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What To Write A College Essay About: Ideas That Worked

What If I Don’t Have Anything Interesting To Write About?

What to write a college essay about may be a daunting task. However, after reading this article, we believe that you will be equipped with great ideas. Essays usually test your creativity, critical thinking, and intelligent analysis. The mentioned variables are integral in essay writing. If you are given an essay to write, first read the prompt. These are instructions and details that will guide the paper. Some essays have a rubric that enlightens you on how the paper will be graded.

Do not take this document for granted since it contains vital guidelines on the essay. While other essays have prompts, some do not have any. In this case, you have to come with your own topic within your discipline.  A college essay must give direct answers to a topic. Therefore if you choose to craft a prompt, ensure that it is researchable.  Ideas on what to write a college essay about include;

  • Personal experiences.
  • Fun topics in your discipline.
  • Your life outside of school.
  • Developments in your discipline of study.

Critical issues to consider before writing an essay.

  • The type of essay. Even without prompts, an essay must have a specific design. There are many types of essays to choose from before writing. Examples of types of essays include; descriptive, argumentative, narrative, and expository.
  • The length of your paper. Normally, essays can range from 500 to 10,000 words. Depending on your topic, your essay can be as long as possible.
  • Your topic. Some topics require intensive discussion. Therefore, the word limit may hinder you from exploiting all its dynamics. Therefore, your prompt or topic of choice will dictate how comprehensive your essay turns out.

Guide: What To Write A College Essay About

Writing an essay without any instructions may be difficult. However, with the right topic, it is the best and enjoyable paper to write in college. The reason is that you are given the freedom to choose a topic you love or find interesting. With this, you can explore many topics and decide on one with the most evidential data available.  For this type of essay, write about a recent trending story.

For instance, in this era, Covid 19 would be a topic to consider. The reason is that it has theories, evidence, and facts readily available to explore.  Another thing to write about is something of importance to you. This may be an experience you had, a life-passage, or an idea yet to be explored.  For instance, you could write about the cooking skill you learned recently. Also, you can write about a dog you recently adopted. Additionally, you can explore a mystery example, “The hanging garden of Babylon.”

A prompt less essay is a free essay. It gives a writer the freedom to explore ideas that interest them.  Thus, you are free to write any topic that you deem fit for your discipline. For example, if you are pursuing education as a course, you could write about inclusivity in special education. For psychology, you can write about scientific methods of curbing problematic behaviors. Students pursuing medicine can decide to explore the advantages of alternative medicine. This list should not limit you from adding other amazing ideas you may have.

Tips: What To Write A College Essay About

Writing essays with instructions are the easiest. They have an elaborate structure on what and how to write. Consider reviewing and analyzing the instructions before commencing your work. Take note of the following essay prompt.  “Reflect on an idea that you considered outdated.”  First, reflect on an interesting idea. This idea should be easy to research and has vast information. For example, the gender pay gap is a thing of the past. After developing a claim, you can now research information that supports this rationale. You could include the latest statistics, scientific findings, and ideas from scholarly sources to support this thesis.

When answering a prompt, do not repeat the question.  The reason is that it increases redundancy. Research each idea and ensure that you have citations that can back that idea. You can include your personal view concerning the topic. However, let a larger part of your essay be retrieved from evidential information. Ensure that the question is intensively answered to avoid a need for further clarifications. Your essay should speak on your behalf. Therefore it must be critical, informative, and comprehensive.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What should I write in my essay?  If your essay has instructions attached to it, follow all the requirements stipulated. Without any prompts attached, write a topic that interests you. It should be a topic you are well conversant with to help you explore its dynamics.

How do I know that my topic is good enough?  The topic you choose to explore in your essay must fall within your discipline. Also, it must be interesting enough to hook the reader. Avoid over explored topics because they have narrow ideas that may make your essay sound like a cliché.

What is paramount in an essay? Your essay must follow a specific structure. The commonly used structure is that which you begin by writing the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Without these three segments, you cannot have an essay. Thus, it must follow this structure.

Are there topics that I should avoid? Absolutely! Topics that are outside your area of study should not appear in your essay. Because they do not help you expound on your expertise, or they may have conflicting theories that may degrade your essay. Also, avoid controversial topics such as religion and politics to avoid crossing the ethical standards.

What Is A College Essay About?

A college essay can be about anything. Once you are admitted to college, essay writing becomes part of your lifestyle. What you have to keep in mind are the various structures and techniques of essay writing. As mentioned above, an essay MUST have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It should address all the instructions or questions stipulated. If it is an essay without a prompt, you have to develop a suitable topic to write about. The type of topic you choose to explore will determine the score you get after submission.

College essays test your writing skills. This will be reflected in the logic you present in the paper. Essays create an unavoidable space for critical thinking. Essays have to reflect on your smart thinking and ability to analyze data. Also, these essays test your capacity to answer questions succinctly without deviating. Lengthy essays can sometimes put pressure on you. However, consider making the questions or your topic of choice the focus of your essay. Unnecessary information deviates the meaning of the essay, and this may cost you a better grade.

More Suggestions On What To Write In Your Essay.

What to write a college essay about could be right in front of you. Consider reviewing some topical questions within the course materials. You will be surprised at the creative and informative ideas within the paper that you could write about. If this does not help, think. Reflect on an occurrence that made an impact in your life, studies, career, etc.  Also, research the latest discoveries in your discipline. For instance, if you are a medical student, you could research the digital future of medicine. We hope that this insight helps you craft an unforgettable college essay.

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