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How To Write a Hook That Grab Reader’s Attention

When writing an essay or any other paper, you use a hook to grab reader’s attention. A good hook helps your paper stand out from the rest and make your instructor read it from cover to cover. As a student, you will be writing a lot of papers. Therefore, it is important to know how to write a hook. It is one of the key skills that you must have to write a paper that captures the reader’s attention.

What is a hook?

  • Before you know how to write a hook, it is important to know what it is. A hook is a sentence written to attract a reader and make him or her want to read more.
  • It is an introduction that is meant to grab the attention of the people. In other words, it is an opening statement in a paper that attempts to grab the reader’s attention so that they want to read more.

Types of a hook

Question hook

You are supposed to ask a question relating to the paper. In this, the readers should be able to read the paper to know the answer. For instance, do you know that the internet negatively affects children’s concentration on important activities like learning?

Quotation hook

A quotation hook is one that has a quote relevant to the topic of the paper. You must make sure that the quote comes from a reliable literature. Besides, explain the quote to make sure that the readers understand what it means. “The internet consumes a considerable chunk of our attention on a day‐to‐day basis.” The internet is attractive and often takes away our concentration every day.

Statistic hook

A statistic hook is where you use more informational writings. You are supposed to use a quote that links with the primary idea. However, the quote should have some statistics like numbers or percentages. For example, after research, it was determined that 87% of teachers felt that the internet and modern technologies were creating an easily distractible generation with a short concentration.

Anecdotal hook

An anecdotal hook is where you use a short story that links with the topic to gain the readers’ attention. The story can be a short personal story of your imagination. For instance, when I was in high school, I remember reading for 30 minutes and surfing for 2 hours over the internet.

Description hook

A clear description can attract a reader’s attention to your paper. It should be connected to the rest of the paper. This type of hook is used when writing a descriptive essay paper.

How To Write a Good Hook

Despite the type of hook, it is important to make sure that it attracts the reader’s attention and gives them the appetite to read your paper more and more. To write a good hook, you must go through a series of steps. The following will help you to write a good hook.

  • Understand your message or thesis

Prior to writing a hook, you should have a vivid vision of the message you want to pass. The hook should connect with the message or thesis of your paper. To determine the best hook for the paper, you must first understand the message you need to convey to the readers. The message of the paper will guide your thoughts about the best hook.

  • Understand the audience

The audience is equally important when writing a hook for your paper. You should understand your audience and keep them in mind throughout the whole paper. For instance, the hook you choose must resonate with the audience of your paper. The most appropriate hook connects with the audience of the paper.

  • Define the tone

The tone of the paper is integral when developing a hook. Is the paper you are writing a formal piece or conversational? This will affect the tone of the hook you are likely to write. If the piece you are writing is formal, then you should consider using a statistical hook. However, when your paper is conversational, you might consider using a joke as a hook to bring in a conversational tone.

  • Choose a strategy to grab the reader’s or listener’s attention

After knowing the message, target audience, and tone of the paper, the next step is to identify the information you can employ to grab the reader’s attention and how best to present it. To achieve this, you must consider the different kinds of hooks and your knowledge about the topic to make an informed decision about the most appropriate methods to use. A good understanding of the topic and types of hooks will provide the best platform for choosing the right strategy.

  • Brainstorm for attractive phrases

After making a decision on the most appropriate hook for your paper, it is important to brainstorm to identify ways to convey your points. For this reason, you should consider reviewing some examples of excellent hooks as a guide. This will also act as a source of motivation to help develop various options to use in the paper.

  • Write down the hooks

When you have gone through the steps above, you should write down the hooks. Write down the hooks you think can effectively attract your readers to the paper. Review all the hooks identified to make sure it relates to the topic, audience as well as the tone of the paper.

Things To Avoid When Writing a Hook

  • Don’t write platitudes

You should avoid using the things that are common, like summer periods are hotter. To use what everyone knows is boring to the reader. Often try as much as possible to use phrases that are not common.

  • Shun using clichés

It is boring reading the same thing over and over again. To avoid this, make sure your hook is original.

  • Link your paper

Avoid using descriptions in the hook that are not necessary. In a good hook, you should use phrases that relate to the topic.

Need To Write a Good Hook?

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