How To Start An Essay That Grabs Readers Interest

How do I start an essay or how to start an essay is a question that every writer asks before writing an essay? An effective introduction is that which hooks, informs and motivates your audience to keep reading your paper. Therefore, it must be captivating, trending and informative enough to let your reader know what your essay is all about.

An essay must start with an introduction. The first statement in the introduction is what determines how long a reader can maintain reading your essay. The following ideas can help you develop a memorable debut on your essay.

Memorable Point About How To Start An Essay

  1. State an interesting fact– This can be an identifiable statistic or any fact that is new to many. For instance, you can write; “Did you know that an average man spends 27 years sleeping which equates to 227,820 hours? This will be a significant hook for your reader to find out more about this exciting fact.
  2. Open with a proverb or a joke – You can write “A lousy workman blames his tools”. Or “the doctor carried a red pen just in case he needed to draw blood”. A proverb or a joke is most efficient to use when writing an expository essay or a reflection because they set the stage for you to explore the topic. Also, they make your thoughts more profound and intensive to address the topic.
  3. Pose a question that correlates to your topic of discussion– “Do you think man is to blame for the climate change”. This question is direct and needs a yes or no answer. Your answer to this question will determine the direction of your essay. Posing a question not only attracts attention but also creates a mind-blogging situation necessary to keep the reader interested in finding the answer. If your answer is no, you have to look for evidence supporting this claim. If your answer is yes, then you have to explore journals that explain how human activities or their existence, in general, it contributes to the experienced climate change.
  4. Moreover;
  5. Display your thesis as a trending discovery unknown to many – You can structure your thesis to present a revelation that may be new to your reader, and this may keep them glued to your essay. “I just discovered that the law of nature was independently operational before the scientific law was implemented”.
  6. Create a plot for your essay– This can take a narrative format where you describe the setting of your essay in the first line “It was a chilly morning graced with drizzly rain. It was the perfect opportunity for a family reunion. Seated by the fire place was my father, a hairy man whose white curly hair gathered at the nape of his neck. He commanded us to sit and his first utterance left us in awe. The flow of the story will keep the reader captivated, and craving for more, and that is what your professor expects to see when he/she assigns you an essay.
  7. Reveal a funny secret or a personal routine – “I dislike visiting my gynaecologist with my mum. She’s the curious type and will ask questions that will leave you embarrassed for a lifetime. “my bedtime routine is a bath, brush, comb and sleep, that simple and so is life”. These revelations make your essay lively and exciting to continue reading for purposes of learning and entertainment.

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Did you know that an opening statement is what hooks the reader to your essay? Therefore, the first line of your essay must be candid, appealing and relatable to your thesis.  Aside from the mentioned methods, you can also set up a mystery in your opening statement to drive traffic on your essay. For instance; Atheists claim that God does not exist, can they prove it? A question like this may bring out a lot of controversies, but it gives you a wide array of discussions and probably exciting facts to put together to support your rationale.

Steps To Writing An Essay Introduction

As earlier mentioned, the introduction of your essay is the backbone of an interesting or boring essay. A bland introduction makes your essay dull and ambiguous. Some considerations to keep in mind when crafting an introduction is

  • Incorporate something interesting or unique to catch your reader’s attention.
  • Give all the background information on your topic in this segment.
  • Present your thesis as the central point and the guide to your essay.
  • Before writing the introduction, decide on a topic, set your augments and revise the contents after writing.

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Outline For Writing An Essay

An introductory part of an essay is only the tip of the iceberg. It requires several body paragraphs, and an informative conclusion and the bibliographies of the journals used in the paper.

The first paragraph should establish the thesis of the essay. Remember the thesis must reflect and direct the argument of the essay.

The body paragraphs should reinforce the thesis using supportive pieces of evidence and arguments that can convince the reader to agree with your claim.

The conclusion is a summary with a restatement of the thesis. After writing all these remember to revisit the first paragraph to reinforce the first statement to act as a hook. Ensure that the body paragraphs support the thesis statement to be more convincing to your reader. Your conclusion should be a reiteration of your thesis claim. This should incorporate all the statistics, anecdotal data and personal opinions concerning the topic.

Note that your “hook” statement or the opening statement should contain a quote, joke, fact, or a revelation. This ensures that the reader is captivated and willing to read your essay to find out more. If crafting this is daunting, do not worry; you can play around with it by incorporating any of the mentioned hooks to help make your introduction interesting.

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The Best Checklist To Start An Essay

  • Ensure that the first sentence has a hook.
  • Proofread your introduction to ensure that it flows with the thesis.
  • Ensure that all important terms are defined.
  • The thesis statement presents your claim in-depth.
  • The subsequent sentence statements correlate to the body paragraphs.

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