduced risk of obesity

Fourthly, girls who are not active are more likely to add more weight. If not managed, girls can become obese. Every year thousands of people die from obesity-related problems. Luckily, there is a way out. We should encourage girls to play sports. This makes them physically active. Additionally, sports prevent obesity. Research shows that women who play sports are less obese as compared to inactive women.

   2.0 Reduced Risky Behaviors on why girls should be motivated to take part in sports

Notably, girls tend to engage in risky behaviors when they are idle. Such behaviors include the use of alcohol, drug abuse, and irresponsible sexual behaviors. These behaviors can also harm their health. When girls engage in sports, they will have less time for risky behaviors. Consequently, sports also instill some discipline. For example, sportspeople are discouraged from drug abuse.

Heathier periods

Physically activity improves menstruation. It makes girls lighter and more comfortable. Sportswomen are also known to have more regular periods.

Improved immune system

Sportswomen have better immune systems. This reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Encouraging girls to play sports can help improve their general health.

Better mental health

Girls are at risk of depression just like boys. One way of preventing depression is through physical activity. Boys and girls already in sports report reduced symptoms of depression. Sports also reduce the likelihood of suicidal thoughts.

3.0 Improved School Performance

Playing sports is known for improving academic performance. How?

i. Improved health


Firstlyy, girls who play sports are healthier. What does this mean? This means that girls will not miss class and will not have problems concentrating. Either, they will be focused on their studies. Additionally, they will not be distracted. This  therefore, creates a good atmosphere for learning.

ii. Better learning skills

Secondly, girls who play sports develop goal-setting and collaboration skills. This makes them better team players. These skills are good for learning.

iii. Increased likelihood of graduating

Thirdly, research shows that girls who play sports are more committed to schoolwork. This increases their likelihood to work harder to proceed to college.

iv. Better energy

Lastly, physical exercises boost our energy. Girls who play sports can also enjoy this benefit.

4.0 Better Career Opportunities

We have many women who have taken sports as a career. Two, we have successful women in soccer, tennis, basketball, and athletics among others. We also have women who played sports in executive positions. Sports equip women with different skills for successful careers. For example;

i. Team-work skills

Playing sports improves the ability to collaborate. This is an essential skill for women in all careers.

ii. Leadership skills

Sports help in developing leadership skills.

iii. Improved academic performance

As already noted, playing sports improves academic performance. This improves the chance of graduating. As a result, girls get different career opportunities.

5.0 Social Benefits

If we encourage girls to play sports, they will enjoy many social benefits’

i. Building social network

Sports provide various opportunities for building social networks. These networks serve as social support systems during difficult times.

ii. Good friends

Girls tend to have many friends in school. However, they have to work harder to maintain these friendships. In sports, girls tend to make friendships that are more focused to achieve. Such types of friends are better as they motivate girls to work harder.

iii. Popularity

Girls do crazy things to gain popularity in school. Surprisingly, some even engage in risky behaviors such as drug abuse in order to become more popular. Remember, playing sports comes with a free ticket to popularity in high school and colleges.

iv. Modeling good sportsmanship

Girls are more likely to model to good sportspersons as compared to boys. This means that when girls have issues, they engage in discussions. Girls, however, avoid being confrontative. This therefore, teaches society on how to handle pressure in sports. Girls bring the spirit of collaboration to sports. This does not mean that men in sports are not good role models. It only means that girls are  better at displaying these characteristics.

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