Ultimate Guide No: How To Write Personal Essay Well

Do you need help on how to write a personal essay? Yes? You are in the right place. Many students need personal essay help. This is because writing a personal essay can be confusing. A personal essay must inspire your reader.

A poor essay will leave your reader with many questions. If your reader is your instructor, then you know you need a good essay. You should not leave your instructor with questions. Instead, you must leave them settled. A good essay will have;

  1. Firstly, s proper structure.
  2.  Secondly, a good introduction.
  3.  Thirdly, no errors.
  4.  Finally, a smooth flow. Below, we have provided a guide on how to write a personal essay. In case of any problem, consider the best essay writing service. Professional essay writers will help write a custom personal essay. Our service is always available at a cheap price.

What is A Personal Essay

Before we learn how to write a personal essay, what is it? A personal essay is different from an autobiography. An autobiography is more of just retelling events. A personal story involves sharing experiences and lessons learned. The purpose of personal essays can be to uplift, inspire, or warn others. You can write about any moment that changed your life in any way.

Personal essays allow writers to show their abilities to overcome challenges.  However, don’t confuse a personal essay with a personal statement. A personal statement explains why you fit a certain job position. So, they are common when applying for a job. Personal essays talk about personal experiences and their impact.

Tips: How To Write a Personal Essay For College

Here is a step by step guide on how to write a personal essay for college. You can use the same guide to write a personal essay at other education levels.

  • Determine what you want to write about

Think of an interesting moment you have had in life. For example, think of a moment you learned about failure.

  1. What lessons did you learn?
  2. Did the failure motivate you to work harder?
  3. Did it give you determination?

Think of such meaningful experiences. You can make a list of experiences. Then, choose the most significant experience. In your essay, you will discuss this moment. You will also show how this experience impacted your life.

You may also think of an event that left you with a lasting impression. For example, you may choose a moment you received news of the death of a loved one. Think of an event that came with a strong emotional reaction.


You may write about a current event. For example, you may talk about immigration from a personal viewpoint.

  • Write a personal essay outline

Before outlining your essay, think about the structure. How should you structure a personal essay? Personal essays have an introduction part, the main body, and a conclusion. This is the structure you should follow. But if your teacher needs another structure, follow it.

You should follow this structure to outline the essay. Start with the introduction paragraph. Write three points under this section. These include;

  • An attention-grabbing sentence
  • Your main story points
  • Narrative thesis

After the introduction, write the body section. For a 5-paragraph essay, this section will have three paragraphs. So, you will have three main points supporting your thesis. These are your reflections of the experience or moment you identified.

Then write the conclusion paragraph. Here, you outline the moral of the story. These are lessons learned from the experience. Your essay may not have 5 paragraphs. It may be longer. This depends on your instructor’s instructions. It may also depend on the length of the personal essay. A longer essay will need more paragraphs. But it will have three main sections. You may consult experts on writing a personal essay outline.


  • Draft the personal essay

The next step on how to write a personal essay is to draft the essay. Your outline will guide you in this step.

Firstly, draft your introduction. It should be interesting. Introduce your topic or theme. Describe your characters. Then, write your main concern. Your introduction should inform your reader of what the essay discusses. Remember you already have an outline. You just need to feel it up.

Secondly, draft the body paragraphs. Build the story from one paragraph to the other. This will eventually lead your reader to the main point. Avoid irrelevant details. Focus only on details of that particular event relevant to your theme. Your essay should be straight to the point. Your reader shouldn’t struggle to follow your thoughts. While writing this part, try to show. Your reader should be able to feel your experience.

Then, write the concluding paragraph. What did you learn from that event? Again, expand your outline. Talk about how that event changed your life. Some students write, ‘That is my personal story.’ This is not the right way to conclude your essay. Explain the impact of that event in your life. For a custom draft, contact the support team.


  • Edit and Proofread personal essay

Firstly, start by reading your essay out loud. Listen to how the essay sounds. Does it make sense? Does it have a logical flow? While reading, highlight areas that need changes. This includes long sentences, incorrect sentences, and grammatical errors. Don’t edit first. Just read while highlighting mistakes. After you are done writing, start eliminating mistakes. This will leave you with a quality custom paper. To ensure that the essay is perfect, make use of experts. Personal essay writing service online offers editing service. All you need to do is place your order. Professional essay writers will ensure that your essay is perfect at an affordable price.

How To Write a Personal Essay in APA format

Your instructor may ask you to write a personal essay in APA format. It sounds like a difficult task. This is especially so when you confuse writing styles. The first step is to understand some basics of APA style. What are some of these basics?

  • Firstly, every page of a personal essay should have a short paper title as the header. It should also have a page number on the right.
  • Secondly, your essay should have a title page. This page carries your essay title, name, and school details. Your instructor may require some more details. In such a case, follow these instructions.
  • Thirdly, your essay should have in-text citations. You should also have a list of references on the last page. Read about the APA format guide online. This will help you write a personal essay in APA format. In case of any problem, consider the best personal essay help. Cheap professional writers will give you any assistance.
In a Nutshell

In this guide, we have learned how to write a personal essay. If you follow our step by step guide, you will write a good essay. But before following our guide, you must read your teacher’s requirements. The aim is to follow all these requirements for better grades.

In case you still need help, don’t worry. With time, you will become an expert essay writer. Meanwhile, we have professional essay writers to help you out. Just contact the support team and get any help you need.

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