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Topic Sentence Examples, Ideas and Definition

Topic sentence examples provide a concrete application of topic sentence in a paragraph that students can use to solidify their learning. As a student, you need to go through a number of examples to learn and understand from good topic sentences. A good topic sentence is a glue that connects the paragraph’s context with concepts which then links to a central idea stated in the thesis statement. Use topic sentence examples to write good topic sentences for your paper.

What Are Topic Sentence Examples?

  • A topic sentence is a sentence that captures the core meaning of your paragraph.
  • The sentence introduces the reader to the topic or key point set in the paragraph and sets the tone for the whole paragraph.
  • The sentence is important and often ignored element of writing. It acts as a roadmap that guides the reader down the paragraph.

Examples Of Topic Sentences

The following are examples of a topic sentence based on the type of essays;

  • Narrative topic sentences
  • Compare and contrast topic sentences
  • Argumentative topic sentences
  • Descriptive topic sentences
  • Expository topic sentences
  1. Narrative Topic Sentences With Examples

A narrative paragraph tells a story or an event. It is used in fiction as the writer describes events. Like any other paragraph, it should start with a topic sentence. The following is an example of a topic sentence in a narrative paragraph.

Topic sentence example 1

The first time I tried mountain climbing, it was a tragedy. My friends dragged me out to a mountain climbing game on a sunny afternoon. It was my first time making an attempt to climb the mountain. I spent about an hour wondering at the view and how it would be. There were rugged forms and undulating scary slopes. We began climbing the mountain after adequate preparation. My heart raced when I made the first step. However, after making some three to four steps, I slipped and fell.

In the above paragraph, the first sentence is the topic sentence. It guides the reader on what to expect in the entire paragraph. When you read the above topic sentence, you expect the writer to explain why climbing was a tragedy.

  1. Compare And Contrast Topic Sentences

Compare and contrast topic sentences are different from a narrative sentence. Normally, a topic sentence takes after the parent essay. For instance, a compare and contrast topic sentences should take the form of a compare and contrast essay or paper.  In a comparative essay, the topic sentence should bring some aspect of contrast.

Topic sentence example 2

Toads and frogs are alike but have key differences. First, frogs are smooth and sleek. They look wet even when they are out of the water. They also have long legs than their head and body, which makes them hopping. On the other hand, toads have a warty appearance and are usually covered in little lumps and bumps. They normally have dry skin. Besides, they have a shorter leg and prefer to crawl.

In the above paragraph, the first sentence is the topic sentence. It informs the reader about the difference between toads and frogs. The reader expects to see the contrast.

  • Argumentative Topic Sentences

In an argumentative paragraph, a good topic sentence is a topic together with an argument. The sentence takes the form of an argumentative essay. In the sentence, there has to be an aspect of argument. The following is an example of a topic sentence.

Topic sentence example 3

It would be a mistake to replace libraries with digital devices like tablets. To begin with, digital resources are linked with less learning and more challenges compared to print resources. A research conducted on books vs digital devices found that people read about 30% slower on digital devices, retain 25% less information as well as understand 15% less of what they read compared to people who read similar information over the books. Therefore, we should not add these challenges by giving people more reason to read through their digital devices.

In the above paragraph, you can see that the role the topic sentence plays. It forms the background for other sentences in the paragraph. It is anticipated that the sentences should be able to support the topic sentence.

  • Descriptive Topic Sentences

Descriptive topic sentences follow the features of a descriptive essay. It usually appeals to various sentences at once.

Topic sentence example 4

Molly is my beautiful white Italian cat. She walks with pride, performing a dance of disdain as she slowly lifts every paw with the delicacy of a dancer. However, her pride does not extend to her looks because she spends most of her time indoors growing fat. He also enjoys watching TV shows, especially cartoons. If she is not eating, you will find her watching the TV. Therefore, she is one of a kind.

In this paragraph, the first sentence is a topic sentence. Like the others, it takes the form of a descriptive paper. The sentence begins with a descriptive tone of an Italian pet. The other sentences in the paragraph majors on the cat’s habits and actions.

  • Expository topic sentence

The expository is an essay that requires students to investigate an idea, analyze evidence and create an argument about the idea in a concise manner.

Topic sentence example 5

Social media promote interpersonal relationship among people. It has become a significant aspect of the current society. It provides a platform where people can communicate and share information regardless of geographical distance. Also, the number of users is highly increasing hence people can connect with many people across the globe. With the help of the internet, these users can meet virtually.

In this paragraph, the topic sentence provides the direction the other sentences are likely to take. After reading the first sentence, a reader would be eager to know how social media promote interpersonal relationship.

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