How To Write Synthesis Essay: (Perfect Guide From Introduction)

How to write a synthesis essay is a question that everybody asks at one point in their education life. What makes this essay interesting, is the word “synthesis”.

What It Means To Synthesize

To synthesize means to create something new by using two elements. In simple terms, it is the action of putting different pieces of evidence to support one claim. Writing such an is similar to writing a thesis. The reason is that you write and further support it with a written discussion of ideas.

For instance, you may have a paper with a question “The evolution of technology”, and another examining “How technology has impacted its users”. In such an essay therefore, you have to combine these two questions to ” Is technology disconnecting us socially”. Remember, in this case you have to talk about the ways of people before technology and their lives under its influence to support your point.

You can give an example that “Before the invention of technology, there was a routine for parents to read bedtime stories to their children. Hence, this created a parent child relationship. However, children today go to bed with their phones or tablets without even saying goodnight to their parents. So this will prove the social disconnection it has brought.

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There Are Two Types Of Synthesis Essay.

  • Argumentative.
  • Explanatory.

An argumentative synthesis essay gives a explanation for the position of the writer on a topic. This needs you to research different journals and sources of all kinds to support your stand of a topic.  On the other hand, explanatory explains a particular topic. Unlike the former, this should focus on the subject in general without favoring on one specific side of the subject.

Steps: Writing a Synthesis Essay

  • Firstly, choose a controversial topic. This topic should be one that can be written in different ways. For example, the internet has made people socially disconnected. While this is practically true because people have left the traditional methods of interactions such as face to face meetings and social gatherings, other people can say that it has made people actually become connected. This can be explained that in the digital age, you can call a friend no matter their location and have a good talk for as long as you want.
  • Secondly, gather relevant sources to include in your essay. Phrases such as (According to, as X posits and quotations from sources are highly useful). Get information from scholarly sources whose authors are renowned or known to be proficient in that area.
  • Finally, apply the ideas gotten from the sources to support your claim. An idea should have back up from at least one author to make it more persuasive and to prove a point.

Synthesis Essay Structure

The structure of an essay should consist of;

  • Introduction with a thesis.
  • Body paragraphs (explaining the thesis in depth).
  • Conclusion (summarizes the main ideas in the paper).

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John Wright, in his article on “technology a social disconnect”, warns against the high use of technology in our lives. He explains that we spend more time on devices such as watching television, browsing on the internet, chatting than we spend actually talking with our families or friends. The rise in use of these devices has made people become less social with people close to them and is even contributing to the rise in mental illnesses such as depression globally. Based on this, it is right to say that technology is socially disconnecting us.

Body paragraphs

Body paragraph 1

This part allows you to explore the opposite opinions of this topic . If you are writing an augmentative synthesis essay, consider building your statements with evidence based articles to make them more convincing.

Body paragraph 2

Your following paragraphs should all support your thesis statement by;

  • Firstly, analyzing pieces of evidence and connecting them to the thesis
  • Secondly, introducing supportive views from other external sources such as speeches, study research done or other journals that address the subject.
  • Thirdly, use phrases or connectors that shows the relationship between the variables. Explain how every claim interacts in the context of the topic being analyzed.
  • Finally, you should have a minimum of three paragraphs to make sure that you meet all the dynamics of the topic in discussion. All quoted words that are not yours should be written in quotation marks and credited to the author directly.
The conclusion

Summarize the discussions in body paragraphs in a logical conclusion. Avoid including new issues not addressed in the main paragraphs to wrap up the ideas within the paper.

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Some of the topics to consider for your paper include;

  1. How effective is the K12 system of education?
  2. How can we improve healthcare systems?
  3. Is the government failing the civil servants?
  4. Is inclusion a good method in special education?
  5. Should children be controlled in using the media?
  6. Does racial profiling still exist in the 21st century?
  7. What is terrorism, and can it be controlled?
  8. To what level are the human activities leading to global warming?
  9. What leads to child obesity?
  10. What are the roles of public health officials?

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