Kids Using Gadgets: It’s Impact On Their Studies?

How Does Giving Kids Different Gadgets Affect Their Studies?

There is a major difference between today’s and yesterday’s kids. This difference is in the use of gadgets. Our kids today are experts in the use of different gadgets. Operating smartphones and tablets seem to be very easy for kids. Parents also think it’s a cool thing to have children use the gadgets. This is why there is a sharp increase in the use of gadgets among kids.

The question is, how do these gadgets affect kids’ studies. Some studies show that gadgets improve kids’ learning. Our focus today is not on how gadgets improve learning. Instead, we focus on how gadgets can harm kids’ studies.

Effects Of Gadgets On Studies

  1. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is very important for kids. But gadgets won’t allow kids to have quality sleep. Spending more time with gadgets distract kids causing sleep deprivation. This affects kids’ studies in different ways.

  • First, when kids have inadequate sleep, they have problems thinking. This weakens their ability to plan and organize things. For example, they will not track school materials. Instead of focusing on studies, they will spend more time looking for the materials. This means that completing homework may be a problem. Kids might also have problems planning what to prioritize.
  • Second, sleep problems reduced attention and focus. This is because the brain tends to break into sleeping mode while a kid is still awake. So, the kid is awake but the brain is asleep. The kid is easily distracted. Concentrating in class is a problem. Listening to what the teacher is saying also becomes a problem.
  • Third, inadequate sleep affects kids’ memory. A lack of sleep harms memory. It reduces the ability to focus. This makes it harder to remember things. Also, poor sleep slows work down. This is because the kid has to struggle remembering what they read.
  • Fourth, poor sleep has a negative impact on behavior and mood. Kids tend to get moody when they are tired. Self-control becomes a key challenge. They also tend to become frustrated. These changes may affect the concentration on studies. So, lack of sleep can be destructive for kids. It surely has a negative impact on their studies.

How To Ensure Your Kid Has Enough Sleep

Parents and caregivers can take several steps to ensure kids have enough sleep.

  • Reduce the use of all gadgets

Screen time is a major cause of sleep problems. Research shows that the use of gadgets interferes with hormones that aid in sleeping. Researchers equate the blue screen light to caffeine. What happens when you take a cup of coffee before sleep? You will surely stay awake. You cannot ban gadgets completely. But you can reduce the amount of time spent on screen. Most countries are using curfews to control the spread of Covid 19. Parents can also use curfew to control the use of gadgets. Set a digital curfew. For example, the kid should not use any gadget two hours before bedtime.

  •  Create bedtime routines

Bedtime routines prepare us for quality sleep. They tell our bodies when it is time to rest. Parents can use this strategy to improve kids’ sleep. The routines may include listening to relaxing music or taking a shower. You can also engage in a discussion of the day events. Also, stick to a specific bedtime. The maximum gap should be an hour. For example, if you sleep at 9 on school days, you can sleep at 10 on weekends. This ensures that the body is ready to sleep when the kid is ready to sleep.

  •     Be a good role model

If you want your kid to have good sleeping behaviors, be a good role model. Start by controlling the use of devices. Go to sleep on time. This is very important for your health.

  • Seek expert help

If your kid has a persisting sleep problem, talk to an expert. Some kids may have a diagnosable sleeping disorder. But studies show that this is rare.

  1. Reduced Study Time

The use of gadgets can be addictive. Some kids will use their gadgets for as long as possible. They can play games on their tablets for hours. This reduces the amount of time left to study. As a result, your kid may not complete their homework. If they complete it, the chances of having done it poorly are higher. This is because by the time they are doing the assignment their minds and bodies are tired. Focusing is also a problem.

How Can We Solve This Problem?

  • First, limit the use of those gadgets. For example, the kid should use the gadget for a maximum of 2 hours per day.
  • Second, set time for completing home or reviewing notes.
  • Third, encourage outdoor games. Let the kid play with other kids. Physical activities are very important for every kid. We don’t want our kids to be obese. This is because of complications such as stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. Kids need to be healthy to perform well in their studies.

Parents may also join kids in outdoor activities. This can greatly help prevent complications that come with being overweight. Activities such as walking, rope skipping, and running can be helpful.

By the time you are done, the kid will have a refreshed mind. Studying becomes a lot easier. Adults also benefit from burning some calories.