Love Essay: How First Love Affects Your School Life

The Impact Your First Love In School Had On Your Life

Do you remember your first love? It is normal. Most of us do. First love comes with a lot of excitement that makes it feel good. We have other important firsts in our lives. For example, the first day of school was important. Our first day at college was important. But first love sticks forever. It is such a big deal. Because it is our first love, it is well remembered. This is considering the arousal and excitement that first love brings. While it may not end well, it leaves a mark. It also teaches us valuable lessons that we use later in life.

Why Is It Hard To Forget Our First Love?

  1. First love is very powerful

The first love tends to be very powerful. It comes with a shocking feeling.  Then you feel excited but at the same time afraid. Again, you fear your love may reject you. Also, you don’t know whether you will satisfy them. You also wonder if they will satisfy you. It’s a feeling never experienced before. For the first time, you realize you care about another person in a way that you can’t explain. Thus the only thing you want is to see or hear from them. It’s a very exciting feeling. This then makes the first love very powerful and hard to forget.

  1. The first love is innocent

The first love tends to be very innocent. It is not something forced. Also it happens naturally. You cannot fake first love. It is free from manipulation. What makes it special is the fact that it is unintentional. Ideally, forgetting something that innocent is hard.

  1. The first love represents our youth

Every time we think about the first love, we remember our youthful years. This brings back so many memories. Think about your first love. What do you remember? The butterflies? The intense excitement? The fighting and making up? The flowers? What was the experience with your first love? These memories make it very hard to forget our love.


  1. The first love changes us

First love tends to have a positive effect on individual growth. As a matter of fact it is a time of facing new challenges and getting new experiences. It shapes who we are. These changes leave a permanent mark.

  1. First love always remain, first love

You will not forget your first love because it is the only first love. This makes it special for the rest of life.

  1. First love comes with many firsts

Think about things you only did after meeting your first love. Those first things will always remind you of the first love.

  1. First love ending is not by choice

In most cases, the ending of the first love is by circumstances. Mostly, it rarely ends by choice. For example, distance, a job opportunity are common causes of the end of first love.

What Is The Effect Of The First Love In Our Lives

It is hard to nearly forget our first love. Whether you spend life together or break up, it always leaves an impact

  1. We learn how to connect with others

The first love teachers us how to connect with other people. We then learn how emotional support feels like. Remember, first love may not end well. Still, it allows us to experience different emotions. We also learn how to value other people more. Moreover, first love teaches us how to love others unconditionally. In addition, we learn how to grow together. These lessons mainly make it easy to connect and live with others.

  1. We learn communication and problem-solving skills

The first love teaches us to communicate with other people. We also learn how to solve problems. It is always common to have problems in a relationship. Mostly, people learn to solve these problems gradually. We learn how to solve these problems through trial and error. As a result, we learn the most effective strategies to solve problems.


  1. We learn to be better people

First love makes us believe that there is something good in the world. As a result, we strive to be better people to share this goodness.

  1. We learn the meaning of mature love

The first love shows us the difference between obsession and mature love. We hence learn that love is not about being together every second. We also learn that stomach butterflies fade away. Therefore, mature love requires a lot of work. It’s about accepting others as they are. It also needs teamwork. People support each other to reach their highest potential.

  1. We learn what we want in a relationship

The first love helps in understanding ourselves. It boosts our self-awareness. We discover what we like and prefer. We learn what we value in a romantic relationship. Either, we also learn what the deal-breakers are. We use this knowledge to choose our partners later in life.

  1. We learn to survive heartaches

How painful was your first love heartbreak? It is unbearably painful. Some of us cried after breaking up with the first love. Or, is it most of us? For some people, it may take years for the pain to fade away. The good thing is that the pain fades away eventually. Even better is that we have other loves waiting for us. If it doesn’t work with the first love, there is still hope. Sometimes first love comes as a lesson. We use this lesson to build better relationships in the future.