Comparison Essay: Immigration Policies Between Canada and Japan

Compare The Immigration Policies Between Canada and Japan

Millions of immigrants knock into different countries across the world. Indeed, there are several reasons why people seek to go to a foreign land.

  • Firstly, political unrest and war push people into a foreign land.
  • Secondly, good education and great healthcare attract people into such countries.
  • Thirdly, new opportunities push people from their countries. Millions of people look for employment in other countries.

Generally, Some countries receive immigrants. Others do not. There are shortages of workers due to old populations. These are pushing most countries to accept new workers.

Canada has had a long history of favoring it. On the other hand, Japan is known for being tough about it. But both countries need people to cater to the labor shortages they face. Let us look at the policies of both nations.


Canada mainly uses the immigration policy to control who visits and lives in the country. For a log time, Canada has welcomed foreigners into the country. It is one of the nations that value many cultures. It has many industries. This therefore makes the country a better place for them. Since the US changed its policy under President Trump, Canada has highly become more attractive.

Importance Of Immigrants In Canada

They have played an important role in Canada. They have also helped in shaping culture and society. Such helped in developing tracts of land in the 1850s. Also, they were encouraged to settle in rural areas. After the postwar period, Canada’s policy become more favorable. Then, the public attitudes softened after people fled Europe. Canada also had a large demand for workers. They encouraged more foreigners to come and help with the work. As a result, immigrants have become a huge source of labor. However, Canada is still short of workers. This is why they continue to attract more foreigners to come and settle.

Can You Be a Permanent Resident In Canada?

Yes. You can. There are four categories which include;

  • Family

If you have a family member in Canada, you can easily become one. You can be a spouse, a partner, or a child.  However, to sponsor a relative you will need a legal permanent resident. The relative will also send an application for the same. In this category, same sex couples are recognized. But they should be legally married or prove a long-standing relationship.

  • Humanitarian

Canada gives such but on humanitarian grounds. For example, if an applicant would experience some difficulties returning home. Under this category, they should also apply. Then various factors are considered.

  • Refugees and protected persons

Canada is one of the countries resettling refugees in the world. Thousands of displaced people are settle in the country. Remember, the Middle East and Africa benefit the most. Two categories are then used to settle refugees. Under the first category, the UN officers in different locations work with the Canadian government to settle them. Under the second category, refugees are resettled by private parties.

  • Economic

Do you wish to work and live in Canada for life? Then, your dream may come true. Canada needs highly-skilled workers. There is a system that determines if you qualify. Factors such as age, language knowhow and experience play a major role. It however, needs younger applicants. As a worker, you can apply for such. You can also get through individual provinces. You will send an application to a certain province. The decisions are made within 6 months.

Temporal Jobs in Canada

If you do not want to go permanently to Canada, you may also consider temporary jobs. Currently, there are thousands of foreigners under short term permits. Foreigners are working as in home caregivers, in the agricultural sector. Also, in highly skilled jobs.


Japan’s policy has for long a time discouraged it. This is mostly because the country favors its citizens. Japan prefers to be a unique society in terms of race. In 2010, new entrants in Japan were only about 1.7%. For a long time, Japan has been criticized for such policies.

Just like other countries, Japan is experiencing a decreasing population. There is a low birthrate that cannot match the death rate. This means that there is a high shortage of workers. This is why Japan is slowly turning into immigration.

Immigration reform law

In response to the labor shortage, Japan formed a reform law in 2018. The law  aims at attracting foreign workers. There are two types of Visas.

Semi skilled workers is the first visa. These candidates can stay in Japan for 10 years. Either, there is also a possibility of becoming a long term resident. The second visa is for less skilled workers. These can stay for five years. On April 1, 2019, the law took effect.

As the Japanese population ages, immigration might increase. For now, things are changing. But Japan is still not the best place for such. The door is just opening. Soon, Japan may have more opportunities for them.

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