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Teachers Contribution: Whom Am I Today

How Much Did Your To Making You The Person You Are Today?

Great teachers have major contributions to our lives. But teachers are not just good at educating us. They are also good at changing our lives. This is because they are committed to the well-being of their students inside and outside school. Therefore teachers want to produce educated people but also people who can succeed in life. This is why they affect every aspect of our lives. Ideally, they teach us important lessons that ensure we succeed in education and real life. In this article, we look at how teachers contributed to making us who we are today.

Contributions by my teacher to who I am today

  1. The power of education

Teachers educate us. Firstly, teachers help us to learn how to read and write. This helps in everyday activities. Today, it is possible to read news articles, signboards, and even books. We can write a shopping list, we can transact money, and communicate with others. People who cannot read and write have to depend on others for such needs. Can you really imagine relying on a friend to read signboards in the streets? What if you can’t even write a message? Would you in anyway like to be that dependent? We all love independence and thanks to our teachers, we don’t need help reading and writing.

Teachers thus give us important knowledge. They also help us develop various skills. This education makes our lives better. It shapes our lives.

For example;

  • Firstly, education helps us make moral decisions in life. This is something that an uneducated person may not enjoy.
  • Secondly, education gives both men and women equal opportunities in life.
  • Thirdly, education prevents various social problems in life. For example, it prevents internal conflicts, poor health, and low living standards.
  • Fourthly, education helps in solving most life problems. For example, with education, it is easier to be creative and innovative. This makes it easier to solve different problems.
  • Fifthly, education exposes us to different perspectives on life. This makes us better humans. For example, through education, we learn about cultural diversity. With this knowledge, it becomes easy to interact with different people from across the world.
  • Finally, education also gives us the ability to make society a better place.

Teachers leave a great impact on our lives. But the greatest impact is educating us. Therefore, with education, life becomes much easier.


  1. Preparing us for our careers

As a kid, people asked us about our career choice. Like, what would you like to be in the future? what was your answer then? I want to be a doctor. That was a common answer. Then we went to school and met our teachers. They introduced us to different careers. You realized there is more than being a doctor. You can become a teacher, an engineer, a farmer, and a business person among other careers. Through the guidance of our teachers, we started exploring different career opportunities. It is this knowledge that determines who we are in the future. For most people, their career decision was influenced by their teachers.

  1. Builds our self-esteem

If we have higher self-esteem today, it is largely thanks to our teachers. Teachers started by making us feel that we belong to the school. They welcomed us in the school setting. Hence, they gave us different opportunities to make decisions and solve problems. This made us believe in ourselves. W

However, when facing challenges such as bullying, who is always there to help? Our teachers. When we can’t seem to understand the content, who encourages us to hold on? Our teachers. When we have problems at home who do we talk to? Our teachers. When we are afraid and humiliated at school, whom do we go to? To our teachers. All this plays an important role in building our self-esteem. We then use the self-esteem to face life challenges. Consequently, feeling good about ourselves is very important in life. It therefore, makes life a bit easier.


  1. Different life skills

Teachers give us different life skills that help us survive in real life. For example;

  • They teach us how to be hardworking. Teachers do not tolerate laziness. They encourage us to work hard to succeed in school. Either, they teach us that to get something good out of life, we must work hard for it.
  • They teach us to respect others. This helps us to be humble in life. This is important for a peaceful life.
  • They teach us about the importance of teamwork. Teachers provide many opportunities to work with other students. This teaches us the meaning and importance of teamwork. This is a very important life skill.
  • They teach us to make smart decisions. Teachers show students how to weigh alternatives and choose the best solution. With time, being smart decisions becomes a norm. When we use this skill in life, we reduce the chances of failure. Most people who don’t have an education have problems making decisions. They go with any alternative increasing the risk of failure.
  1. Inspiration

Teachers give us the inspiration we need to succeed in life. They encourage us to fulfill our potential. Inspiration helps us to accomplish many things in life. It also ensures that we are always motivated. If you ask many people, you will realize teachers inspired them to be who they are today. Is there a teacher who inspired or inspires you to achieve something in life? See? Teachers play an important role in shaping our lives.

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