What Is An Argumentative Essay? Types And Differences

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

Many students have this question in their minds: What is an argumentative essay? To explain this, therefore, we can say that it is a writing category that involves the use of evidence to explain a point.

Imagine a time you argued with someone over an idea. It was may be a passionate exchange of words that may have ended in frustrations or even a fight. Always, people do that without facts making it a useless emotional outburst. However, in a written one, the writer takes time to put in place strong points that create a proposing or opposition stand.

This type of writing is what is known as argumentative writing. You simply collect pieces of evidence to show your claim. As always, an argumentative essay must have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Types Of Argumentative Essays;

  1. Two sided argumentative essay example (Rogerian)- This is an essay where both sides of are shown equally without favoring any side.
  2. Open argumentative essay example (Toulmin)- This is where a writer supports one claim with different data with evidence.

Models of writing this essay include;

  1. Toulmin argument – This type works well where there is no absolute truth. Therefore, final thoughts are based on the convincing power of the combined pieces of evidence. This model breaks an argument into six components: claim, ground, warrant, qualifier, rebuttal, and backing.
  2. Claim- this is the position of your argument.
  3. Ground- This is the set of pieces of evidence showing your position.
  4. Warrant- is a description of pieces of evidence supporting the claim.
  5. Qualifier- This is the greatness of your pieces of evidence in supporting the claim.
  6. Rebuttals- This is the process of showing the limits of the resources to show that all areas were determined.
  7. Backing- This is the additional support that strengthens the warrant.
  8. Rogerian argument -This type is a negotiating strategy where common goals are identified, and opposing views are also addressed to get a common ground. When writing it;
  9. Introduce the claim.
  10. Accept the other side of the claim before presenting yours.
  11. Put your claim in a neutral way that does not dismiss the other side.
  12. Work to connect both sides at the end.

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Example of a Toulmin Argumentative essay.


Doctors say that adults should take 8 ounces of plain water daily (claim). This is because water acts as a natural antitoxin that clears toxins out of the system, which helps one achieve a well hydrated body (ground). There are different benefits of taking 8 ounces of water daily, including lubrication of the joints and regulation of body temperature (ground). According to the world health organization, healthy adults should take up to 2 liters of water each day (qualifier). Studies show that 80% of people who take 8 ounces of water daily get fewer health problems, have a balanced bodyweight, and glowing skin.

Main paragraph

A policy that takes the leads in public health may be helpful in many ways (warrant). This can only be used if the culture is fixed in people when they are young. Therefore, we should do this to our young ones as we maintain a habit of drinking water.  If people put this to use in their lives, we shall have a healthier nation. A nation with less congested hospitals, a large population with jobs, and a stable country (backing statement). Also, taking water each day helps get oxygen throughout the body, and this keeps us alive (backing statement).


While it can be concluded that water is good to the body, people still find it hard to take enough. Therefore, civil education about the benefits can be used for this. Some people get diseases such as Eczema, etc. (rebuttal). It is not wise to say that drinking water is an individual role because the effect of not taking enough water is felt by the nation at large. When a large population is affected by hepatitis, they congest public hospitals, making it hard for people to get enough health services. Therefore, taking water as doctors say is good to you as an individual and to your country in general.

The Rogerian essay.

We shall use the same topic for you to understand the difference.


It is good to take 8 ounces of water each day (introduction of the claim).  Water has many health benefits, good for the brain, removing body wastes, and help all the digestive functions. The center for disease control and prevention says that 8 ounces for both children and adults is enough to have normal body functioning. The body needs water for every activity taking place within and outside the body, such as breathing and sweating. Moreover, it also keeps away diseases such as kidney stones. However, drinking 8 ounces does not apply to everyone because plain water intake varies by age, medical situations, socioeconomic status, and individual behaviors (present the other side of the claim).

Drinking plain water is good for the body and the soul. A feeling that you are doing the right thing is a factor that can put a balance in your emotions to make you feel proud. Drinking water is also good for medical reasons because diseases such as kidney stones come about when someone is dehydrated (present your claim). Taking water is important, but the needed amount could change. For instance, a pregnant woman or an athlete should take twice the 8 ounces daily. On the other hand, people with hyponatremia should check the amount of plain water they consume because overhydration dilutes body electrolytes (connect the claims points).


People should take the 8 ounces of water intake daily (restatement of the thesis). The reason is that it has many health benefits and helps fight against diseases. Ignoring this leads to a great risk for you and the generations to come. Embracing this culture is a responsibility for all. For a healthy nation with reduced cases of sick individuals, we can grow together. Consider drinking water today.

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An argumentative essay should have all the factual, statistical, and logical data put together to support a claim. This essay can be a success if you consider the following;

  1. Write an outline that will act as a lead throughout the paper. It must cover all the ideas you wish to explain in detail.
  2. A clear and short thesis statement as the last sentence in the first paragraph.
  • A step by step transition of paragraphs after the introduction.
  1. Evidential support of each part written.
  2. A well written conclusion that summarizes the main ideas in the body paragraphs.