Topic Sentence Definition With Examples

What Is A Topic Sentence Definition?

These are words that address the thesis in an essay. When writing an essay, a writer must use different topic sentences to  address their claim. This sentence gives information about the thesis by describing facts, theories, and the logic behind an idea. A topic sentence;

  1. Is the first sentence that puts emphasis on the thesis.
  2. The conclusion of a paragraph that summarizes the thesis.
  3. The writing that explains the main ideas of the thesis.
  4. The statement within the paragraphs that provides the central idea.
  5. A sentence that sum up facts and insights that builds the paragraphs.

In the traditional method of writing, the topic sentence was the first sentence in a paragraph. However, it is now possible to write your topic sentence as the first or the last sentence in the paragraph. What makes a sentence as a topic sentence is its strength in addressing the claim, reflecting on the claim, and proving the claim.

Therefore, this sentence can be two or three within a paragraph. A good sentence must give great observations of what to expect in the following paragraphs. This sentence is like a road sign that gives the reader the direction the paper will take.

Examples Of a Topic Sentence In An Essay.

Let us say we are addressing a topic about “Causes of climate change,” our topic sentences will be highlighted.


The experienced climate change is a result of global warming caused by human activities (The claim). The rising temperatures have high effects on the whole world since they negatively affect life. While this seems dangerous to all living things, human activities cause the increased global temperatures (the reflection of the claim). Activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and farming livestock are the activities that threaten normal temperatures (proof of the claim).

Recent studies show that 89% of the global CO2 emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels. These are unavoidable because of the global focus on industrialization. These are brought about by the vehicles, factories, and power stations that emit this gas into the atmosphere. Excessive CO2 limit the amounts of water vapor released into the atmosphere making the temperatures rise significantly.  Also, deforestation is a great threat to normal temperatures on the earth. The reason is that trees stores in them CO2.

Greenhouse emissions of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide (NOx), Hydrogen gas, among others, lead to the warming planet. This affects the weather by affecting the natural weather patterns. These create the greenhouse effect known to deplete the ozone layer. This exposes the earth to an extreme rise in temperatures. Studies show that livestock farming affects climate change in different ways. The change in land use, feed production, processing affects climate change a great deal. For instance, feed production and manure produce most of the greenhouses gases. These gases include Carbon Dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides that cause global warming.


The contributor of climate change is global warming. This is due to the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. This is majorly caused by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and livestock farming. Fossil fuels produce the most emission of CO2 into the atmosphere because it is largely processed to meet the global demands of electricity and heat. Deforestation also contributes to the CO2 in the atmosphere, which also affects the balance of temperatures of the earth.

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The importance of a topic sentence is that;

  1. They carry the facts of your essay. Therefore, they must have evidence that support the thesis.
  2. Two, they guide the reader to the hook of your essay.
  3. They set the tone for a paragraph.
  4. Four, they direct the sequence of your essay.
  5. They tell the reader of the facts presented in the essay.
  6. Lastly, they show how perfect your essay turns out.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  1. What is a topic sentence – This is a guide that tells the reader what the paragraph is all about.
  2. What is unique about this sentence – this sentence is not just any because it formally introduces, supports, and proves a claim in the essay. This sentence gives the idea of the essay and connects paragraphs in a step by step way.
  3. How do you write this sentence– Write the sentence in a way that gives ideas that explain your claim.
  4. How long is this sentence – This sentence should have 15-20 words. It can be written at the first or even the last paragraph. You can write two or three topical sentences in a single paragraph.

Steps To Writing A Topic Sentence.

  1. Develop a thesis statement – For instance, smoking in public areas should be banned. This thesis will make it easy for you to create sentences that make a great paragraph. In this, topic sentences may include: public smoking puts a large population to the risk of passive smoking, including becoming addicts. This is the topic sentence that gives the direction your argument is going to take.
  2. Reinforce the sentence with facts – a topic sentence must be factual or theoretical to be supporting the thesis. To write such, you can include other author’s ideas of the topic. Also, you can borrow ideas from the latest research of the topic. For instance, an average of 25% of people suffering from liver cirrhosis were passive smokers.
  3. Gather ideas and connect them into a meaningful claim – These sentences must be well researched to be good and directly address the topic.
  4. Write the sentence in a transitioning order – This helps when addressing claims shown in the thesis.

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Excellent Examples of Topic Sentences

  1. Recent studies show that human activities are the largest contributors of global warming.
  2. Dentists advise that it is necessary to have dental checkups after every 3 months.
  3. Exercising each day for 30 minutes is one way to keep fit.
  4. Advancing your career is the passcode for getting promoted.
  5. The civil war was a great breakthrough for anti slavery activists.
  6. It was not until my friend died that I realized that I had to become a physician.
  7. Empowering women is the key to an economically stable country.
  8. Teaching does not depend on competency. It also about passion.
  9. Youth unemployment leads to the prevalence of crimes.
  10. Managers should develop a practical organizational culture.

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