How To Write A Good Hook For A College Essay

As a student, you should know how to write a good hook for a college essay. First, when your instructor requires you to write an essay, how do you start your writing? Do you employ a good hook in the paragraphs to attract the attention of the readers?

Most of the students don’t. For this reason, they submit a boring essay that a reader would not want to read more and more. They end up getting a low grade because of the negative attitude that a reader develops towards the essay. A hook is one of the tools that make an essay interesting because it grabs the reader’s attention.

What is A Hook In Writing?

  • A hook is an introductory statement in an essay set to attract the reader’s attention to gain a positive attitude towards the essay.
  • In other words, it is any piece of writing that starts in an essay and engages the reader. In an essay, it can be one or a group of sentences that grab the attention of the target audience.

Have you ever found yourself at the end of an essay and you didn’t plan to read it? Most probably, you were hooked! You were attracted to the paper when you read its first sentence. You became curious to read the entire article. Similarly, this is the way you should hook your readers to your essay and make them read the whole text without knowing.

Do you want to know how to write a hook for your essay to catch the readers’ attention? If you do, please read through the guide below, and we will tell you how it is done. The guide explains how to write a hook for an essay paper.

Guide: How To Write a Hook For Your Essay

You need to consider the following rules when you want to write a hook for your essay;

Understand the type of essay: This is the primary thing you should know to identify the best hook. A good hook is about its message and relevance. Notably, a good hook for a narrative essay and argumentative essay will be different.

Make a decision on the purpose of the hook: you must understand the purpose of the hook to your reader. Do you want your readers to be surprised or intrigued? Select a hook based on the impact you want to achieve on your readers. The following are some examples of a hook that you can use;

  • Quotation essay hook: you can quote a phrase that relates to the topic of the essay. Primarily, this allows the reader to have the urge to read. For this reason, you can write a quote from a famous person or a reliable journal. This technique of grabbing the attention of the readers’ remains efficient in all the areas of writing. For example, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that” by Martin Luther King junior can be used as attention getter sentence.
  • Rhetorical question essay hook: normally, a rhetorical question creates an effect to convey a specific message rather than getting an answer. For example, the technique enables one to start a discussion to engage the reader’s thoughts. In addition, the question will enable you to pass your opinion regarding a subject matter. If you are writing an essay about the impact of violent movies on a child’s behavior, you can use the question “can violent movies affect the behavior of a child?”

Other important hooks include the following

  • Statistics essay hook: this hook uses figures that relate to the topic. It is considered one of the most effective ways that you can use to grab the attention of the reader. Normally, statistics inspire readers to determine how they relate to stories by considering specific facts. It provides real information about the topic. When you are writing about domestic violence in Australia, you can use facts like “almost two-thirds of Australian families have experienced domestic violence.”
  • The addition of an antagonistic essay hook: this technique allows you to quote a person who takes an opposing position to the topic presented in the essay. In light of this, readers major on how you handle opposing views. On the contrary, you should make sure that the hook relates to the main topic. For instance, the hook “Our parents opposed our views and forced us to follow their orders” is appropriate for a personal narrative that depicts the parents as antagonists.
  • Further;
  • A declaration hook essay: this hook is a sentence that describes the topic. The statement link with the thesis statement provided as the last sentence in the introduction section. The main role of this technique is to display the significance of the essay. Moreover, using an acute description is a good technique because it encourages readers to understand how the essay supports the declaration. For example, physical libraries are efficient and economical compared to digital libraries. This hook is for an essay that talks about physical libraries and digital libraries.
  • Conflict essay hook: you can write an essay with conflicting views. This technique will make sure that the reader reads the text to learn some solutions you adopted. It plays a significant role in creating emotion among the audience. It is important when a reader wants to give a personal narrative.
  • Description essay hook: this hook involves a clear description of an event that grabs readers into a text. A compelling story would make the reader want to know what happened next. It increases the curiosity of the readers. This type of hook remains significant in narrative essays. In this technique, you must determine some interesting aspects of the topic. For instance, the cat wailed in pain and walked away. The cat had a cut on the left hind leg, and blood flowed continuously.

Need Some Help On How To Write a Hook For An Essay?

You can write your hook after writing: despite being the first sentence of the text, it does not mean that it must be written first. If you cannot come up with a good hook at the start, you can write according to plan and write it later.

Make the hook short: it is important to make the hook shorter. This strategy will make sure that the readers get the message and get curious. The readers’ curiosity gets better when the hook is brief and to the point.


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